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  1. Bretloth


    gone to ebay
  2. Bretloth

    Tricho seedling pack

    I'll take it. Will send you a pm.
  3. Bretloth

    Tricho cuts for sale

    Rosei 1 ~ x2 30cm mid cuts $30 each plus postage Sausage plant ~ x2 30cm mid cuts $30 plus postage and 1x 47cm mid cut $45 plus postage Macrogonus ~ x1 30 mid cut $30 plus postage Bridgesii ~ x1 35cm $30 plus postage
  4. Bretloth

    Grafted Loph for sale

    Loph grafted to pedro $50 plus post. Aus only. SOLD
  5. Bretloth

    Cacti for sale

    Pics and info can be found here, PM if interested ~ http://trichoseriousethnobotany.blogspot.com/2012/11/cacti-for-sale.html
  6. Bretloth

    The federal model schedules are coming

    Great idea from Faustus, let's catalogue all the plants these laws will effect that are growing in the gardens of our elected officials, public servants, police etc. They won't be so keen on these laws when they get directly effected by them.
  7. Bretloth

    The federal model schedules are coming

    Here's a petition to get the ball rolling ~ http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Repeal_the_Crimes_Legislation_Amendment_Serious_Drugs_Identity_Crime_and_Other_Measures_Bill_2012_in_Australia/?fCkHtbb&pv=1
  8. Bretloth


  9. From you it's a complement ;)

  10. Besides the mental masterbation I like to look at the facts. Greg starts off supposedly repressenting some Near Death Experience experiment, which only ever included him and never got past the stage of I think this will be a good idea. Then we get the cult, sorry community of infinite colour which greg wants to lead and promotes himself as the repressentitive of, which only includes himself and never got past the I think this will be a good idea stage. Then we get the hunger strike that didn't happen, and again another one now I also really doubt will actually happen. So, you will forgive me if I do not believe a fucking word of it. But I'm sure that won't stop greg promoting himself shamelessly...
  11. Bretloth

    Trichocereus Valida

    Got the pictured plant from Fields, tentitively id'ed as Tacaquirensis, Robert thinks from Ritter. He's not sure on the id or the source, he said he would have to check his records to be sure, so please don't hassle me over it because i'm not that fussed. I don't know anymore than what I'm saying. If it helps, great. If not, oh well.
  12. Bretloth

    Sausage Plant

    Most definatly, I walk around the joint half in a daze drooling There's another clump in the main garden inbetween the roseii 2 and lamproclorus clumps on the little windy dirt track ;)