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Found 35 results

  1. Mackindabox

    Rate my setup

    Hey guys! I’ve been growing/collecting these babies for the past year and was just wondering if there’s any tips anyone can offer me? Anything that leaps out and says “what the hell is this guy doing!?”.. I’m sort of worried about making newbie mistakes. Most of what you see here are cacti I got from herbalistics before I discovered this place.. or at least most of the ones in the hot house are. I’ve done some research into the cultivation of these plants and am reasonably confident I’ve got the basics covered but I’m sure there’s some obvious mistakes I’m making due to my total lack of experience. I’m not exactly horticulturally inclined but these cacti are so beautiful I just felt I had to have a go at growing some of my own. It’s an overcast day, normally they get full sun most of the day. I’m watering them once every two weeks though I didn’t water them at all over winter.. so really I’ve only just started watering them again. I haven’t given them any kind of fertiliser yet. I hope posting this here is ok.
  2. Hopefully trying to find something in the $15-20 range in healthy condition -- crest or branchy. Alternatively would enjoy seeing more photos of this funky looking plant.
  3. SALE IS OVER!! Thanks to everyone who responded, showed support, and bought a cactus or two. It's been very much appreciated. If you're still keen to get a cut or three you can catch me at Garden States (https://www.entheogenesis.org/garden_states_2019) in the market stall section You will find a cactus in here just for you! I'm massively downsizing my collection of (almost entirely) shade-grown Trichocereus cacti so I'm having a "fire sale" from now until April 15th. There are all sorts of genetics in here: Psycho0, Yowie, Jess, Cactus Country J5/J14/J15 (aka Jims hybrids), Bendigo bridge, countless hybrids (and I really mean it!), distinct unnamed cultivars that I've picked up in my travels along this thirteen year cactus cultivating and collection journey . Propagation has been by seed and cutting. There are freaking old mature plants and little youngins. A pretty decent chunk of the columnar Tricho spectrum is covered here. A lot of the pachanoi (and some bridgesii) you see here, in my opinion, is mostly suited to grafting (or ceremonial use if you're in a country which allows for it) so make me a sweet offer because I'm willing to rid myself of it very easily and quickly. Sale guidelines: everything must go make me an offer! I accept cash, bank deposit and Paypal open to trades but keep in mind that I'm aiming to reduce the number of plants I have serious offers only (time-wasters may be liable to being offended) buyer pays for postage unless you're picking up locally payment secures the sale - I can't stress that enough (using a forum without a payment mechanism leaves you open to serious fuck-arounds from people, sad but true ) sale ends April 15th Melbournians! If you would like to make an appointment to come roam around the garden and work out a deal in person (I'm northside) then simply private message me Visual delights...
  4. Hello fellow plant heads. Due to moving house (it ran away! *badum-tiss*) I am drastically reducing my Trichocereus collection, starting with all of the Psycho0 cuttings. Listed here on eBay you'll find many of my delicious Psycho0 cuttings up for grabs at $50 per 60cm cutting (tip). They've copped a bit of scarring but other than that they're tip-top - see the item description for more details. Here are some of the photos from the listing. If you have further questions PM me here or via eBay, I'll be checking in on both regularly. ALSO, keep an eye on this space (i.e. sales subforum) for my once-in-a-lifetime-everything-must-go-tricho-bonanza moving house sale, where I'll have a variety of big, beautiful, interesting Trichos for sale. There's quite a bit to get rid of, and if you live in Melbourne and can teleport your good self to my place then we can even cut a pickup/in-person deal
  5. I have some 5 year old trichocereus bridgesii that I sadly haven't repotted in 4 years. The tallest ones in the picture are about 53cm. This year will be a good year for them because not only will they get a new large pot (or pots) but they get to leave the 4 year old store-bought cactus soil mix I used at the time! I'm thinking 1 part garden soil, 1 part pearlite (or pumace) and a small amount of sand for the new soil mix. My question is this: I was thinking about burying them about 10cm deeper than they are now, which would put the thin 1st year of growth under the soil and hopefully make them more stable (see picture with drawn lines and text). Not only is the bottom of the cactus thinner than the top but a few of them are also leaning at the bottom then they curve up to vertical at the top. Is this a bad idea? Will I rot out the bottom? I live in the cold north of the US so they've been grown indoors and have a pretty controlled environment. I'm also hoping by mixing my own soil this time it will be better draining and not rot out the newly buried portion.
  6. nothinghead

