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  1. Sallubrious

    Mandatory Vacinations, no jab no play

    Just let them inject the aluminium adjuvants into you without the long list of cell lines from other species and evaluate the response. Don't even consider the reverse transcription effects of the isolated RNA sequences they're using either, or you'll be labelled as a scientific Luddite, topped off with a tin foil hat. Just take the Vaccine and don't do any of your own research.and rest assured that "they" know what you need to be healthy. Don't even consider that Pasteur admitted his theory was bullshit before he died. Live like a fish in a tank with dirty water and vaccinate the fish, or clean the tank.
  2. Sallubrious

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    Not sure what to make of that post WB on one level it's mindless cliche driven populist group think and on another level it's a veiled swipe. I've never seen that sort of commentary from you before. Have some testicles and nail your colours to the mast, do you believe it's a genuine pandemic and the unlawful political over reach is justified? Can you see the parallels to what happened in Germany when the country was divided. As Sasha stated in the vid I linked, these restrictions are much worse than Hitler imposed in the early stages of his regime. Do you believe this is just a temporary imposition and life in Oz will just go back to how it was before this plandemic/casedemic kicked off? Do you support a cashless society where all your transactions are monitored and the social credit system that comes with it, or do you believe humans should be free to live their lives on their own terms - what was enshrined by our forefathers when the constitution was penned? Try as I may I just can't understand the endemic psychology of submission to people who write words on pieces of paper and I'm perplexed by those who do. This has nothing to do with a virus, this is all about submission to self imposed authority and anyone who submits is a traitor to the rest of humanity who places freedom above mindless compliance. So are you aligned with the corporate government or are you aligned with humanity, freedom and basic human rights?
  3. Sallubrious

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    The yanks are torn between laughing at us, feeling sorry for us and the more intelligent ones are just flat out confused, they can't understand our collective psychology. How a nation like us would just bend over and hold their ankles while our politicians give it to us, without vaseline is incomprehensible to them. I've come to a similar standpoint why do Aussies just cuck to corrupt politicians committing treasonous acts? Maybe it's all the rainbow unicorns and submissive porn vids people subject themselves to. Fanos/Thanos (I've seen it written both ways numerous times) did a recent zoom conference with a Yank who articulated this point better than I ever could. He also explained how palliative care patients who were dying are are being counted as covid deaths. I don't expect fzzygy to have the mental capacity to even consider this for contemplation, just keep cucking bro. Listen to Sasha explain this from an outside perspective. If you're still in alignment with government edicts and illegal mandates at this point you obviously haven't investigated any of of this beyond what the MSM programming has instilled in you and you'll happily drag us all into the abyss with your mindless compliance.. The girl in this vid has more balls than you ever will. And no I'm not a vegan like her but at least she can find her own truth. https://www.bitchute.com/video/JnCt2Qvpw2LN/ What you did with that comment was an insult by proxy, you're too gutless to make a direct confrontation like the other guys with testicles did, good one mate. At least Cubism and SayN had the balls to to make a direct (manly) confrontation and express their point directly. I'm still not in accord with their their perspectives but I do respect them as men of conviction and integrity who are willing to stand by their statements..
  4. Sallubrious

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    Sorry I didn't reply to you earlier Cubism, I had a quick look at your post and went searching for the sky vid where the do the daily briefing (you know the ones with the double speak phrase written in the background of the set - staying apart keeps us together) but it had disappeared from my history. It's become quite common for anything relating to Australia to disappear lately. In the briefing some woman from the Vic department of health basically stated that any death where covid was implicated or suspected was recorded as a covid death even if covid was not the cause of death. This is happening globally. Feel free to call BS on that as I can't support that statement with any evidence. I could link footage of the statements being read out in the USA but it's not really relevant to this discussion. This one came up today by a respiratory specialist sitting on a Sydney hospitals covid commitee where he explains how the whole thing is a scam (not in those exact words) but he explains how the hospitals have been empty and there's been almost no-one in the ICU's and he believes the government's reaction has been out of scale to the extent of the problem. He also states that the government response is going to cost many people their lives. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ModFa5ruy9r0/ Sorry for the way I approached this and my responses to some members here but by the time I posted the OP I was totally frustrated in my efforts to wake people up to this scam. The programming on the TV seems almost impossible to overcome and anyone who still watches that crap won't listen to any alternative perspective, I've been verbally attacked about 30 times and actually been physically attacked on one occasion as well (that didn't turn out too well for that guy) just for giving them an alternative perspective to the TV.
  5. Sallubrious

