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Found 23 results

  1. Greetings everyone, i have recieved this cacti labelled as a peru x possibly cuzco, i agree it probably is peru x cuzco but I'm no expert, I'd love to know what others think this could be, thanks in advance!
  2. Mackindabox

    Rate my setup

    Hey guys! I’ve been growing/collecting these babies for the past year and was just wondering if there’s any tips anyone can offer me? Anything that leaps out and says “what the hell is this guy doing!?”.. I’m sort of worried about making newbie mistakes. Most of what you see here are cacti I got from herbalistics before I discovered this place.. or at least most of the ones in the hot house are. I’ve done some research into the cultivation of these plants and am reasonably confident I’ve got the basics covered but I’m sure there’s some obvious mistakes I’m making due to my total lack of experience. I’m not exactly horticulturally inclined but these cacti are so beautiful I just felt I had to have a go at growing some of my own. It’s an overcast day, normally they get full sun most of the day. I’m watering them once every two weeks though I didn’t water them at all over winter.. so really I’ve only just started watering them again. I haven’t given them any kind of fertiliser yet. I hope posting this here is ok.
  3. Scarecrow

    My collection so far...

    It's been a few years, but since summer started everything in my new greenhouse is exploding and my collection is finally starting to be worth showing. Big thanks to the Melbourne folks who helped me get a lot of these together toward the start... I'll be coming back to the meets with something to share in the near future Ephedra sinica, sprouting from fresh seed. I found a research article with a propagation technique that had a high success rate and stuck to that. Used ordinary potting mix; made small indents in the soil about half an inch deep, put a seed in each, then gently dusted over it with a 50/50 mix of soil and propagation sand to lightly cover them. Keeping them in my greenhouse for now and spraying them once a day... I will move them out soon, I'm hoping for a few more babies to pop up. I used a nice deep pot after reading somewhere here that they tend to grow roots downward rather than outward. Would appreciate if anyone can verify the ID on these! Goji. I'm surprised how resilient these are. They were both basically twigs when I got them and kept losing all their leaves every few months, but they somehow bounced back every time. I repotted them before summer and have been giving them a lot of water, and one of them has even started flowering! I don't know if this means it will fruit soon or if I need to do something to make that happen, though. Valerian? The leaves don't look right to me. I harvested this and split the root a few years back and it started growing again recently. Still not entirely sure if the valerian is making a comeback or if this is just some weed. In any case I'll find out when I try to harvest it again... I nearly fell asleep cleaning the roots last time. The oils are super potent when it's fresh. Turmeric. Woefully neglected. Honestly I thought these were dead a long time ago... I don't know why these are still alive, but I'll take it. B. Caapi is producing more vine material than I know what to do with. Also surprising me with how resilient it is... it's seen some rough days prior to my acquisition of a new greenhouse. Psychotria Carthagenensis is looking lively lately too. Brugmansias are making progress as well, with another Psychotria in the back there. Again, you can see that I had no idea what to do with these cuttings. Somehow it worked out anyway. Succulent friends... you can probably tell I had no idea what I was doing when I was potting these cuttings, but I've since learned my lesson. Progress has been slow with the trichos as a result, and I think I ought to repot them properly in the near future. The pereskiopsis only very recently started actually growing, so I might leave it alone for now. Bastard things tried to kill me when we first met anyway. And last but not least... Sally D. The only one left of about 5 cuttings... it's also seen some hard times but it's finally thriving. In case anyone was wondering, the Kava Kava didn't make it
  4. From the album: Trichocereus Freaks

    Trichocereus peruvianus Clyde x Zelly
  5. Inyan


    From the album: Hybrid propagation via grafting or crosspollination

    Just another update on Trichocereus Peru2 x validus hybridized by Zelly. As you can see, she has a nice pup coming along at her base.
  6. Inyan


    From the album: Hybrid propagation via grafting or crosspollination

    Zelly hybrid seedling graft Peru2 x Validus.
  7. I'll be moving house again in the next month or so, and I want to try and downsize my collection a little before the shift. There will be a bunch of cuttings up for sale, more will be added as the earlier ones sell and as I get around to taking more photos. For now these are what I have. Post in this thread and PM me with which cutting/s you would like and I will mark them as PENDING, once I receive payment, the cuttings will be marked as SOLD. Cuttings will stay as PENDING for a maximum of Three business days. If the buyer has not indicated that they have sent the funds by then or have't organised a time for pickup, the pending status will be removed and the cuttings will be up for grabs again so availability stays fair. Potted sp. aff. Knuthianus / Peruvianus - SOLD Potted "Psycho0" Bridgesii - All SOLD Large Potted Bridgesii - no longer available Local Pickup only Two unnamed bridgesii and a "Mike" bridgesii clone - All SOLD "Cliff" Bridgesii tip cuttings - All SOLD Beautiful fresh Peruvianus cuttings, some light scarring, but otherwise healthy and disease free. These are some VERY thick healthy cuttings, and will be sure to pump out heaps of new pups rapidly.All SOLD All SOLD From left to right: Peru tip cutting 1 - 146cm - $115 - SOLD Peru tip cutting 2 - 133cm - $105 - PENDING (Still waiting for fruit to ripen, it's covered in Peru x Cliff fruit at the moment, I'll have a few up for sale soon). Local Pickup Only SOLD All SOLD
  8. Hi everyone, This season I made a few crosses, available here: https://www.aplantis.net/shop/ cheers!
  9. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=262585710162&globalID=EBAY-ES
  10. trichpach

