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    The thread seems to have been deleted. I heard numerous people including Torsten received related legal threats from Tania/MMA. Wile E. was scared off the forum. RIP.
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    I got my seeds two or so weeks ago - I put them into a modified takeaway tek and here is the progress.
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    Sorry cant find the Tania unappreciation thread?? Four corners report 8:30 tonight. The hope and hype of psychedelic therapy https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-25/psychadelic-therapy-mind-medicine-australia-four-corners/101210326
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    r/shroomers r/druggardening r/activecacti r/AcaciaTrees r/peyote r/salvia r/ausents r/ausgrow r/AustralianPlantSwap r/doommetal () r/CannabisScholar r/CannabisExtracts r/composting r/earthporn r/homesteading r/microgroweryAustralia r/greenhouses r/permaculture r/HotPeppers r/hammockcamping r/spacebuckets Lol.. Might give you a few places to link off from mate. Won't put up my prepper, porno and bizarre reddits.
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    Who'z up for some Acid Crunk
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    No one watching this would have a positive view of psychedelics. Maybe psychedelics are too much of a pandora's box and that capitalist culture is just not capable of harnessing and utilising its potential. When baser human instincts for money and power become to the fore. The temptation of abuse might be too great with such powerful experiences. Benefitting only the status quo and ensuring that the healing potential of psychedelics becomes lost again. This is another nail in the legitimacy that psychedelics might have had with established government and professional medical institutions going forward. I feel terrible torn knowing how much psychedelics have helped. It is just so sad.
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    Hi folks As many of you know, at EGA we been making some nice Ethnobotanical videos. This content is for our community via our webcast and YouTube channel - EntheoTV Examples Well for a project I am working on with EGA we need access to a good cactus collection with lots of good specimens. Old, new and intreating. if you can help it would probably mean Myself, Maybe Liam and a Camera person coming to your collection. We will keep your garden a secret and not film anything you do not wish us to, close ups are what we are looking capture for the most part. If you can help me PM please, as we are keen to get the footage and any support from the community to do this would be fantastic. Kind regards Ronny EGA www.gardenstates.org www.entheogenesis.org
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    The funny thing is a 1/4 of the staff are drug/alcohol dependent and we have had two suicides in the last 4 years. Several staff members use cannabis/MDMA/LSD/heroin regularly. But they hide their problems well so fly under the department’s radar. Interesting to hear the sort of rhetoric I hear from the "drugs are bad" lobby... Does using drugs like cannabis/MDMA/LSD regularly mean you have a "problem"? I agree that regular Heroin use is likely to lead to problems, yet I do know people who have managed their use for 30+ years and led productive lives but that's probably an exception to the rule. However, I myself have used the other substances mentioned for 30+ years and I certainly don't consider it to be a problem. Language is a trap, words can form realities. Be careful of the language you use...
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    Yeah, well, that was the plan. I'd been gathering plant material over the past few months, keeping a few choice segments aside, darkening, ripening. Instant Pot to the rescue. My one solitary home-grown lime. On a whim, interstate travel impending, ... skip to the bit where I simmer on down One thing led to another. Troubleshootin' an integrated amp, poor man's silicone hifi my one last shot ... backfired. All the meanwhile I'd been roiling down, having shunted to Aldi cauldron. What's that acrid smell? No, not the amp ... rather, a fusion of enamelware and medicine melded together, burnt beyond recognition -- self-inquire: scrape that up, encapsulate? weirdest of all, I levitate above pungent, black blistering mire
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    thx, alchemica! adelaide is much cooler, and your plant looks lusher than mine, your input supports my, idea, this plants go into heat dormacy. i will experiment with the leaves as well now. i found this link, researching plant used to induce fermentation, i think you might like it, it inspired me to say, whay about withania kefir, or kiwi fruit to start fermentation? one lifetime is never enough... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4458060/ the list it gives, Leontopodium as a fermenting help, wau edelweiss, it helps to know latin names... late edit: only few people grow this plant currently, send me a pm if you want some seeds, but only if you will grow it!
