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  1. OMG you are a legend and I adore you I'd noticed some benefits with insufflation and LongCOV inflammation symptoms at a party last year, the details of which were sketchy af but the LongCOV inflammation reduction lingered for a few days well beyond the expected effects and I put that down to dopaminergic activity as anti-inflammatory as well as some expected minor anaesthesia ;) . Most of my remaining longCOV symptoms are nerve and cranial and when having a setback it feels like my nose and eyes are under pressure I'd be interested to see how it goes. Or try some at 1/4 of the dose you recommend ( dilute bottle? ) as I respond strongly to BDNF enhancing compounds Love your work there, you rock
  2. Darklight

    TGA - FOI disclosure log

    Well, yes, kinda sorta, inasmuch as I'm glad somebody is keeping tabs on it. I've bookmarked it in my head Socially tho, we are all so inured to the concept of rich kents getting what they want anywhere they like, regardless of fairness, risks to the environment, public health, regardless of public scrutiny, that it all seems like so much business as usual. Yes this is fucked. So are all the gag orders. I've even self censored my response here, not including various jabs about well never mind The future is not evenly distributed. 25 years ago we thought we were charting a path but capitalism eats all your dreams
  3. Thank you my friend, your work is thorough and inspiring. Looking forward to more Mammillaria work when I get these cultures back up and running <3
  4. Darklight

    covid 19 vaccination

    Dunno if you've noticed, but it's not just your justice that's being sidelined. Going to a GP these days is a lottery, very few winners, lots of lazy diagnosis and being sent home and told you're imagining it. Or worse, drug seeking- even when you haven't asked for drugs. It'll get your appointment terminated straight up and go on your record for future appointments IMO it's a major contributor to Australia having a high rate of chronic illness. Nobody bothers to investigate until you're almost dead I do believe vax injury is a thing, but so is longCOV. There are no perfect answers yet. Hope your symptoms vanish fast and you can heal
  5. Darklight

    Laminar flow hood coming up for auction

    Ta mate, that's good to know!
  6. Darklight

    Laminar flow hood coming up for auction

    I checked link a minute ago- it was described as untested and possibly incomplete/ not working. Width and weight dimensions were not added- the units are really heavy, so unless you're picking it up in person you could be up for a motza in freight. Could be smaller than you think. You could be up for a new HEPA filter at least, I'd test it with MEA or LBA plates once you get it home Bid with caution, wouldn't be the first time any of us have bought a pig in a poke Nice find tho, those Gelman units are corkers and go for years if they're looked after
  7. I can't keep up with you mate, I'll have to digest this later. Still going through your lovely Azo paper and looking at replicating it alongside some new variables here nom...nom nom :D Such lovely work, thank you Definitely needs cooking but, and I wonder if that has an effect on medicinal value? Yeah I've been wondering the same. If there are easily made anni-d extracts that bypass the oxalates that'd be cool tho. I'd still like to know the difference between cooked and raw for potential supplementation to the same effect tho- I'd rather cook a feed occasionally than harvest a bunch to extract
  8. Yeah mine is taking off too, given how soggy and mouldy the local climate can be here I thought it would be doomed Na, it's loving life, third set of new leaves I think Hillbilly, be good to do side by side TLCs to compare climate, season and propagation mix differences over time to complement Alchemica's work, what do you reckon?
  9. How awesome this is makes me really happy Lovely work my friend. So much happiness for its beauty If youse haven't already read it, can definitely recommend Thank you for sharing
  10. Morning lovely human. @Alchemica I so admire your work, you're a champion mate and that's an understatement <3 Beautiful work, thank you for posting it here Would it be possible to get reference compounds for molecules of interest? I know they're hell exxy, but is it possible? Or can you get reliability via the rf without them?
  11. Darklight

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    Oh Oh Oh I just got back And I can't emphasise enough how excellent it was. So. Much. Good. Solid. Science. Had been pondering the creation of a dedicated space so ppl specifically interested in pure research could hole up in a corner and talk about lab stuff. Turns out it wasn't needed, everywhere I went there were two or three researchers hanging round who were happy to chat and teach I caught up with @Yeti101 ( I'm up to hang out before the next one ). I met @FancyPants. I caught up with the Hillbillys. I met a new bunch of lovely people I'd never heard of til EGA, I saw absolute shedloads of very dear old friends and colleagues who I only ever see at EGAs Ran a workshop, helped out at another, had some great yarns with crew at the afterparty. Didn't see a single presentation yet.I figure that's what streaming is for :D If I wanted to go to your presentation it really meant I hoped I'd catch you in the lobby, which was usually the case Was gifted many many significant items to help me on the research path ( if you're on here, you know who you are but do you know how grateful we all are this end? ) and a couple of brilliant books Ate all the food in Melbourne including some very dodgy salmon pieces from Woolies and everything but that was perfect And can't thank the EGA crew enough. I love youse all, seriously, it's still like Xmas for me
  12. Darklight

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    I'm getting old, I only wanna take half an ambulance gold. Is it true it mixes well with dragibus? +48 hrs and Caine's excellent EGA mushroom workshop starts and EGA starts and I'm looking forward to seeing you all there <3
  13. Darklight

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    Also. Ronny asked me to give this thread some love How do I do that? Youse already know I love em all like crazy Mind you a few of us are sorely tempted to set up a Lab Rat Lounge somewhere outside so all the recalcitrant science nerds can find each other without using human language. A bit too close to conference for such a great idea, and maybe it isn't a great idea, cos one of the best parts of EGA is the random mingling and connections made @Yeti101 I'm so hoping to see you there and have a chance to catch up properly I still remember you doing that coffee run in 2019 for me, a bunch of undercaffeinated EGA staff is a fearful thing that was champion Anyone else going to the after party? Go to the afterparty! Even if you don't make the conference, you can't make the conference, save yourselves some heartbreak, pretend you went to the conference and have a dance as well. $15 at the door or $10 if you book in advance at https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/967878
  14. Darklight

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    Oh mates, it's nearly conference time, the org team is running round like a bunch of cats with their hair on fire. But really, there's nothing they can't handle. They rock. There's gunna be a good core of serious science geeks attending too, and there is always always always a good chance to connect with new friends and old Tickets from the Garden States site are nearly sold out. There have been a few places I've seen tickets being sold privately in various FB groups. Which is great, we hate seeing people miss out on such an amazing event If you are selling an EGA ticket privately you need to advise EGA so the new ticket owner's name appears on the ticket. If you've sold your ticket privately contact [email protected] and advise them of the name of the new ticket holder If you're buying a private ticket- make sure you have a copy of that ticket with your name on it I advise paying for private tix sales via Paypal or similar so there's a chain of communication For ticketing and other general conference information, see: https://gardenstates.org/faq-2/
  15. Darklight

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    Hey Yeti I hope we get a chance to catch up properly this time! I remember you giving me a hand with the coffee run at the last one but I got called away after that and promised myself I'd see you at the next one :)