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  1. oncewhywechange

    What's happening at Wandjina Gardens / SAB Nursery

    PH2 isn't been produced anymore?
  2. oncewhywechange


    BUMP. great price for large plants
  3. oncewhywechange

    Salvia divinorum

  4. oncewhywechange

    Salvia divinorum

    nothing to see
  5. oncewhywechange


    UPDATED khats, kava, sal, calea , large pssychotria's, Tricho's just to name a few.
  6. oncewhywechange


    Hey, I have a few large trees in 500mm to 300mm pots that need to go. Tricho's also. No fuck arounds, need a small truck or trailer. can prune right back to fit in a wagon. They will handle it. local pick up , postcode 2463, 2464. PM for plant info.
  7. I do agree, It will only make things worse on trichocereus, Like most oil base products, It will burn cactus in summer. I do use oil based products in winter though for insect control. The facebook guru , mentioned . lives in a alpine region in the united? states. this guru also grows tricho's mainly in hothouses. Great understanding of disease and book proof backing on the species. Holds no value in australian conditions . blah blah blah. your plant has two infections, firstly it would of started as a stem spot? [fungal] followed by a bacterial infection, like a canker type thing. I like to also mention bridgesii act badly to humidity and wet feet. so using a loose soil mix, fert well with a good amount of pot ash. ] will help it get by with no real issues. antirot by yates will help combat rot but will not help with stem spots, a good black spot systemic fungicide will help. but like mentioned is a bad ass chemical so do not use on edible crops, saying this if you eat coles fruit n veg it will defs have been sprayed many times with bad ass systemic sprays. lol backlash welcome, lol.
  8. oncewhywechange

    Why my Syrian Rue never flowers?

    needs to be in a sandy, perlite mix. Hates humidity. dry summers and cool winters. a lot like perth climate. If the humidity is high it will get powdery mildew. weedy looking thing. no place in my garden.
  9. oncewhywechange

    Sold, thanks

    one special plant to go
  10. oncewhywechange

    Sold, thanks

  11. oncewhywechange

    Done, thanks

    All gone for now, thanks
  12. oncewhywechange

    Done, thanks

    Not many left.
  13. oncewhywechange

    Done, thanks

    Please PM me for more info. thanks
  14. Datura cv, tura's sweet dream. 


  15. oncewhywechange

    covid 19 vaccination

    Third dose will rid of them problems, PH.