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  1. Darklight


    Ermagod, what is this strange magic that has me intrigued? Albino or variegated? Micrografts? Species? Looks cool. Weird, but cool. Would love to know more
  2. Darklight

    Nimbin Mardi Grass 2021

    Dropped in and saw the start of your talk, but didn't stay cos the tent was chockers and we were getting rained on. Missed a chance to pour over your book with you, was wanting to show my colleague your work, we'll try again next year ( don't go into town much, us all out here ) Geez you had a good crowd tho, were you happy with how things went? MG this year was interesting, there were a lot more people in the town hall for the speakers this year and an org I spoke to said many had actually been there all day and were taking notes I loved the increase in diversity of the stalls, the demographic seemed slightly older this year ( hard to say tho ) and Saturday seemed nice and chill. Crowds seemed down for COVID uncertainty and the rain. Cops, as always, heavy handed at the start on the RDTs ( someone said on FB that by Sun some lighten up a little and smile occasionally ) but there were plenty of deso drivers and commercial lifts into town for some pretty reasonable rates. Hope you had fun as well as a great talk
  3. Few questions- how old is your seed and where are you? Is it too late in the season to be germinating this? Have you tried a small batch in smoke water? From: https://nativeseeds.com.au/shop/themeda-triandra
  4. Darklight

    Nimbin Mardi Grass 2021

    Oh, cool. I wasn't gunna go this year but I just got a chance to grab a lift with a mate, hope I can make it to see your talk Anyone else from here going? RC you bringing copies of your book?
  5. Darklight

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    It would be most incongruous if I *didn't* reply to your stupidity. I've known the bloke years longer than he's had the forums. You probably don't understand what it's like to have long term friendships; in that event try to extrapolate possible scenarios via google He owns the domain. For most of the decades it's been around he's paid for and managed the site. Occasionally a few people kick in funds, some most generously Is this simple enough for you? Which explains the unmitigated proliferation and long term survival of the hundreds of other ethnobotanical forums online today /sarcasm Goodbye
  6. Darklight

    In-situ Lophophora conservation

    Trucha, that index is a veritable smorgasbord of articles, not just the one you quoted above Last I saw you speak at EGA outdoors some years back you seemed to be having a fair bit of a hard time keeping your work going? Now I see the output from your group, with your name on so many peer reviewed publications *and* open source. Am utterly impressed by your resilience, attention to detail and dedication. Thank you so much.
  7. Darklight

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    And yet Buttsack, here you are, on Torsten's forum, spitting the dummy after having a dummy spit at him on the FB page he runs as well. And you're not banned here so you get to blather some more. He's been very patient with you IMO If your SAB related existence is as bad as you say, fuck off, start your own pages and forums. When you've done this for a couple of decades and dealt with all the issues you will possibly be taken more seriously
  8. Darklight

    Caine Barlow - Australian Psilocybe and their Lookalikes - Video

    Heh. Caine always manages to get the balance right between giving out quality information and not dumbing it down at all. I has envy of this skill, it means his work is always worth watching doesn't matter whether you're an expert or a noob- you'll learn something
  9. Darklight


    Sounds good If you are starting from spores though, remember you can't add hydrogen peroxide to your media. Hydrogen peroxide kills spores
  10. Darklight


    K- so you have made what's called water agar It's not really nutritious at all and any growth you get could be resulting from residual nutrients in whatever it was you inoculated it with. That could be why growth is slow A general purpose agar is something like Malt Extract agar There are a million recipes for Malt Extract agar, often just varying the amounts. One that's worked for me for a variety of species is: 20g/L light malt extract ( brewing supply shops sell it ) 100mg/L garden lime ( Bunnings ) 100mg/L potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate ( some people omit this ) 20g/L agar ( health food shops ) A litre of agar is heaps! Like, about 40 standard petri dishes worth. So work out how much you actually need and change amounts accordingly If you want to add 3% hydrogen peroxide at 2-8ml/L, do that after you have cooked your agar and the container is at a temperature which can be held comfortably in your hand Malt Extract Agar is really nutritious. Lots of species like it- so do lots of contaminants. Not all species are happy with you adding hydrogen peroxide, but many will overcome their distaste for it and grow after a couple of weeks Good luck!
  11. Darklight