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    Harry Vox exposed the Lockstep documents about 10 years ago but everyone thought it was too far fetched to believe. The president Ghana came across them a few months ago & exposed the plan again. See any similarities to what's happened all around the world recently.
  6. Sallubrious

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    Non consentual Covid vaccine testing on nursing home patients in Victoria. https://www.bitchute.com/video/2PBRFdHCVHEF/ Child removal legislation in several states. Not sure how to include a timestamp for bitchute, skip to about 11:40 for specific details about the child snatching legislation but the entire vid is very poignant. https://www.bitchute.com/video/mU9R2U5K9QjP/ No offence intended to the Marxist proletariat/submissives who still watch TV & agree with the covert takeover and all it's incantations. Now that we've been de-industrialised the modern proletariat has morphed into the new class of scientific and medical (professionals) who still have well paid jobs to a certain extent. 2020 Marxism for a paycheck while your countrymen languish. https://www.britannica.com/topic/dictatorship-of-the-proletariat
  7. Sallubrious

    Youtube vids

    More unfounded conspiracy theory.
  8. Sallubrious

    Youtube vids

    I cant see this one lasting much longer either.
  9. Not so much on the smart side Bro, I just listen to everyone (no matter how unhinged they seem or how unreasonable their perspective is) and try to verify their presentations 6 ways from Sunday before I accept them as factual). You teaching yourself to read a foreign language from pamphlets is magnitudes of order beyond anything I'll ever achieve in this lifetime. I'm really feeling for you guys in Vic, wishing you & the Victorian crew well mate. I love you guys, anything that affects you guys and gals affects me too. I've abstained from posting here for way too long because of personal issues I've encountered here but that's trivial compared to what they are forcing on you guys. Cheers Marko I miss the contact with you mate.
  10. Yeah, the "virus" is certainly a polarising issue and I had serious trepidations before I raised the issue knowing full well that it would incur a push back, but it's out there now. So it is what it is, I'll let the issue go and people can draw their own conclusions. Seeing you're thinking of setting up a solar system and you seem open to "alternative" ideas, there's another secret that battery retailers won't discuss. There's a way to draw a load from your batteries and recycle the power and charge a battery (or batteries) at the same time from the load you are pulling to greatly extend the discharge rate of your battery system. The method doesn't break any of the laws of thermodynamics or create "free" energy, it just "recycles" the energy that conventional wiring theory sends to waste, but if intelligently deployed (with a microprocessor such as an arduino or raspberry pi to monitor and switch the batteries) it can reduce your initial outlay of costs by around 30%. Your batteries will still run down but at a much slower rate than any conventional wiring format and still produce the same output. https://emediapress.com/rsstafford/battery/?hop=cleartech1 I've been sitting on this information for years but with the impending collapse that's coming it's time for it come out. I also have a simple circuit that anyone can build for under $30 that can restore a dead battery and even make it perform better than a new battery in some instances (depending on how dead the battery is when you get it), but I won't post details unless there's any interest. All the best mate I hope you read that PDF and learned how to set up a solar system that will make your batteries last long enough to pay for themselves and then some.
  11. Why do solar charged batteries die so fast? So for a totally non political commentry on what could be an important issue in the next few years, I thought I'd make a parting comment that could help anyone with a self sufficiency mindset. I've said my piece and it's been rejected by the intelligensia, so this is my final act of goodwill. I won't be back here so take this as a parting gift for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. Why do the batteries die so fast? A lead acid battery is one of the most durable & reliable devices the world has ever seen, they once were sold with 10 year warranties and often lasted for 15-20 years and in some cases those crappy old things lasted for over 30 years and still produced a usable output So why do they die so fast now? It all comes down to the way they are charged and what happens on a chemical level inside the battery. When we draw power from a lead acid battery a transfer of ions takes place (I'm really trying to simplify this so everyone can understand what I'm saying) and sulphate ions from the sulphuric acid solution in the battery migrate from the liquid electrolyte solution and accumulate on the lead (or lead alloy) plates inside the battery. When the electrolyte solution becomes depleted of of sulphates (they stick to the lead plates) the battery goes flat and needs to be recharged. Quite simple, I think most people already understand the process. So we whack it on the charger and the reverse chemical reaction begins which releases those sulphate ions back into the liquid electrolyte solution and the battery again holds its charge and can deliver it's rated output. Normally this process seems to work fine until the battery starts to loose its capacity to deliver its rated output voltage and we have to buy a new battery or batteries in a solar home power system. Why do they only last a few years before they die? It's because of the way we're being told to charge them. Most battery chargers deliver anywhere from 14.3V - to 14.8V and then either go into float/trickle mode or just stop charging altogether in some cases. That seems fine but at that voltage 14.8V we haven't reversed the chemical sulphation that occurs on the lead plates inside the battery. It's only a small amount that doesn't go back into solution and it persists as the sulphation on the plates accumulates( around 1-3% on each charge) depending on the charger voltage but it has a cumulative effect and that sulphation eventually accumulates to the point where the battery can no longer supply its rated voltage. The chemical reversal never completes so more sulphates accumulate on the lead (alloy) plates on each succesive charge cycle which kills the battery. Almost all modern chargers - solar charge controllers and even car alternators do this. So when we do this and it has a cumulative effect and they never reverse the chemical reaction which releases all the sulphate ions back into the electrolyte solution. So how do we release all the sulphates back into solution? Most of our grandfathers knew this but now it's become esoteric knowledge, mainly because of unscrupulous battery retailers who want to keep selling you a new battery or batteries every 3-5 years. To completely reverse the chemical sulphation on the lead (alloy) plates we have to charge the battery to a point where all the sulphates are released back into the electrolyte solution and that only happens when we charge the battery to saturation point (typically 15.2 -15.4V) and after we reach that point the voltage (while still on the charger) will level out and then start to settle at around just over 15V as the chemical conversion completes and the battery returns to normal near new condition and doesn't have that small percentage of accumulated sulphates stuck to the lead after each charging cycle, and then the life of the battery can be greatly extended, sometimes we can achieve up to ten times the rated life of the battery but always at least 4 times what you'd expect from a battery (or battery bank) charged with a charger that doesn't complete the chemical reversal I've just outlined. Another battery killer is when a system is poorly designed and the load across the battery (or batteries) exceeds the C rating conditions they were designed to operate under. Repeated cycles of excessive current draw will prematurely erode the lead plates (they fall apart) and kill them well before their time. So it really pays to over design your battery energy density capacity by 20- -30% so you don't draw too much current out of them and destroy the plates. I've been talking to electricians and solar installers at every chance I get and I've never met one who can comprehend the chemical conversions that occur when a lead acid battery is charged, they're all brainwashed with industry propaganda and just sell the off the shelf units believing they're doing the right thing. They're like trained monkeys swinging on a jungle gym and have no interest in anything that doesn't align with their conditioning, which works out fine for me, I get their "dead" batteries for pennies on the pound and put them to use after charging them properly over a few repeated cycles. If anyone is thinking of setting up a home battery based solar system do yourself a favour and download this free PDF (I have no affiliation) but you won't find better information anywhere. After reading this you'll know more than the guy selling you your system. http://free-energy.ws/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Solar-Secrets-2019.pdf
  12. Sallubrious

