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  1. El Presidente Hillbillios

    Post a random picture thread

    Fancypants has been teaching me some photography.
  2. El Presidente Hillbillios

    Cactus Porn Poll - NOT SAFE FOR WORK AT ALL! -

    No one wants to see my wrinkly dehydrated cactus these days.
  3. El Presidente Hillbillios


    Nah it's one seed grown by me from wild collected seed in the lurin valley
  4. El Presidente Hillbillios


    Nah it's a tpm cross
  5. El Presidente Hillbillios

    Therefore went to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back

    Good to see you around again
  6. El Presidente Hillbillios


    There is cowbell but it was walking in the other paddock
  7. El Presidente Hillbillios


  8. El Presidente Hillbillios


  9. El Presidente Hillbillios


  10. El Presidente Hillbillios

    Event: EGA 2017 Psychedelic Symposium - Our next evolution: Save the date

    This thread just came up when I was googling somthing. It really was a magnificent event.
  11. El Presidente Hillbillios

    Cactus for trade for brug cuttings

    I don't mind waiting at all
  12. El Presidente Hillbillios

    Cactus for trade for brug cuttings

    Stealing stillmans idea here. I have heaps of trichos I would like to trade for some fancy brugmansia cuttings or plants. I'm in Sydney area NSW and could meet or post
  13. Hullooo!

    1. Darklight


      OOh sbeen so long since I logged in


      So lovely to chat the other night, miss you guys

  14. El Presidente Hillbillios

    Bridgesii nat

    The truth of the story is. Nat is a person. He has grown and given away so many cactus over the years. Alot of those skinny wicked looking bridges he grew from seed and they're all really good plants to have in the garden. Nats a humble guy and is a really awesome grower and isn't a big fan of cactus names, only star ratings. So there really are so many nats. Some have gained particular fame. But the truth is there are no bad ones and if there ever was Nat would woodchipper them for the good of the future genetics of trichocereus. That's probably a four star plant