    Hi john Welcome to the wonderful, frustrating, fun world of growing mushrooms The agar question is a helluva lot to unpack. There are a bazillion recipes for 'agar' ( which is really only a generic word for whatever gelling agent is used to solidify the semisolid stuff in a petri dish, but the common use now includes whatever else is in the mix ). Confusing as fuck IMO Most people just use what's convenient for them that works, hence all the different agar types. Some types are specific to species, some are general, some used to deter competitors to get a cleaner culture etc Are you using only agar and water- your OP refers to straight agar- or is there other stuff in there, malt extract, dog food, vegemite, lime etc H2O2 ( hydrogen peroxide ) kills spore of bacteria and fungi without killing most mycelia- up to a point ( it can be overloaded, degrades if you keep the agar plates for too long, and shouldn't be added until your agar has cooled to the point where you can hold the container by hand ) 3% hydrogen peroxide is usually added 2-8ml/L when your agar has cooled and is ready for pouring. It can negate the requirement for pressure cooking your agar and is also handy if you don't have a sterile cabinet or still air box to work in. I've poured H2O2 agar in the open in my kitchen and had good success with it. I usually carry some plates of it with me if I'm taking samples from mushrooms I find on bushwalks You don't need H2O2 added to agar, but there are some situations which it really helps. Some species don't like it much and some take a while to establish on it Hope that clears things up. Good luck!
  12. Darklight

    Whomping Willow Nursery

    Hey Prier- that's awesome news, congratulations! Was really looking forward to seeing you at EGA this year, I've been coveting some of your lovely cacti offerings there for a long time and a catchup with you is always lovely Took me a minute to find your ebay store, but there you are: https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/whompingwillownursery You'll rock it! Coupla decades experience in cactii will serve you well
  13. Sorry to hear about your dad mate, but it's beautiful you think of him so highly My dad's had Parkinsons for a long while, as have a few others I know, I've been following the research and their progress for a while. Unfortunately none of the people I know with Parkinsons are interested in support outside their direct relationship with their GPs ( who mostly don't know much about Parkinsons ) But swimming's one of the best things your dad can do, if he's having trouble can you get him to wear a flotation device? I know there can be a bit of pride about wearing one in a public place... but swimming's so good for stages of PD. In Australia I've seen water exercise used as a recognised form of therapy for PD and it did work for my dad as a part of slowing his Parkinsons progression No, you seem awesome and loving. I wondered about those compounds too back when Dad was diagnosed. I think you're right about potential deficits after use. Am not a physician and there are people here who are better qualified than I to explain the mechanisms There are some biological compounds I'd look at first before directly going for the pure stimulants Mucuna pruriens seed could be a good place to start if he's not already on meds ( buy it in, or only grow the hairless subtype ) CBD is approved in Australia for treatment of some PD symptoms. Not sure about THC, but CBD is definitely on the list and I've heard ( and only heard- not seen yet ) good things of it for this. Not sure about legality/ accessibility where you live. Is most likely to be well tolerated alongside other medications Ibogaine root bark has been reported to reduce symptoms of PD too. There's a bunch of glowing reports on that if you google ( I do not trust glowing reports on Google much, but low dose ibo is awesome and I'd personally give it a go if I ever got a diagnosis) - but if you're recommending it to anyone else- particularly if they're already on other medication- I'd take real care to find a sympathetic primary health care professional and a good clean source of ibogaine root bark Was most interested to hear psilocybin/ mushrooms mentioned above, now I'll have to do some reading :) All the best for your and your family's journey.
  14. Darklight

    fungi and slugs

    Whoa- lovely work, seriously impressive. Definitely warrants further investigation at other sites
  15. Darklight

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Thanks for the peptone links lindsay and saguaro, I will get some just for me, it turns up in recipes for other species from time to time