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    Last of a batch. Best till last. PM if interested in trade.
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    I've had a number of peeps out there flick me pics already for IDs. It depends on where you are though re rainfall as it's been super localised. I just want to take the opportunity to put it out there that there are optimal conditions which are harm reductive to forage in. By that I mean, in the right conditions there will be little other mushrooms to confuse active ones with, and there will be a lot more available, making exposure to other less-favourable 'random variables' due to excessive time in the field attracting unwanted attention. Remember, one of the most harmful things about mushrooms are the laws surrounding their use and possession
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    I haven't heard of them before but really I haven't heard of a genuine sellers on the open web. At best they'll take your money. At worst you'll get something sent and it will be intercepted and you will get in big legal trouble.
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    Hi Guys, I am selling these 2 grafts one TBM crest and a TB crest. Make me an offer on one or both
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    There is so much to love here. The voice! The socks and sandals! The left-handed guitar played a la Jimi style! Awesome.
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    You would just ask here https://www.righttoknow.org.au/ They will most likely ask you for $30 though. I paid the money for my police file. was interesting reading.
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    Been seeing Toadstools popping up everywhere last two days thought I'd check a local spot. Looked great from afar but no Cigar, not a Goldtop in sight. Signs for a season to come though maybe, When do you expect first flush RC?
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    The APS are teaming up with PATCH to host another awesome picnic ! PATCH will be offering a cactus seed-growing workshop, in which everyone gets to participate for free and take home their own container of baby cactus they sewed themselves Tell your friends as this is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded and similarly interested people in this rapidly growing community. Bring picnic things; food, drink, etc This time we will at The Bell Frog Pavilion, Wentworth Commons by Olympic Park and have secured a covered area with tables. We will get there around 10:00am with the cactus growing workshop commencing at 12:00pm midday and after 2:00pm we can move to the grassy oval. Please click on the Facebook link https://facebook.com/events/s/aps-patch-community-collaborat/1660505814439205/ if you plan on joining us- so we can get an idea of how many are coming and we look forward to seeing you there.
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    If there is rot you would do better to expose those parts to sunlight and ventilation, rather than bury them. Horizontal takes longer, in my experience, for both roots and pups to form. It's hard to say why some cuttings throw pups and even flowers in preference to roots, no matter which way they're oriented.
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    Seedpods are desiccating and detaching from the plant. I sampled a small handful. Some of the pods produce a single seed (like the ones these plants were grown from) while others yield a cluster of smaller, irregular seeds. Are the smaller ones likely to be unviable? I had pretty low germination rates, even with full-size seeds. Pollination was performed by European honeybees, to the best of my observation.
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    Great experimentation! it becomes actual science if you write it down. Why is direct propagation of mycelium not more common practice? - I think because its more advantageous to have a culture that is "clean". There might also be mixed mycelium in there from another species (just guessing). It isn't totally unheard of and pretty common for people trying to grow woodloving species like subs Is their anything I can do to help it along or speed it up. - It has just been sitting in a dimly lit garage for a few months on a shelf. Simply ignored for the most part. - Get it into a purpose built bed I was planning once I got enough mass of mycelium to relocate it into the garden. Or maybe getting a large shallow tub and filling it with sterile eucalyptus mulch and seeing if the mycelium will eventually fruit. Keen to find out what I have been growing all this time. - For the benefit of science why not do both. Keep us updated, sounds like fun
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    Cocaine is clearly the only responsible choice...
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    Well, yes, kinda sorta, inasmuch as I'm glad somebody is keeping tabs on it. I've bookmarked it in my head Socially tho, we are all so inured to the concept of rich kents getting what they want anywhere they like, regardless of fairness, risks to the environment, public health, regardless of public scrutiny, that it all seems like so much business as usual. Yes this is fucked. So are all the gag orders. I've even self censored my response here, not including various jabs about well never mind The future is not evenly distributed. 25 years ago we thought we were charting a path but capitalism eats all your dreams
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    Placebo - Pure Morning (Official Audio) - YouTube
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    I am a bit on the fence about how this has all come about so quick with a full 180 from the tga. On the one hand I think mdma and psilocybin are clearly effective treatments for some conditions, aside from the research being clear on this I have seen first hand instances of someone near instantly snapping out of life long religious indoctrination and instances of people addressing childhood abuse they had never spoke about while effected by these. If I have seen these effects in an uncontrolled environment I have no doubt you could use this effectivly in a controlled situation to treat ptsd and other similar conditions where current treatment has failed. But on the other hand I think this "mind medicine" group or whatever they're called that has done most of the lobbying and pushing on this is suss as fuck, any time I have heard them speak to journalists or such their responses to questions are like that of politicians, and i really wonder if they are more concerned about gaining some position where they finacially benifit from distribution than with actually helping people. That and the way this is being set up where this will end up being way above the realistic financial abilities of most people seems to make this almost pointless and designed to fail. I think a far better approach for these and things like weed as a medical tool are just to decriminalise and remove the absurd scheduling first and then address them being used in a medical sense. It shouldn't be necessary to do it that way but the whole war on drugs thing has just made it all so absurd as it is now.