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  2. Lucifuge

    Wanted: Kava plants

    I'd like to get one too. Herbalistics has some in stock, but they are quite expensive.
  3. fyzygy

    Wanted: Kava plants

    Me too, as the one I was promised by another forum member (their part of an exchange) failed to materialise.
  4. kadakuda

    Wanted: Kava plants

    Looking for kava plants for many years. always end up getting P. auritum as misidentified. Looking for true kava plants. Buy or trade, international shipping. I only check in here once or twice a month, so please be patient if i dont reply to PM right away :) Thanks!
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  6. anton_

    Post your track of the day

    If Chairman Dan says we need to rapidly get on the beers, well...
  7. Cimi

    Post your track of the day

    Alas - you do not get a choice; the forum seems to randomly choose for you whether it will successfully embed or not. All you can do is paste the link and hope it works. Have faith that people here will click your link if necessary
  8. Cimi

    Post your track of the day

  9. Yeah fair call then. I think it's clay free. Hopefully there's none deeper down. Thanks for the info!
  10. Periodic rotation of the pots is a good idea for container-grown cactus, and that's where the fabric is liable to fail, i.e. movement of the container. Expanded clay would hardly provide enough ballast for a 2.5m+ cactus. Cactus are a lot heavier than e.g. cannabis plants. A plastic pot doesn't weigh much on its own, but is much stronger to hold soil, stones, bricks, what have you, for ballast. Cactus love being in-ground. As long as the red soil isn't clay, they should thrive. All but the largest containers will restrict growth, to some extent.
  11. Ahhhh k. Yeah i was thinking of growing them as tall as i could. Yes, correct, the thick woven ones. Might have to put them in the ground then. Hopefully they like red dirt
  12. they can, but the cactus would need to be pretty big, say 2.5m+ in a 70L grow bag to fall over if you're talking about the woven bags the only thing I can think of is that they're heavy and if you use large stones (as drainage in the bottom for example) and move the bag around alot it can tear the bag eventually, so you might be better off using expanded clay which is lighter too
  13. Would i run into any trouble using a grow bag ? Can they fall over easier or blow over in the wind? I have a feeling they wouldn't be suitable for mature , tall cactus but maby only smaller ones. The grow bag size i was looking at was approx 70 liters, if that helps.
  14. saguaro

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    this is a good question, i've wondered this too. I'm guessing, but i'd say there's a fair chance of false positive on an RDT. one of the primary metabolites of amph and methamph is 4-hydroxyamphetamine, which is further metabolised into norephedrine. Cathinone shares the metabolite norephedrine. I'm guessing they swab for 4-hydroxyamphetamine in the saliva tests, it's possible norephedrine produces false positives Then again, I doubt chewing khat or driving after chewing khat is illegal, but I have no idea
  15. Strontium Dawg


    I've had a month off weed and it's been the worst month of sleep I can ever remember. I did the first 6 nights almost totally sleepless, I was in hallucination territory on day 7. Following weeks I still couldn't get a good sleep. Maybe a couple of hours at a time if I was lucky. Yes, dreams are intense, but generally towards the morning and waking time. Had a pretty crazy lucid dream the other morning. I didn't feel like I was getting REM sleep at all. Normally after a week off I sleep like a log. Not any more. Maybe I'm just getting old and my parents always sod the older you get, the less you sleep. So I am back on the weed sleep and it's wonderful. I had a solid 6-8 hours last two nights and I don't care what anyone says, it's proper deep sleep. I feel refreshed.
  16. ZooL


    I have noticed that weed can make getting to sleep much easier but can also make deep sleep/rem sleep somehow less effective at whatever it is doing. I have noticed the same thing with most "sleep aid" things. As in easier to achieve sleep but you gain less from it. I don't think most "sleep aid" things are good in the long run.
  17. Strontium Dawg

    Post your track of the day

  18. ZooL

    Post your track of the day

    I have forgot how to embed vid here
  19. Strontium Dawg

    Post a random picture thread

  20. ZooL

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    The nazi regime was all sorts of fucked up but that doesn't mean that anyone opposing them isn't themselves also fucked up in one way or another. In regards to eugenics, I see no inherent issue with it in general but any realistic implementation of it runs into ethical issues strait away. Eg. Two people realising they have some genetic issue that may be passed on to their offspring so choosing to adopt one of the countless already born kids that need love/parents instead is one thing and is not an issue, but the reality of eugenics implementation requires forcing these people to either not breed or to breed with some "desired" comparable partner instead. In reality there is just no way it ethically works. Eugenics as it is fails, there is no way around this, but I think conflating eugenics and "designer babies"eg. and such is an issue in itself. From them moment we built fences we effectively started to separate ourselves from "natural" selection which is itself having issues we shouldnt ignore, any sort of "unnatural" selection has its own ethical issues but so does doing nothing in regard to the "natual" selection we have negated/suppressed.
  21. Strontium Dawg

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    Here's some Terscheckii and similar crosses. Dawson's Terscheckii: Big blue x Banana Double header. $30 Peru/Macro "Gawler" x Dawson's short spine Terscheckii $25 Bridgesii Jeans x Dawson's short spine Terscheckii $25 Helon x Dawson's pasacana $25 Postage is additional at your preference of regular or express. Tas, WA and NT buyers note: shipping is at your risk, no liability if seized by quarantine, know your state rules also for legality. Let me know if you have my questions, these will all turn into gigantic spiny monsters in a few years.
  22. Strontium Dawg

    wanting Yowie and Eileen

    If you want big pieces let me know.
  23. ZooL

    fantasy rp stuff

    I have always been a bit jealous of people that can emerse themselves in larping,fantasy games and even things like worlds in books. I just can't manage to do it myself. Does anyone know of anything like this that you can just watch/observe and have the experience vicariously through people that that can do it themselves? The closest I have come across was some show called harmon quest.
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