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    The main actives are normally considered to be withanolides which are steroidal lactones ie more fat soluble so it's likely to primarily be the ethanol that extracts them. For a very crude extraction: Drying and powdering the root first helps. I'd do alcohol first as that's likely to be the best solvent and maybe the only one needed? Sit the dry, powdered root (weigh it first) in sufficient warm ethanol and leave to extract. As for how much, depends how much you have to spare! Pour off the ethanol filtering through something - I use a hop brew straining bag to filter it, if you fold it over itself a few times you get a good filter for bulk herbs -saving the filtrate and repeat again, extracting the root material, if possible with a second lot of alcohol. Wash the material in the filter with some alcohol too. Carefully evaporate it and dry to resin/powder. You could repeat using boiling water to extract (boil it in water, filter, evaporate to leave resin, dehydrate to powder) Filter bag: That said, it seems the best solvent is 50:50 alcohol:water as a single extraction solvent: "The maximum extract yield and the total withanolide and phenolic content were obtained from aqueous alcoholic compositions at 50:50 (v/v), 70:30 (v/v), and 100:0 (v/v), respectively" so maybe a single extraction with 50% ethanol is better than doing two separate extractions! On Ashwagandha, if you're not averse to alcohol, you could also try an ashwagandharishtha-style preparation [1]. It's a really pleasant way to take the medicine, if you don't mind the interesting flavour. "Emerging evidence suggests the ability of fermentation to enhance the bioactivity and therapeutic potential of traditional medicines. Indeed, the fermentation was shown to increase the availability of the active molecules and to eliminate the undesired compounds." Ashwagandharishtha is a liquid polyherbal formulation traditionally prepared by fermentation process using the flowers of Woodfordia fruticosa. It contains roots of Withania somnifera as a major crude drug. Alcohol generated during the fermentation causes the extraction of water insoluble phytoconstituents. Yeasts present on the flowers are responsible for this fermentation. I simply fermented ashwagandha root etc with added yeast and sugar. [1] https://doi.org/10.1016/j.imr.2013.04.002 [2] https://www.ayurmedinfo.com/2011/06/27/ashwagandharishta-uses-ingredients-dose-and-side-effects/
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    I’d recommend watching the movie A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night before listening to this song, but it digs hooks in,.. the movie is fucking amazing. Black and white, vampires, drugs, a western aesthetic… and entirely in Persian? Farsi?
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    It’s the blind leading the blind half the time but all good lol.
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    Something a bit different...
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    Some photos wot I took. Only 2, 3, and 4 were edited.
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    An reply which fails to answer the question. Traditional doesn't mean safe. Cytotoxic is cytotoxic, whichever way you splice it. And there's plenty of money to be followed along the path of TCM, and in fact, such revered brews like ayahuasca.
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    Hope you're keeping well Ferdie, keen to see how this is coming along!
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    Thanks Ton, I have dreamed about this for so many years it is so awesome it is now finally coming to life. I have taken a bit of a break the last few weeks, I am up to leveling out the area and digging pipework in where it needs to be, and wet weather is not helping the motivation, but it is a big project and I want it done right so I don’t mind waiting a little more. The salt I will order from a business that runs float tanks, they import direct from germany and have given me a good price to start with when I eventually order some, since I need about half a tonne of it. The water temperature is a bit tricky. Once it reaches temp and I add the salt it sort of has to stay warm forever because it is at saturation point at temp, so when it cools the salt crashes out of solution, causing issues with pumps and filters. This is my biggest concern. I think I will use a hydroponics waterbed heater for the most part, and turn it off while I float, hopefully the insulation will keep it at temp for the duration, but this will be one of those things that I will have to adjust as I use it and work the kinks out. An old farm I lived on had a firebath, light a fire underneath and an hour later human soup! I did think about trying to use a rocket stove somehow for this, but I will keep that for another project, or maybe the next one? This is only a prototype after all...
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    I am glad someone picked up on that as it is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. There is a core group of really dedicated people who really are a community (or maybe several communities, or just one large very fractured community), and then there are the vast majority of temporary 'hangers on'. And I don't mean that in a derogative way!! The sheer number of people who have passed through this community and the associated lifestyle and mind set is astounding. In fact it is about the same as what I experiened in the rave scene. In the rave scene it was simply the process of growing up, moving on, getting serious, etc that caused a high rate of attrition. In the EB scene there are similar processes at work. When I look at the lives of many of my old rave buddies I wonder what they really gained from their 2 years on the wild side (mind you, acid was still prominent in the rave scene in those days). Many are in dead boring job, have the same mortgage as everyone else, too many kids, high consumption lifestyle, and generally they lead a conservative life. And that is where the big difference is. I was wondering whether the core EB group isn't just wasting their time trying to make an impact as most noobs just wander off again a few months/years later. However, it turns out many people in the EB scene seem to take a piece of it with them in their later development, which does seem to make it all worthwhile. The problem now is to make the core group understand that they should not get frustrated with the lack of long term dedication most 'members' of this wider community seem to exhibit. They are not here for the long term dedication. However, most are also not here for the short term thrill either - although undoubtedly some are. We need to realise that all we are doing is facilitating a step in the growing up process. That most 'initiants' won't hang around for long and that we have done our job even if only a few of them take a small part of what they have learnt and integrate it into their future lives. We simply serve a purpose. Like parents, teachers, school bullies, rolemodels, shaman, 'Young Liberals', etc we help youngsters to find their own path. But I think it is almost impossible to ask them to give anythign in return - it's not their time to do so. I presume that most of this will have little effect for 10 or 20 years and maybe the greatest effect will be on the next generation (history would indicate so).