    Post your track of the day

    Giving us freedom with a new set of rules!
  13. Sallubrious

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    C'mon Cubism, Andrews is spouting statistics about cases and not telling anyone how many have been tested, how they've been treated or what co-morbidities they have, the overwhelming majority of deaths are geriatrics who were on their deathbed anyway, his fear mongering is completely baseless without the rest of the information to put it into perspective. look into how many people die each year from the flu and compare that to covid moralities we've never shut the country down for the flu and the death toll from the flu is several magnitudes of order higher every year than this scam. Any mass diagnosis for anything is political and the statistics are meaningless without context, you have to look at all cause mortality rates and that hasn't changed (to any statistical meaningful level) to see what's going on. If it is a pandemic those numbers should have skyrocketed, but they haven't. You mentioned clinically meaningful outcomes which is pertinent to this situation but you didn't give any examples to exemplify your point.In the US the clinical treatment has bypassed all normal intervention protocols and covid patients are put straight on to a ventilator (which doesn't work because the haemoglobin's oxygen carrying capacity is compromised and no amount of forced air will alleviate that situation), so they anaesthetise the patients which creates stasis and they check out from a malady of problems caused by the intervention. They also get a cash bonanza when anyone is diagnosed (by a bogus antibody or TC-PCR test, some states are paying over $400 000 for each patient they put on a ventilator. What's even worse is that there are proven treatments with a high efficacy rate that have been prevented for physicians to prescribe and their use has been controlled through the government restrictions mandated to pharmacies. Sure, death rates are very low here but in the US where all this nonsense is emanating from they are fudging the figures every way they can just like they are here. If anyone tests positive once they test them every two weeks and each time they test positive they are counted as a new case, some people have had 5 positive tests and they're all registered as new cases. Anyone who dies from anything can be listed as a covid death and the AMA has changed its guidelines to instruct doctors to implicate everyone as covid deaths even if they die from a heart attack, car accident or old age. One guy in the US died in a motorcycle accident and he was counted as a covid death. So this is just my opinion but it's also the shared opinion of a group of MD's, virologists and epidemiologists in Germany who have initiated an extra parliamentary inquiry into the misuse of statistics by politicians to undermine all our freedoms and basic human rights. There is growing number of medical experts rejecting the official narrative all around the world (but not in Oz, here it seems anyone in the medical industry just blindly accepts the narrative because they are on the payroll) they still have their jobs while many many others have lost their ability to make a living. It seems anyone in the medical industry in Oz (who still has a well paid job) is more than willing to let this forced tyranny perpetuate while the rest of the country is having their lives destroyed and they'll defend this tyranny to the death because they have a financial interest in the situation (their pay cheque) This guy is a borderline moron but even he can see what's going on, skip his ads and watch the rest of the vid. The same bullshit is happening here in Victoria. In the words of Benjamin Franklin. Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. This scenario has played out many times in history over the last 400 years, each time with a different catalyst for change. This time it's global.
  14. Sallubrious