    Cosmic cacti sale

    Hello SAB'ers! Long time member here, have been in somewhat hiatus since having kids. The limited yard space we have has to be utilised for the bubbas now, sand pit going in etc. so i have to downsize a little bit! I thought i'd post a pic of some of my most beloved Cacti (some pretty old & interesting varieties in here) to gauge interest. If there is interest, i'll starting edit this thread post and start posting up some individuals with prices. cheers!
  11. trichpach

    Cosmic cacti sale

    Hello SAB'ers! Long time member here, have been in somewhat hiatus since having kids. The limited yard space we have has to be utilised for the bubbas now, sand pit going in etc. so i have to downsize a little bit! I thought i'd post a pic of some of my most beloved Cacti (some pretty old & interesting varieties in here) to gauge interest. If there is interest, i'll starting edit this thread post and start posting up some individuals with prices. cheers!
  12. have some cuttings for sale, $1cm + postage. Should be able to fit 2-3 into $13.40 satchel bridgesioid 23cm*********SOLD********* bridgesioid 21cm*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus 12cm #1 KK2152 peruvianus 12cm #2
  13. The ongoing controversy of bunnings occasionally selling cacti such as T. Peruvianus and T. Pachanoi has been reported by a number of members on these forums, elsewhere on the internet and within some social networks I'm aware of. Would proof that Bunnings sells legally questionable cacti within Australia put a spanner in the works for future cases where individuals were being accused of possessing the same species? If so, and if it is is deemed an appropriate thing to do? I propose evidence of the availability of T. Peruvianus and T. Pachanoi be collated in this thread for future use of any individual/s facing unreasonable persecution for their gardening interests. If you have photographic evidence of said species being sold in Bunnings, please post them here along with the date and state where the photos were taken. Additionally if you know someone (who isn't you) that has purchased one of these cacti, please post a photograph of the receipt and the cacti together (cash receipts only or receipts where any personally identifiable information is obscured). I look forward to hearing your opinions on the matter and some substantiation of the numerous claims that have been thrown around over the years.
  14. Hi all i rarely sell cacti, but have come into a cash flow issue (mostly that i don't have any). So i am selling some of my prized Tricho's. Prices indicated do not include postage, pickup is available Perth CBD or Eastern Sub's. Please indicate which plant your after in this thread so that others know which are taken. All plants are 30cm+ and healthy, bottom ends clearly marked on mid cuts. From Left to right T.bridgesii "true blue" a bit dehydrated. $15 T.bridgesii sometimes display's funky growth (inc melted wax type deformity) $20 T.pachanoi "skyboat" $15 T.bridgesii "Eileen" $30 T.peruvianus var. macrogonus $25 T.peruvianus var. macrogonus $30 T.peruvianus var. macrogonus $30 Tape measure and full sized bic (with ridiculous dog logo) for reference. Please excuse the state of the rug, its been a busy weekend. Extras: Please let me know if/what you'd like thrown in with any purchase of the above A cut from my Golden Rats Tails A length of peres A couple of Psychotria viridis leaves (for propagation) Payment via bank trans, paypal or cash on pickup. Postage costs as per Aust post
  15. Hello, I have a whole bunch of different Trichocereus up for sale. There's bridgesii, pachanoi, peruvianus, bridgesii semi monstrose, bridgesii psycho0 and probably a lot more (not a 100% on the diffrent clones). Mostly selling cuttings but also have some in pots and would also be willing to dig up some of the pachanoi's. Prices start at $1 a cm but will sell for a lot less if you buy in bulk. I'm happy to post (at your cost) or deliver wihtin Melbourne if you're looking for larger quantities. Let me know if you're interested.
  16. Recent gardening efforts have prompted me to question what some of these trich sitting around in the yard actually are? I know a few names as far as sp. are concerned, but I'll admit I'm not the best with ID. Do these look like known var or are they just random hybrids? 1. labeled as peruvianus, the two either side were sold as "Psycho0" bridgesii 2. One of my favorites. 3. 4. 5. 6. Two more bridgesii who need repotting. 7. Pach who needs re-potting. 8. Pach who finally got some attention and was repotted 9. labeled as short spined peruvianus but I'm thinking something else. 10. Semi monstrose or just one to many slug battles, what do you think? 11. Edit: deleted my maybe ID's, look forward to hearing yours.
  17. Ambient

