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  1. djmattz0r

    Pachanoi or Pachanot?

    Tell me more about how PC is not a clone..
  2. djmattz0r


    I will definitely save some pollen if I get flowers in the future. I have high hopes for this other bridgesii I picked up labelled as semi-monstrose, looked like normal growth originally then put out a TBM like termination and is now putting out another normal looking growth.
  3. djmattz0r

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Surprisingly haven't knocked down any of the tables full of stuff yet, but I am also mindful of the hose when I water and have a pattern I follow to keep it from getting stuck. I think all the weight keeps them pretty sturdy too as long as they are built nicely.. Did have a bunch of tables stacked 2 blocks high all domino over after a heavy rain, I rebuilt all the tables only 1 block high after that lol
  4. djmattz0r

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Thanks! They are my babies. That is the biggest greenhouse, I would estimate 100 ft x 30 ft maybe bigger?... It is one of the production greenhouses I manage for a local cactus business and I keep some of my goodies tucked inside ;)
  5. djmattz0r

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    BBB bridgesii X validus crest from seed Another BBB bridgesii X validus Juul's Giant X SS02 on Quiabentia pflanzii stock pushing out some nice growth. Was trying to get a really fat Eulychnia castanea, this was ok... Did another tip onto the biggest Myrtillo will see how fat this one gets. Same huge Myrtillo, can see where the massive TBMC was grafted as well. And just for good measure threw a VTBM onto one of the lower limbs. No aeroles though...
  6. djmattz0r

    Show off your freaks

    A couple different seed grown T. pachanoi monstrose X SS02 melted wax A monstrose kalancho
  7. djmattz0r

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    VTBM Myrtillocactus geometrizans 'strictum' crest Some slab grafts. Ogunbode, Scop, Yowie and Super Pedro Juuls X SS02 on Quiabentia pflanzii stock Psycho0 pups and some variegated monster pachs Eulychnia castanea crest Another vtpm, this one is a couple seasons old
  8. djmattz0r

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Update with a few new grafts as well. Juul's Giant X SS02 on Quiabentia pflanzii stock, hoping it will be a longer lasting option than pereskiopsis. VTBM Myrtillo geo 'strictum' crest Almost forgot to add, this is the TBMC graft I removed because it was growing into some other cacti. ~8 months of growth
  9. djmattz0r

    Show off your freaks

    Some seed grown weirdos for you guys. This one seems to be tearing itself apart, high hopes for it.
  10. djmattz0r


    It actually was, he gave me the revert and a section of pups that are definitely short form. It's callousing now and not much to look at but here's a pic my friend took of the original cactus.
  11. djmattz0r


    Had a friend who found an old TBM for sale with a reverted section on it. He was kind enough to give me the reverted portion. Although I just checked on it and the recent rains rotted out the bottom.
  12. djmattz0r

    Show off your freaks

    It's a T. santiaguensis monstrose, the pup just started to get all gnarly looking as well.
  13. djmattz0r

    Show off your freaks

  14. djmattz0r

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

  15. djmattz0r

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Glad you guys enjoy em a few more I found