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    EGA's new guide documents a simple, innovative and recyclable technique that anyone can use to easily grow plants from seed. Coke bottle tek is a modification of the famous 'take-away tek', which uses plastic bottles for raising cacti and succulents from seed. Coke bottle tek is a set-and-forget technique, allowing plants to become more established with less human intervention, better preparing them for outdoor, in-ground environment and reducing the need for up-potting. Coke bottle tek also represents a more recyclable and environmentally friendly alternative to take-away tek. This technique being used to successfully cultivate Trichocereus spp., Lophophora spp., Hylocereus spp., Gymnocalycium spp., Astrophytum spp., Ariocarpus spp., Ferocactus spp., and of course many different trees and herbs. Halcyon and Dr Liam Engel are passionate ethnobotanists and longstanding members of The Corroboree forum. If you find this resource helpful, please support EGA so we can make more! Download the tutorial here: https://gardenstates.entheogenesis.org/coke-bottle-tek-a-terrarium-technique/
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    Nice attempt at Trojan Horsing your anti vaxx bullshit into a completely unrelated thread. Contribute something worthwhile and vaguely on-topic or do us all a favour and just don't post anything at all.
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    Thanks everyone, was a great time. Food and drink were top notch, and I enjoyed the presentation. I'd be down for a day trip or camping, if we can work out a date that suits everyone. Im free most weekends.
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    Thanks all, was a great arvo. And yes HD, that was informative and helpful and I'm gonna put it to use today. Wivenhoe is a nice spot and I am always up for camping. There are some good youcamp spots close by on the river as well if we wanted to get away from, well, everyone.
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    Dude you're seriously underestimating the scientific knowledge of many of the members here. Just because don't give a shit, or can't be bothered responding, doesn't mean people don't understand. There are members here that are extremely scientifically literate and some are even leaders in their field, gaining them a great deal of respect both nationally and globally.
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    this question reminds me of the coastline paradox (From Wikipedia:) "The coastline paradox is the counterintuitive observation that the coastline of a landmass does not have a well-defined length. This results from the fractal curve-like properties of coastlines, i.e., the fact that a coastline typically has a fractal dimension (which in fact makes the notion of length inapplicable)." my take: the answer is constrained by the yard-stick you're using
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    Report released today. Available here: https://www.tga.gov.au/independent-expert-panel-mdma-and-psilocybin
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    Still after pere? I have heaps
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    Yeah bro im in. Thanks to everyone that came today was an absolute treat. Thanks all for bringing food and some drinks, the kombucha varities we're impressive. Looking forward to the next one already
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    I think the psychiatric lobby should be satisfied with that last clause, only where these medicines are administered in closely clinically supervised settings and with intensive professional support. MDMA before psilocybin, hints the ABC: https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/mdma-and-magic-mushrooms-could-be-downgraded-by-tga/13563076 If the TGA reclassified these, how could stiff criminal penalties for unauthorised use and possession be maintained? Not without a degree of cognitive dissonance, and wilful discrimination (against poor people, for example). That said, it wouldn't surprise me if penalties were actually increased under the new regime.
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    There was a plastic-bottle terrarium craze in the '80s, when the 2L Coke bottles first came out (with a separate black plastic base, in those days). I think there's a SAB tek on using this method to propagate iboga.
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    https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-09-27/illegal-cactus-sales-in-nsw-warning/100493522 Biosecurity alert for prickly pears ...
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    I think the other is Chinese Mugwort (A. argyi), the other 'Moxa' plant.
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    further debate is unnecessary then. (and foolhardy)
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    This^ Alternatively, a bit mof mycelliated bark and a heshian mat, and you're in business!
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    I'd love to see the ANMF (nursing union) come and stand up to them. Protesting against fuckwits who make everyones life harder.
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    using actively aerated compost tea seemed to enhance glaucus appearance and regenerate scarred and damaged epidermis, this is just an anecdote though
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    i don't think all boomers are 'bad' folk bro, you're probably just matuing - nice place to be. Peace be within your heart
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    Vaxx gang represent. Disapointed im not magnetic or a 5G signal amplifier. Mental health epidemic is concerning me more but....
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    Sorry to hear you're struggling bro, My one and only local ethno-bro just left town recently and that's been a major bummer. I love going to meets though, even if it's a bit of a drive to get to them. I do have a few local gardening friends that make life a lot more enjoyable. As for covid, I genuinely felt a lot better once I was fully vaccinated, like I was part of the solution rather than the problem etc. so I would encourage anyone to get vaccinated. It's funny how previously people believed in vaccinations enough to literally wipe some things off the face of the planet, but now with all this social media power in the hands of the reclessly mis-informed, we're seeing (for the first time) vaccination rates dropping so low in some areas that a virus is wreaking havoc. My only humble but genuine advice is to steer clear of the anti-vax hysteria going around and just stick with the science. Our medical science is the best it's ever been in the history of humanity and there is no grand conspiracy to inject us all with microchips or take away our liberties, or whatever the latest BS is. Murdoch's business model is literally to divide and conquer. He's not interested in journalism, he's a power-broker and that's it. So yeah I agree we need to unite and look out for eachother. My personal approach has been to take a stand against misinformation and advocate for the science as much as possible, and I do get a sense of satisfaction in seeing my friends and family staying safe and all of us getting safely through all this.
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    The OA It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Curb Your Enthusiasm Hamilton's Pharmacoepia Handmaid's Tale
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    From my experience years ago, Ephedra are not really that difficult to germinate. I germinated and grew 5 species form memory. Like all plants they requires certain conditions to germinate, all you need to do is provide those conditions and the little tackers do the rest. The reason Ephedra has a reputation for being tricky is due to the seeds viability dropping off over time. To get good results you need fresh seed, or at least not old seed.
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    Thanks.. That sounds very much like Jungian psychology, which I love and have studied formally a bit. Yeah mine’s “undiagnosed” but a couple of doctors have said I seem traumatised. I like what George Carlin says here about terms like PTSD. Such a clever guy