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  2. Freakosystem

    Rust spots on Acacia phlebophylla

    I can see discolouration and necrosis but no pustules. Can you confirm the presence of pustules? And describe them if present?
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  4. Eazyplugs might be a good solution if you know you want to send them in the post.
  5. funghi-man

    P. Som seeds requested ! :)

    You can find them on ebay 1g of seeds for $10 incl postage
  6. Last week
  7. LokStok

    Salvia recognita growing tips?

    They like hot, dry and intense light when in the sun. The light shade description that is on Wiki (and copied everywhere) should more likely be read as light/shade, as in full light then full shade....as you would get living at the base of a cliff. Try damp stratifying the seeds for a month first.
  8. fyzygy

    Salvia recognita growing tips?

    Good to know, I will report back to UK seller.
  9. SayN

    Salvia recognita growing tips?

    Sorry to report that i've had zero germination success from those seeds you sent.
  10. Nitrogen TPM cross un grafted on own roots

    zagroupta reimagined.JPG

  11. fyzygy

    Salvia recognita growing tips?

    Stems still seem very frail, maybe 8 weeks (?) since germination: the slightest drop of water will cause them to fall over sideways. They seem to crave sunlight, rather than the "light shade" specified in description of native habitat -- mine being kept quite sheltered. Germination rate for these imported seeds was less than 25%, seedling attrition due to damping off about 50%.
  12. Darklight

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    I'm getting old, I only wanna take half an ambulance gold. Is it true it mixes well with dragibus? +48 hrs and Caine's excellent EGA mushroom workshop starts and EGA starts and I'm looking forward to seeing you all there <3
  13. rottenjonny

    Khat seed

  14. rottenjonny

    Coca cultivation resources

    While I can't help on your search I am off to brew some coffee leaf tea. That was an interesting today I learned from the blog post.
  15. Quantum_Reality

    Spore swabs?

    Funghi-man has generously thrown up a cpl of prints for grabs (for microscopy etc) in the thread above, they're a lil older but that's cool, one is from 2018 so could still be microscopically viable, and the other is from 2013, might not be microscopically viable but still great to look at!
  16. Contemplations will be screening over the east coast of Australia over December, with screenings in Byron Bay 11th of December, Brisbane 12th December, Sydney 15th of December and Melbourne 21st of December. “Contemplations: On the Psychedelic Experience” is a documentary based on over 50 interviews, distilling the wisdom of experienced psychedelic explorers in the Australian scene. Interspersed with deep “contemplations” about the psychedelic state, are animations depicting some of the deeper and most interesting experiences that people have shared. Will we will have a 10 minute intermission in the middle, followed by a Q and A with the director and some of the people featured in the documentary. https://www.contemplations.zone
  17. What is/causes this? Emergent phyllodes were spotless and bright green a week or two ago. Too much water/nutrient? (We've had an unseasonal amount of rain recently.)
  18. fyzygy

    The phleb thread

    Darren at Herbalistics informed me that A. phlebophylla is self-fertile, but may require the services of a native pollinator.
  19. fyzygy

    Coca cultivation resources

    https://panaceachronicles.com/2016/06/08/growing-medical-coca-leaf-in-a-greenhouse/ Anyone have a copy of Bill Drake's Searching for Mama Coca? There is also a relevant chapter in his earlier book: http://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=6CEBA45B9CDA1CC01E662474F1E5664C
  20. I know that people do not read this much copy anymore, but I translate... Free and half-price EGA streaming tickets (why they last) if you actually read the above post...... WE LOVE SAB
  21. RonnySimulacrum

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    I so taking out ambulance gold for the afterparty
  22. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

  23. waterboy 2.0

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    What a fuck up, heads should roll. Morphine and thebaine types are processed and stored in different facilities.To protect the thebaine genetics and to stop escape into food supply. Tas Alks has been supplying morph type seed for food seed forever. PST was always Russian roulette, without this dumbfuckery.
  24. saguaro

    CO2 mycelium bags

    Pretty sure they're using turkey tail mycelium.
  25. fyzygy

    Khat seed

    This lot of seed pods freshly harvested from old mother khat, unknown viability, PM if you'd care to try propagating and I will send you some. Second pic. shows established clone, for reference.
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  27. fyzygy

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    At an independent Melbourne supermarket yesterday, I could choose from Hoyts, Royal Fields, or (Indian) white poppy seeds. This is the same food distributor responsible for the "Royal Fields" brand.
  28. Anyone else tried using negative prompts? Twisted tech, for sure ... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-11-26/loab-age-of-artificial-intelligence-future/101678206
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