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  1. Hope you’re travelling well TI :) 


  3. ThunderIdeal

    Oz cash ban

    it isn't too late to apply pressure either, you can still phone or write lawmakers if that's your thing. an interesting development recently was the RBA announcing that they were investigating some of the more radical monetary/fiscal measures used in other advanced economies. what this could mean, um, NIRP or QE or both. it could also mean further attacks on cash. cash impedes NIRPs effectiveness. we have the trade war going on, which i've begun to realise truly is necessary to curb china's unfair behaviour and sinister aspirations (world hegemony by 2049), and australia seems to be on board.... china is losing too, and an election upset in usa probably won't end the trade war anymore. it's a lot of stress though in such shaky times. it may have seemed like i was crying wolf in the past, but nay. australia is routinely identified as one of the most fragile and indebted countries globally. we continue to benefit from chinese capital outflow (well in terms of GDP, i don't know if perennial renters can say the same, or anyone that blew too much on a crumbling sydney unit or any dwelling of shrinking value), and china is really a focus of mine at the moment. it's a case of who will collapse first, but it will be a domino effect regardless. we already have bail-in legislation (and it's worth connecting the dots here; being shoe-horned into the banking system while grabbling your savings is their government-approved emergency lifeline). what you need to understand in layman's terms is that the IMF, through bodies such as APRA, has governments put measures in place so that your wealth can be used to prop up a doomed system, whether it's saving the banks through a direct grabble-attack (extreme but happened in cyprus already) or via the usual shennanigans inflating away debt and fueling deficits and frankly turning what is natural and sensible onto its head to the detriment of purchasing power and confidence. banning cash transactions is a part of this. the aussie cash rate will likely hit zero in a year or whatever. what comes AFTER zero will be bizarro world, which isn't new across the seas but australia hasn't gone bizarro yet. edit: found this political cartoon, can't upload it (26mb) has to be downloaded. it's high res intended for postering. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kuwufwvy6uqvfj/Soviet_Liberal_4.jpg?dl=0 and i see @Sallubrious was already posting videos from walk the world. good stuff!!!!!
  4. ThunderIdeal

    Vale ReshroomEd

    ahh no worries, i thought you had them switched since andy wasn't on the list. @PD. posted about a year ago. i didn't know ed but i do have fond memories of a certain online fiasco following a camping trip many moons past.
  5. ThunderIdeal

    Vale ReshroomEd

    pd died? if there was an announcement on the forum may i see it?
  6. ThunderIdeal

    New tool album out today

    7empest starts like tubular bells
  7. ThunderIdeal

    Oz cash ban

    ^ stoopid there has been significant pushback to the cash transaction ban despite the sleazy way in which it was tabled. this short and sober video raises all the main points and is a good primer. hey @Sallubrious return of the angry old men
  8. ThunderIdeal

    Melbourne Piracetam doctor

    i think piracetam was an early nootropic of its type and has been displaced (maybe not entirely) by stronger versions like oxiracetam pramiracetam aniracetam various nootropics have been variously available from various aussie vendors but this no longer seems to be the case for any of the *racetam order from USA but heed waterboys warning
  9. ThunderIdeal

    New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard The Redheads

    oh no!!! Pākehā-supremacists!!!
  10. ThunderIdeal

    New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard The Redheads

    skeletons in the closet was the one i saw as well. it's not surprising what you say. comparative mythology seems fruitful anywhere on the globe. such a neat time to be riding this wave of discovery. as robert foerster said, it doesn't matter anymore that alternative archeologists can't publish their papers or get grants. using the internet to self-promote they can get crowd funding, run tours, do their own field work and make their findings public, getting hundreds of thousands of views on facebook on youtube.
  11. ThunderIdeal

    New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard The Redheads

    yeah largely anecdotal doco as i recall. ties into america which is cool. topic on the whole is extraordinarily interesting; other continents yield far more.
  12. ThunderIdeal

    Have we missed 1st contact from aliens?

    ahhh yes, the visitor accelerated unexpectedly leading to speculation that it is a lightsail or a vessel with a lightsail or such (we dont actually know that it's a cigar shaped rock) or that it received a push from outgassing (unlikely) i remember bagashov commenting on reasons for cylindrical shape, ways in which it challenges electric universe model (no cometary characteristics) and ways in which it corroborates electric universe model. arthur c clarkes well known fiction 'rendezvous with rama' features a cylindrical rock flying by the solar system and slingshotting around the sun, which is a fascinating coincidence. in the story a manned space mission is diverted to investigate (and finds the hollowed rock contains/is an enormous spaceship)
  13. ThunderIdeal

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    Haha. What is that snow gorilla thing? Oh, stuff like this mainly, theres lots more but i could only find this. BBC definitely the main culprit. What a joke britain is now
  14. ThunderIdeal

    Youtube vids

    Short vid
  15. ThunderIdeal

    The Storm

    Indeed it should be viewed with a grain of salt. Now, congress has ended one of the russia probes. Sessions has appointed somebody to look into the alleged fisa abuse. The fbi is investigating Australia's payments to the clintons. i continue to feel optimistic.