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  1. oncewhywechange

    Sold, thanks

    one special plant to go
  2. oncewhywechange

    Sold, thanks

  3. oncewhywechange

    Done, thanks

    All gone for now, thanks
  4. oncewhywechange

    Done, thanks

    Not many left.
  5. oncewhywechange

    Done, thanks

    Please PM me for more info. thanks
  6. Datura cv, tura's sweet dream. 


  7. oncewhywechange

    covid 19 vaccination

    Third dose will rid of them problems, PH.
  8. oncewhywechange

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    they are everywhere at the moment. northern NSW.
  9. oncewhywechange

    covid 19 vaccination

    I have lived a full life, So two more needles won't hurt? Done. Anyone dosing their children yet? seems like the schools will be the super spreader when the country is open .
  10. oncewhywechange

    covid 19 vaccination

    I am done, now lets move on. can not wait to travel with my family. Done worse shit in my life. still here.
  11. oncewhywechange

    Bridge cactus disease! Help D:

    cut and peel is my guess
  12. oncewhywechange

    Bridge cactus disease! Help D:

    damage looks like someone has tried to remove the 'stem spot' from the infected area. otherwise it is a cranker type infection.
  13. oncewhywechange

    Iboga cultivation in Melbourne?

    I disagree, I grow mine outdoors with no special needs, I am border line sub tropic to temperate. takes a bashing from the winter cold south winds no problem.
  14. oncewhywechange

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

  15. oncewhywechange

    Is this diseased?

    borderline? 100% fungal stem spot, blight type infection. treat it hard with a good fungicide, start with copper or the one mentioned above. repeat in ten days. no results go to a systemic fungicide.