    Tb 'Kai'

  7. nothinghead


    A few pics of a slow growing 'Kai'
  8. nothinghead


  9. Hey guys! Rainy weather in SE QLD at the moment so thought id ask your opinions on some of my plants. I recently bought a mixed grouping of Trichocereus that came from the friend of an unknown breeder. I was told that most of them were super pedro x psycho0 but there is clearly more going on here and I thought these are good examples of weird unknown hybrids. These unknown hybrids seem to be increasingly common in Australia due to inexperienced or misleading breeders crossing whatever has flowered in their garden and helps confuse those new to cacti. Would love any opinions on these weirdos #1 is the only one that looks like a possible psycho0 x super pedro to me. The original column is very fat and the new growth with wacky yellow spines looks very psycho0 to me. (pics 1-4) #2 looks like it has some cuzco in it, what with the splayed bone white spines on older growth and maybe bridgesii in the mix. (pics 5-8) #3 has the "cordobensis" look to me which I know is a defunct name but apart from super pedro I dont know what to call this fat bastard. (pics 9-12) #4 looks like a pc pach x with cuzco...or perhaps a short spine peruvianus? Yellow short spines when immature, whitening and lengthening with age and fast growing.(pics 13-15) If anyone wants to see more theres plenty more i need identified haha sorry in advance for the poor lighting
  10. Strontium Dawg


    Folks, I bought a fat cut of this bridge from WA a few years ago as a metre long piece. It's done very well for me and I've given away a lot of cuts, as it's such a good cactus. I was at a friends place last weekend and he showed me his cut of Cliff, I was immediately struck by the similarities. It puts out flat v shaped central spines on the new growth and it was clearly from a big old plant as the cut was as fat as I've seen a bridge, and it originated in WA. Interested to hear thoughts and opinions.
  11. Shroomite

    Trichocereus Cuttings wanted

    looking to buy some trichocereus cuttings, please pm me with what you have. cheers
  12. Strontium Dawg

    Cacti for sale

    Few plants for sale, all sold bare rooted, postage extra. Aus only, Tas/WA at buyer's risk. 1. Ecuadorian pachanoi seed grown. Arm approx. 30cm, $40. 2. Yowie. Arm approx 25cm. $30 3. Pair of seed grown bridgesii. $50 the pair. Both approx 25cm. 4. Ss01xss02. Arm approx 25cm. $35. Ecuador pach. yowie bridge1 bridge2 ss01xss02
  13. I'll be moving house again in the next month or so, and I want to try and downsize my collection a little before the shift. There will be a bunch of cuttings up for sale, more will be added as the earlier ones sell and as I get around to taking more photos. For now these are what I have. Post in this thread and PM me with which cutting/s you would like and I will mark them as PENDING, once I receive payment, the cuttings will be marked as SOLD. Cuttings will stay as PENDING for a maximum of Three business days. If the buyer has not indicated that they have sent the funds by then or have't organised a time for pickup, the pending status will be removed and the cuttings will be up for grabs again so availability stays fair. Potted sp. aff. Knuthianus / Peruvianus - SOLD Potted "Psycho0" Bridgesii - All SOLD Large Potted Bridgesii - no longer available Local Pickup only Two unnamed bridgesii and a "Mike" bridgesii clone - All SOLD "Cliff" Bridgesii tip cuttings - All SOLD Beautiful fresh Peruvianus cuttings, some light scarring, but otherwise healthy and disease free. These are some VERY thick healthy cuttings, and will be sure to pump out heaps of new pups rapidly.All SOLD All SOLD From left to right: Peru tip cutting 1 - 146cm - $115 - SOLD Peru tip cutting 2 - 133cm - $105 - PENDING (Still waiting for fruit to ripen, it's covered in Peru x Cliff fruit at the moment, I'll have a few up for sale soon). Local Pickup Only SOLD All SOLD
  14. Hello everyone. Sorry guys All gone! I'm back in Perth for a week and have a lot of cacti i need to thin out. I have bulk Pc patch and hybrid Bridgesii going for cheep! -KK242 tip cuttings. -Yowie Tip cuttings. -TBM pieces and established in pot. -1x Spatchinus in a terracotta pot. -+many more I also have one large catha edulis PH+ - SOLD! anyone who picks up can help themselves to brugmansia candidas double white cuttings :). I haven't added any prices yet as i will cut cacti to order by size, so please PM me with your inquiries. i can send you photos and customize your order. Pick up is preferred, but I can send orders to every state but Tasmania. Hope to hear from you lot soon!. Sorry guys All gone!
  15. 5 cuts up for grabs, 4 tips and one mid: going to help fund equipment for the rescue plan. All sold. Thanks to all who bought cuts. Thanks to Huachuma. Glaucous, short spined bridgesii. Strong growth characteristics. Example:
  16. Hi everyone, This season I made a few crosses, available here: https://www.aplantis.net/shop/ cheers!
  17. Bush Turkey