    Youtube vids

    I'm guessing this will disappear soon Seems this won't auto embed until I choose to edit the post.
  15. Sallubrious

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    You think that's a fair assumption that I came came in with all guns blazing and calling people names (sure I had the guns blazing but I didn't call people names) I did go on a rant about the government response but I wasn't directing anything at anyone here. I was just trying to express how urgent this situation is and I was attacked for it. I was vilified and belittled and took the first few hits on the chin and even tried to make concessions with Cubism because I felt we had unsettled issues that resulted from my attitudes in days gone by. When SayN joined in and attacked me for the second timeI, I flew off the handle and it was over the top, so sorry for that mate. That's genuine mate, I'm really sorry I wrote that shit. Can you guys see that our federation is on the verge of collapse here? Victoria is now a separate entity from the rest of the commonwealth and they've basically trashed our constitution, breached our human rights and contravened the national biosecurity act with the draconian statutes they've decided to enforce (unlawfully) and WA has been implementing statutes designed to destroy our Commonwealth for years. None of the acts have been through parliamentary process and in effect they are just edicts implemented by by a rogue premier (dictator) funded by China. Federal politicians have basically abandoned all parliamentary process and they just issue edicts as well - they're acting outside the boundaries of our constitution and have total contempt for it. They swear an oath to Queen of Australia FFS (as do our all our police), If anyone can show me the Queen of Australia I'll take my hat off to you because she doesn't exist. Hawke created that fictitious entity when he introduced the Australia act so he could sell us all out (all without the referendum he was required to carry out under our constitution), but he lied to the real Queen & told her we'd had the referendum to deceive her into giving it Royal ascent and then implemented his own re-written constitution. Hawke was a Fabian socialist and publicly declared he wanted to do away with private ownership of everything, cars, land & houses. This exact scenario has played out in every eastern European nation where a communist takeover has ensued and now it's happening here and no-one gives a fuck. Most Aussies just aren't capable of putting history into context and seeing the parallels that are happening here right now. I'm sure most people assume it's just going to go back to the laid back care free lifestyle we had before all this shit blew up but if you don't wake up soon and unite we'll all be living in a technocratic hell where we have the same control system as China. And it's mot China pulling the strings they're just the ones we can see bringing all the the surveillance tech in and and acting as a conduit for the money that's driving it all. This is a full scale Bankster/corporate takeover - the same families who funded the Bolshevik revolution and installed communism all around the world are playing the same game again. Australia and New Zealand are the testing ground for the incoming shitstorm (look at what's going on in NZ) they're going to put people in detention camps and allow the army to enter houses and use any level of force they deem fit soon.. Learn your world history guys. I know all of this is really hard to accept but just because you don't like it, it doesn't mean it isn't true. Shoot me down on the facts that I bring to the table but character assassination based on you not agreeing with me without checking the facts is really a waste of precious time. Read some of the work from Charlotte Iserbyt and see how we've all been programmed to accept what's coming and not have the capacity to understand what's coming. http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ddd/ We've been trained to submit from the day we entered pre-school and most people will defend the new order because they've been trained to support the system with techniques such as as operant conditioning for their whole life. I love you guys and I loved living in free country for over 50 years but what's coming is going to be the rudest awakening anyone can imagine if people don't wake up now.