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  1. Jox

    Growing HBWR

    Just a side note but the hbwr vines ip here in north QLD finished flowering a couple of months ago and have dropped most of their seeds..
  2. Jox

    Photos of mushrooms prints please

    I can't believe that no one has jumped at the chance to help my daughter punish me.. This place has really slowed down since I was here a few years ago..
  3. As the title says I'm looking for photos of prints, I would love to see as many different photos as I can. Preferably with their identification. Now before I go any further I would like to explain the reason I'm looking for these pictures. It's seems that I've got myself into a bit of a situation, my 16 year old daughter has bought herself a tattoo gun and I have been asked to be her first patient / guinea pig / victim lol. I figure a mushroom print shouldn't be to complicated and I have always had a passion and a connection with shrooms. So if you don't mind me getting something that hopefully looks similar to your picture permanently put on my body please so me your photos.. Cheers Jox..
  4. Hey Quantum _ Reality, Nice giveaway brother, I would love to be gifted one of the packs. Cheers Jox..
  5. Jox

    P. Subaeruginosa in QLD

    Hey Macca, hope you've been going well. The reason that I asked to see photos is because they are a very rare treasure to find in QLD. Actually the more I've thought about the opening post the more I doubt that they would be subs, for one I don't think that the minimum temperatures would have been getting low enough yet and the other thing is that I spent many winters searching those mountains and never came across true wild (in the bush) patches of subs. Now I can say that I did find and identify a couple of little patches of subs on those mountains but they were in man made parks and gardens. To this day I still question whether you can find endemic subs in QLD or if the handful of subs that have ever been found and positively identified have been introduced. Cheers Jox..
  6. Jox

    TPM x N1 cuttings

    Hey brothers and sister's, I have 3 beautiful tpm x n1 tip cuttings for sale or trade. They are cut from 3 individual seed grown plants of mine. If interested please pm me. Cheers Jox..
  7. Jox

    P. Subaeruginosa in QLD

    Hey RC, hope you've been well brother. PsillySimon it's great to hear someone talking about south east QLD subs again. I have not been hunting in down that way for at least 4 years now but when I lived there I had found two fairly reliable patches where I could find subs in the colder months. They were up in the mountains where the night time temperature would fall below 10 degrees. I hope you keep finding these treasures, please keeps us updated on your adventures.. Ps.. I love photos........ People always want proof of seQLD subs lol.. Cheers Jox..
  8. Hey I hope everyone is doing well. I am a long time member but have spent the last few years focusing on family. Now it's time to get back into my garden and start catching up with like minded people. I am currently living in townsville and would love to organize a little get together. If there are any members new or long term that would like to met up and swap stories, plants, make acquaintances with people with similar interests please let me know.. Regards Jox..
  9. Jox

    Townsville tricos

    Hello all, it's been awhile. Hope everyone's well. I'm currently residing in Townsville and have some beautiful tricos I need to sell, most are to big to post so pick up would be preferred. PM me for details. Regards Jox.. .
  10. :) Hi Jox,

    Its awesome you found subs in QLD. I read also them being found near Byron Bay, so they would be in the SE QLD mountains , maybe even Brissy hinterland, possible Bunyas northern most range


    wonder why i am always at your profile visits, your page is my way to shaman forum :)


  11. Hey all, it's been awhile since I've posted here but am planing on getting back to my friends here. Anyway I am planning on selling some of my special plants. I have pretty much anything & everything , the only catch is plants will have to be picked up from the goldy. If you are interested in expanding your collection & can get to the gold coast send me a message with your wish list & we can work something out. Cheers Jox
  12. Jox

    Lophophora Hybrids

    Hi all, I know this is an old post but I would like to see how things are going. I have read Kadakuda's papers and this year got the chance to try crossing my fricii and Koehresii both ways. I did this about 3 months ago (will add dates and photos in next few days) and it's seems I have had the opposite result, the fricii excepted to pollen from the koehresii and set a fruit with seeds , the koehresii has not produced any fruits. Have others had any luck with fricii excepting koehresii pollen? Cheers Jox
  13. That is a good wright up rc, it pretty much sums up the run around the goldy to mate . I have not been for a walk yet as I know it is still to dry to find any decent finds, we have had a few showers but it has not even been enough to green up the grass. Does anyone know how to do a rain dance? We really need the summer rains to kick in .
  14. I have had hard grown L.fricci's split a few weeks after feeding ferts ( 2 so far), L. williamsii seem to handle the ferts ok. My tricho's love being feed !!
  15. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    I had a great arvo catching up with mates & meeting/making new mates , also scored some very nice plants which is always a bonus. I must say I have wondered about inviting strangers around to my house & to be honest people have tried to advise me against it but every time I do one of these meets I am amazed at how good natured, courteous & respectful everyone is. I new most of the people coming & now I have meet doublebenno & The Ban Man I can say they are people I truly look forward catching up with more often. Thanks to everyone for turning up & making it a very nice arvo, if any of you are ever passing by fill free to drop in. Regards Jox