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

    ALL SOLD see here for more info about Cliff.... http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43421-introducing-cliff/ All buyers to pay postage. Standard post from WA 1. 40cm mid (has scarring) = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 2. 55cm tip = $40 (has scarring) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 3. 40cm tip (has a hole from rot) = $25 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 4. 55cm mid = $40 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 5. 58cm tip = $50 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 6. 39cm tip = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 7. 35cm tip (has scarring) = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  18. Bush Turkey

    Introducing "Cliff"

    Introducing "Cliff" Cliff is a special bridgesii with a traceable history. It is a very blue, very short spined bridgesii that has been growing in Perth for 35-40 years. The seeds were collected from a German grower by a lovely, Sumatran man called.....Cliff about 40 years ago. He is not well at the moment so we have been tidying up his garden for him as he doesn't have the strength to do it. The mother plant was massive and on the verge of falling so he asked a few of us to trim it back and keep the cuttings to let other people own this lovely plant. It it is a very special plant indeed. cuttings will be available to purchase this summer and all proceeds will be going to Cliff to help cover his expensive medical bills.
  19. wondering what this plant is ?? at first i had thought it was a bridgesii a cut from the same plant was listed last week on ebay as bridgesii, the seller then changed the name to cuzcoensis a few days later i've listed some on ebay as cuzcoensis, there is some debate what it is, so i thought id post an id so hopefully some with experience can decide thank you
  20. Bretloth

    Tricho cuts for sale

    Rosei 1 ~ x2 30cm mid cuts $30 each plus postage Sausage plant ~ x2 30cm mid cuts $30 plus postage and 1x 47cm mid cut $45 plus postage Macrogonus ~ x1 30 mid cut $30 plus postage Bridgesii ~ x1 35cm $30 plus postage
  21. have some cuttings for sale, $1cm + postage. Should be able to fit 2-3 into $13.40 satchel bridgesioid 23cm*********SOLD********* bridgesioid 21cm*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus 12cm #1 KK2152 peruvianus 12cm #2
  22. Looking for a cutting of this beauty that has eluded me so far. Have tons to trade or cash money. I am in the US so would be great if someone had one available domestically but I would be willing to fork out some some dough if anyone wanted to help me out internationally as well Thanks!
  23. aero_glass

    TBM Clone B Australia?

    Big shout out to everyone here! Long time lurker, first time poster. This forum rocks big time! Quick question. I've been wondering for a long time if the TBM Clone B (Long phallic form) exists in Australia? I don't mean Clone A (Short clumping form) which has become elongated due to etiolation, but rather the form that will continue growing in inermis state without terminating. Thanks, big love and gratitude to you all!
  24. Hi all i rarely sell cacti, but have come into a cash flow issue (mostly that i don't have any). So i am selling some of my prized Tricho's. Prices indicated do not include postage, pickup is available Perth CBD or Eastern Sub's. Please indicate which plant your after in this thread so that others know which are taken. All plants are 30cm+ and healthy, bottom ends clearly marked on mid cuts. From Left to right T.bridgesii "true blue" a bit dehydrated. $15 T.bridgesii sometimes display's funky growth (inc melted wax type deformity) $20 T.pachanoi "skyboat" $15 T.bridgesii "Eileen" $30 T.peruvianus var. macrogonus $25 T.peruvianus var. macrogonus $30 T.peruvianus var. macrogonus $30 Tape measure and full sized bic (with ridiculous dog logo) for reference. Please excuse the state of the rug, its been a busy weekend. Extras: Please let me know if/what you'd like thrown in with any purchase of the above A cut from my Golden Rats Tails A length of peres A couple of Psychotria viridis leaves (for propagation) Payment via bank trans, paypal or cash on pickup. Postage costs as per Aust post