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  1. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Sorry to hear you're struggling bro, My one and only local ethno-bro just left town recently and that's been a major bummer. I love going to meets though, even if it's a bit of a drive to get to them. I do have a few local gardening friends that make life a lot more enjoyable. As for covid, I genuinely felt a lot better once I was fully vaccinated, like I was part of the solution rather than the problem etc. so I would encourage anyone to get vaccinated. It's funny how previously people believed in vaccinations enough to literally wipe some things off the face of the planet, but now with all this social media power in the hands of the reclessly mis-informed, we're seeing (for the first time) vaccination rates dropping so low in some areas that a virus is wreaking havoc. My only humble but genuine advice is to steer clear of the anti-vax hysteria going around and just stick with the science. Our medical science is the best it's ever been in the history of humanity and there is no grand conspiracy to inject us all with microchips or take away our liberties, or whatever the latest BS is. Murdoch's business model is literally to divide and conquer. He's not interested in journalism, he's a power-broker and that's it. So yeah I agree we need to unite and look out for eachother. My personal approach has been to take a stand against misinformation and advocate for the science as much as possible, and I do get a sense of satisfaction in seeing my friends and family staying safe and all of us getting safely through all this.
  2. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Dude, some of us have family members who have been put at significant risk with this massive misinformation campaign. So I'm trying not to laugh at your meme right now. But yeah, it's deadly serious and killed hundreds of thousands in the US alone. Me turning off my TV won't do much to help stop this beast. Technically I don't even own a 'TV' but the scraps of Sky and Fox that I do come across are truly shocking in terms of what it's doing to enable this killer virus. Remember Hitler rose to ultimate power through a powerful and carefully crafted propaganda campaign, and went on to kill millions. I'm sure many people DID just switch off the TV /radio and look how that turned out Anyway. I get that it was a bit of a joke but, yeah I wish people actually 'could' turn off all that BS. I think it's the social media that really allows the BS to spread like wild fire though, but with players like the Murdoch media pouring fuel on the fire it's a truly deadly combo. Anyway I look forward to checking out those other awesome papers when I get a chance. Cheers
  3. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    The Murdoch misinformation campaign is real, people... Youtube Blocks Sky News Videos https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/aug/03/six-videos-by-sky-news-australia-hosts-alan-jones-rowan-dean-and-rita-panahi-removed-from-youtube
  4. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Here's a spicy one, obviously it's political opinion but I certainly think they're right on the money with all the misinformation being disseminated by certain groups with vested interests. As usual apply your own personal discernment...
  5. Halcyon Daze

    Youtube vids

  6. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Ah sorry man, I'm just talking shit. It's been hitting our family with a lot of worries etc, so anyway, carry on
  7. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Covid is now an epidemic among the unvaccinated.
  8. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    *** Yes some more OPINION, So please apply your brain and discression when considering this, or take it with a grain of salt etc, but please don't take this as scientific advice obviously, Bla Bla Bla -disclaimer over... *** An interesting look at some of the BS going on in the media around lockdowns and vaccinations. Some of which is leading directly to people fearing the vaccine and helping the spread. I hope the Murdoch media is proud of their false messaging.
  9. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Nothing wrong with opinion if it's based in fact rather than fallacy. That one was more political commentary rather than the specific case of that nurse etc but anyway, it's certainly not meant to take the place of actual scientific information. HENCE THE BLOODY DISCLAIMER IN MY VERY FIRST LINE. Hell, remember that you've expressed your 'opinion' here also.
  10. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    This is just an 'opinion' piece but it offers some very interesting commentary and insights into the politics behind the current anti covid- vaxxing phenomenon
  11. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    I thought they might of been aqua's or even sapphire. That ultra light blue is really nice in a gemstone. But yeah if they were diamonds then DANG! That would be some pretty pricey earrings.
  12. Halcyon Daze

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Bugger, yeah, sorry I couldn't make it. Just snowed under right now with assignments that are already late
  13. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Don't give them any more ideas, haven't they killed enough of their own lemmings already?
  14. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    Areas With Low Vaccination Rates Allow Covid A New Foothold.
  15. Halcyon Daze

    covid 19 vaccination

    That's just right-wing political claptrap to take the focus away from Trump's utter failures. Fauci is merely the public face of the CDC. Why would a whole entire US government organisation be involved in some elaborate conspiracy to make bioweapons with their main enemy the Chinese? That would be a top secret military thing and they'd be doing it in US not in China. It's just a catchy political diversion pushed by fox news, like "Critical Race Theory' and 'Hunter's emails etc'. There's no actual substance to it. Remember that whole Hillary's email's thing. It literally won the election for Trump. Propaganda is extremely powerful for people willing to blindly believe anything they're told.