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  1. Jox

    Townsville tricos

    Hello all, it's been awhile. Hope everyone's well. I'm currently residing in Townsville and have some beautiful tricos I need to sell, most are to big to post so pick up would be preferred. PM me for details. Regards Jox.. .
  2. :) Hi Jox,

    Its awesome you found subs in QLD. I read also them being found near Byron Bay, so they would be in the SE QLD mountains , maybe even Brissy hinterland, possible Bunyas northern most range


    wonder why i am always at your profile visits, your page is my way to shaman forum :)


  3. Hey all, it's been awhile since I've posted here but am planing on getting back to my friends here. Anyway I am planning on selling some of my special plants. I have pretty much anything & everything , the only catch is plants will have to be picked up from the goldy. If you are interested in expanding your collection & can get to the gold coast send me a message with your wish list & we can work something out. Cheers Jox
  4. Jox

    Lophophora Hybrids

    Hi all, I know this is an old post but I would like to see how things are going. I have read Kadakuda's papers and this year got the chance to try crossing my fricii and Koehresii both ways. I did this about 3 months ago (will add dates and photos in next few days) and it's seems I have had the opposite result, the fricii excepted to pollen from the koehresii and set a fruit with seeds , the koehresii has not produced any fruits. Have others had any luck with fricii excepting koehresii pollen? Cheers Jox
  5. That is a good wright up rc, it pretty much sums up the run around the goldy to mate . I have not been for a walk yet as I know it is still to dry to find any decent finds, we have had a few showers but it has not even been enough to green up the grass. Does anyone know how to do a rain dance? We really need the summer rains to kick in .
  6. I have had hard grown L.fricci's split a few weeks after feeding ferts ( 2 so far), L. williamsii seem to handle the ferts ok. My tricho's love being feed !!
  7. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    I had a great arvo catching up with mates & meeting/making new mates , also scored some very nice plants which is always a bonus. I must say I have wondered about inviting strangers around to my house & to be honest people have tried to advise me against it but every time I do one of these meets I am amazed at how good natured, courteous & respectful everyone is. I new most of the people coming & now I have meet doublebenno & The Ban Man I can say they are people I truly look forward catching up with more often. Thanks to everyone for turning up & making it a very nice arvo, if any of you are ever passing by fill free to drop in. Regards Jox
  8. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Not to late mate, hope to see you here. Should be a good turn out if the heat doesn't scare people away. Cheers Jox
  9. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    I hope this means your keen mate ! Send me a PM for more details. Cheers Jox
  10. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Hey all, I have a couple of members heading over Sunday arvo (16/11/14) to swap some plants,have a feed & a few drinks. If you are keen to come along fill free to send me a pm & I will give you my addy, I am down sizing my collection so there will be cacti looking for a new home. Don't be shy, should be a good arvo. Regards Jox
  11. Hey Gollum, like 2Deep said it's good to see you around again . I could help you with a jourd's, I have a grafted one here that pups all the time. If your interested let me know, I have just been taking the pups off & letting them root in sand but I can graft if you would prefer. Take care, talk soon. Cheers Jox
  12. Another suggestion would be to use a reflector behind your lights and get some panda film for the walls. This will give you much better lighting in your grow box.
  13. Soft, hard, how would you like me to pose?
  14. Jox

    What's eating you pup?

    Could it be possibly it could of split from all the rain? I have had this happen to smaller cacti that are growing well & get a lot of water.
  15. Hey mate, it sounds like a frustrating situation . From the information you have given it seems the seeds are germinating & using all there energy & then failing to get more, this would mean the roots aren't taking up food or are rotting. The other source of energy is light, it sounds like the soil should not be the problem, you have also said that you are careful with your watering so this makes me wonder about the light yours seedlings are getting. Min & max temps are also something that can cause dramas for seedlings. Good luck working this out. Cheers Jox