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    yet another photo update My E. altissima, a generally unknown species from morocco, north africa that seems to be a climber - crawler but is pretty different (f.e. more slender) than the local foeminea , has been pretty active, and I repotted one of them, and I saw today the other is making strobili (its a male) E. sinica growing from a myriad point plus growing a side shoot E. nevadensis , a new attampt, young plant that is still not over that seedling stage E. chiloensis branches E.major and mangragora automnalis
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    It took Bode four years to get his analysis done and this was among the last. I am not suggesting it is not a good choice of a plant to grow but there is actually no reason to think it is particularly special assuming it is being compared with something else in or from Peru that looks just like it. It would have been interesting to look at them soon after arrival. The dark storage idea has actually been around for longer. It came out of Peru but I don't know the actual origin.
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    Weberbauerocereus macrostibas (a plant seeing many name changes) or some species close to that, and Armatocereus laetus. A year in the mail and disease claimed their lives before anything could be learned. The first had visible mold growing in it when it arrived. I came to the belief that the person putting that first set together did so based on the literature and did so with commercial intentions rather than based on actual knowledge. i.e. Caycho Jimenez's dead-end claim and Wade Davis' unsubstantiated account, respectively. Details of what could be learned so far is in the book Cactus chemistry by species. It's not in print but a pdf can found at troutsnotes.com.
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    Self praise is no praise.
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    A few critters I’ve seen around our backyard/block in recent months. I love the colour of the bower bird’s eyes.
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    Yeah yeah, it was raining and I wasn't going to risk my copy. Truth is I thought about taking it but thought, nah I'll be right... Thanks!
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    Wow, I have heard most people say the opposite: that they find cubes easier Id'ing than pans. If only there was some kind of book recently published that contained just this sort of ID information, with photos of course...
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    not an easy plant to, grow big and to get lot's of seeds. i struggle even, i a very warm part of oz. iboga, is a very special plant, and ants know that better than us humans, so often she struggles in cultivation, because of amphids. ants place amphids onto iboba, and than milk the amphids, to get the medicine/drug. if ant's love a plant, humans should love it too.
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    Tsk tsk Wile, have you not learned anything about how this government allocates funding? The less qualified, and the more stacked with LNP cronies, the more likely they are to get funding! Andrew Robb on the board of MMA...
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    ok, i don't want to start a new tread, so do honor endorfinder even more. 1, pm me if you want gumbi gumbi seeds for free. 5 lots available, seed collected just days ago. 2, a good link Thompson_BSci_Honours_2014.pdf (usq.edu.au) 3, another good link https://www.mdpi.com/2304-8158/9/7/887/pdf
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    Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion.
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    Hey mate will be around mid day
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    Yeah the tray pic is a duplicate, thought I'd edited it out...and yep, also cyans. And the other phot isn't great for IDing either. You are much more learned on the subject than me, but not cubes I reckon; white veil remnant and white gills? I've never picked cubes because I've never had anyone to show me and I always err on the side of caution because even when I find one that I think might be a winner, I talk myself out of it due to some perceived flaw.
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    I'm sure MMA's lobbying has helped make this opportunity occur, I think public attention to psychedelics is the silver lining of their assholery. Fingers crossed MMA will continue to know nothing about science - shouldn't be too hard.
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    Where we’re going is hard to say, there are a lot of diverse interests intertwined in the drug law reform movement. If its up to me I say let’s get the drugs to the people! But I know I can be irresponsible, so maybe it is good there are other opinions to balance things out
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    Well, cyans have made a big comeback push out there, with a few cubes sprinkled into the mix. Well worth a squiz!
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    Cheers! I've got: 1 2 4 8 11A 11B 12 16 17A 18 19 22 25 28 29 35 43 44A 45 46 48 49 50 54 55 56A 57
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    to answer your question, yes its possible for variegation to express itself spontaneously
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    I agree mate, miss him heaps was my best friend when I moved up here. I planted a Gumbi in my yard its doing great. will never forget him, his kindness, his wit and spirit . RIP my brother
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    I will be a little old school here. They still stand up today ;-)
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    Not sure how this fits in with ecology, but I was pretty stoked to see these two Fallow deer on our bush block recently.
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    I had to pop back down to Wagga on the long weekend for a few family issues. I was please to see that a few of the damaged plants had recovered a little bit. Im not going to name anything in the nature of protecting the plants so...If you desperately cant figure out a plant please pm me. I think most are easily identifiable???