    WA Cactus Clear-out

    One of my mates is getting rid of a large portion of their ornamental cacti collection, many trichocereus sp. and a few others. For local pickup, cacti come with their pots and soil. For interstate, cacti will be sent bare rooted without pots or soil and postage is unfortunately not available to Tasmania due to quarantine. [Edit: all sold]
  18. Hello again everyone. In the coming week/s I am looking to buy a heap of different clones to expand my collection. If anyone would like to sell some cuttings, or even seedlings(for my new mini GH) Anything Trichocereus is preferred but I am also looking for some Lophophora as two of mine have just met their demise. Grafted or not grafted. Would rather pay cash, but also may have a couple of things laying around for trade. Just wondering
  19. For sale or trade, 1 cutting of T. Peruvianus v. Macrogonus Minor amount of scaring as can be seen at one end. Other then that very healthy *** SOLD *** Link to I.D Thread approx 44 cm long. Full size bic included for reference.
  20. Hey guys, got four super healthy cuts up for grabs I will sell the lot for $125 or prices as listed, buyer pays postage From left to right, J2- 35cm $35, Super pedro- 44cm $40, Dawsons peruvianus -41cm $40, Short spined peruvianus -39cm $35 ALL SOLD Cheers
  21. Okay here is some plant for sale and some porn Rob pachanoi soirced from SAB for $25 per 30cm tip cut. some tip cuts are large so will cost a bit more. heavy arms, so postage will be high. 1. Knuthianus i think, dont know the sizes, send us a pm if your keen. 2. Kunthianus again 3. Send me a pm if it interests you, will sort out a price. T. Cuzco 4. Same as above will give a good price for a tip cut or more if wanted. T.Bridgessi basal pup, probably around 30cm 5. asking price is $20 Seed grown T.bridgessi, lovely mess of spines. 6. dont know the size if its 30cms i would ask $25 for it. Pc pachanoi sourced from PD 7. $15 per 30cms Lurther burbank x T.Bridgessi tip cutting Very nice specimen at least around 40cms price would be around $35. A couple of eileen pups for sale one small and one large will get size and price if anyone is keen. Yowie pup and yowie tip cutting Small one would be like $8 and the larger one has to be measured to get a proper price. PsychoO tip cuts/pups all sort of sizes from small 15cms to 30cms + One of the SAB's pachanoi clone ALF or Omar this is Quarterfleshes if he doesnt want it its up for grabs. Will look @ the name properly if anyone is intrested. around 20cm $15 price Also for Quarterflesh this is the other SAB clone $15 roughly and another for quarter flesh a kk339? from incognito, nice cactus 30 odd cm's for $15 Plus one lucky last for quarterflesh a fields pachanoi tip cut, heavily blue plant, that has a history of pupping alot. $20 for this one Cuzcoof some kind think its a kk peru of somekind, can get theproper label if anyone is keen on it. $15's each A scop X with psychoO, fast fat plant would look nice when it gets mature. 10-20cm fat pup after snail damaged tip $10 for it Peruvianus x Bridgessi sourced from gomeos one of the plants he was selling before he passed away RIP fast grower Lovely pach x Peru $18-$20 each cutting This is a little ugly but will grow into a lovely blue peru. around 30cms tip cut with a bit of a curve, will sell for $25 this is the main growth column Okay this is a short spine bridgessi via PD length is around 30cms and cost it $25 Tricho sourced from blowng, both dont really know what this one is, interesting tho. $10 for top pup that grew because of snail damage Nice peruvionoid sourced from Egad asking price is $25 for a 30cm+ tip cut. Pach x ? (probably scop) $18 each large roots systems and fully hardened off, fast growers. One sausage off a snag $15 Fat nuggety super pedro pups $15 each, weigh a crap load. Nice think pachanoi tips sourced from holymountain. biggest pach i have, nice plant. around 50-80cents per cm's for the tips large cuttings A couple of tipz macrogonus pups up for grabs $12 each one of the two largest shown closest to you. PM if your keen first in best dress!
  22. Hi all, I've recently come by a few plants that look like they may need a little help, health wise... Hoping for some advice from those that have experience with whatever illness(es) these recent acquisitions may be suffering from....(rot/scale??) Best form of care/treatment I should be providing for these plants. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks SlB Gallery here.... http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&album=601
  23. Sallubrious

    Is this evil ?

    Today I planted a few T.peruvianus in a spot that's been used as short cut by any bastard that is too lazy to walk around. I've planted them in a somewhat strategic location with a big enough gap for an adult (sober) to fit through. I've deliberately left the human sized gap as I intend to plant a nice looking little Opuntia between them. The idea at the heart of this twisted scheme goes something like this. The trespasser walks through the yard and spots a gap between two "spikey" looking cactus or (cactuses to them) with one small groin high innocuous looking thing between them that has cute looking "tufts" of something on it and thinks - well I'm already here and I don't want to walk the extra 10 metres to go around, I'll just step over that cute little thing. The nice looking little Opuntia has very dense clusters of glochids and was estimated by the person I bought it from to have about 1000 glochids per tuft (areole) Fuck em if they can't take joke