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  1. Halcyon Daze

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I may not be able to come unfortunately, due to my new rotating shift giving me a different day off every week. I'll know closer to the day which day I have off.
  2. Halcyon Daze

    Cactus vs. predator

    Rats have chewed my cacti a few times, and I certainly wouldn't put it past a hungry brushtail either. Chin up, soldier on
  3. Halcyon Daze

    Meet up: Ipswich

    That kinda suits me too actually
  4. Halcyon Daze


    Nice What strain we looking at here?
  5. Halcyon Daze

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I'm keen, and it sounds like a good way to go. A meet on the sat 20 of August. Do we roll out from there, or are we just gonna decide on a future camp date?? I don't mind where we camp personally. See you at the meet
  6. Halcyon Daze

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    Interesting, I've found that 1/4 of the staff are drug/alcohol dependent no matter where Im working. Anyway, one step at a time, but make the legal prescription a top priority. Just tell the doctor that you tried a friend's oil and it was a life changing moment for your sleep and anxiety. You have to sell your case a bit, and make sure he realises it's medicinal all the way, and you're 100% serious, no funny business. Anyway acceptance of medicinal cannabis is getting better by the month, people can't discriminate against you over a legal medication. How dare they!
  7. Halcyon Daze

    Now simmer down ...

    Maybe go the dehydrator next time ? Nice poetry by the way
  8. Halcyon Daze

    Meet up: Ipswich

    That's OK mate, what if we gave it over to Sharxx for this one? I remember camping along the river a number of times near Lowood and twin bridges. It was awesome back in the day. Could pretty much do whatever you wanted back then, but its a bit busier nowadays. Maybe we can all meet at the usual spot and then convoy it out to Sharxxy's top secret camping spot. I might be able to bring a canoe. Flick some lures, smash a few tinnies... go skinnydipping... all normal guy stuff hey fellas LOL
  9. Halcyon Daze

    Ready to sow. Bless ‘em.

    Wow, all the best!
  10. Halcyon Daze

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Im keen fellaz, found anything yet?
  11. Halcyon Daze

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    Hey mate, don't throw them in the bin. Bag them up n freeze them. You might find there is the very odd occasion where you need to call on their medicinal powers in a time of great need. My understanding is that if you have a prescription then a judge will usually let you off. Just don't go driving when you're affected. Give it a couple days and then you're pretty right. That's what most people have told me.
  12. Halcyon Daze

    Alan Watts

    Sample from a lecture on meditation.
  13. Halcyon Daze

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    Here's a few random tips from a guy I know very closely. For a start go with the legal option for your cannabis products, it's quite easy these days, just find out which local doctor or medical centre does it and just join the program or whatever you have to do to begin with. I can only see it getting easier by the month, plus you have a good excuse if you ever get a piss test etc Next tip is to only ingest orally and/or vape, which has a very different effect to smoking it, well for some people anyway. Smoking weed (combustion) actually induces anxiety in many people, while vaping greatly reduces anxiety without any of the bad effects associated with smoking (not completely sure why). Also remember that you really shouldn't be vaping the oil if it's mixed with a carrier oil like MCT. There are good vapes for dry herb for under $100. Oil or cookies seem to work fine weather they're cooked or not, the idea is not to be getting blazed anyway, always respect this powerful medicine and never abuse it or take it for granted. Try a few different methods and see what works, and give it a good hour or so to come on. Once again, if you're trying to get blazed then you'll probably find this difficult to get used to. For those who can grow their own plants there are many options with THC/CBD ratios, so go for a good medicinal strain. Remember THC certainly does have its medicinal properties, especially when used properly. And then there are all the other cannabinoids to consider, so pure CBD strains are generally not as effective as others, a fairly-well established fact nowadays. Many legal oil products come with precision dosing so keep track of exactly how many milligrams is the right dose for you. That way, if you change products in the future, you can easily calculate the number of drops to achieve the same result. There'd be nothing worse than arriving at a job interview seeing double, when all you wanted was to take the edge off your anxiety. Doctors will also want to monitor the milligrams so it's the way to go for a number of reasons. However, if you do need a little more here and there you can always whip out the vape for an immediate effect. Not real sure about other herbal options other than try them all and see what works for you. I've found peppermint and dandelion tea to be pretty good. Valerian, passionflower, chamomile, etc, many of those options are pretty good additions to cannabis products. Hope you find some useful tips here and good luck
  14. Halcyon Daze

    Post your track of the day

  15. Halcyon Daze

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Gotta be the asparagus weed and Cobblers pegs. Can't go bushwalking without running into that shyt. And need I say it LANTANA!