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  1. Welcome you I dunno, these days corporates even taking a public break has me suspicious. It's usually so people forget whatever stupid they've been up to and gives 'em time to 'rebrand'. Rebrand is a weasel word but for some reason this strategy is almost always successful
  2. I hope so. And look forward to as much information as I can eat popcorn to :D
  3. Darklight

    Vectobac 12as - Larvicide to remove gnats

    Never had any luck with Vectobac, sorry. Dunno if stock was too old, wrong species or what.
  4. Wouldn't miss it for the world. EGA just keeps coming up with awesome local talent I say this every year- but I'll say it again. EGA gatherings are fun and warm and inclusive. If you haven't been before and worry you won't find anyone to yak or hangout with- you so totally will Also Yeti I still owe you for doing that coffee run for me at the last one, let's catch up this time properly Me and a mate have shiny planty art toys to donate this time
  5. I'm enjoying watching the whole MMA binfire. Immensely. It gives my shrivelled heart some faith in human nature. Whoda thunk? There are so many qualified, experienced people and orgs contributing freely to the scene over decades, SAB, EGA, Mycommunity, PRISM etc who have done some really good science on a shoestring or less- and yet those runs on the board were ignored in favour for MMS setting themselves up as an opposition
  6. Darklight

    Medicinal Amaryllidaceae?

    Heya lovely bloke! Good to see you round Yeah, I was thinking about medicinal Amarylladaceae a while ago and came to roughly the same conclusion- too complicated by weird toxins for my non-chemist brain, so I gave up They do seem to have some fascinating aspects, but I'll wait for the smart ones like you to crunch all the numbers and molecules before I start planting them with the intention of medicinal use
  7. Darklight

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    SagiXsagi, thank you again, this is still one of my favourite threads. Hope I can grow lovely plants like yours one day
  8. Aw crew... Jess and I just watched this for the first time, which neither of us would normally ever do, but it was a lab day here and we wanted to see how it all went from the viewer's perspective It was super fun and not a bit nerve wrenching to be a part of it, we had so much ground to cover, and the EGA crew is always great to work with, so professional and inclusive and bloody thorough as well But even from the other side of the screen I was proud to be a part of that webcast. It was a pleasure meeting the panellists I hadn't met before the event, hell there are some seriously talented and experienced people in the scene these days, the panel are just a representative group put together for the evening. I reckon the vid showed Australian mushroom science, and Psilocybe science in particular, as a complex topic worthy of real consideration from multiple perspectives- social, cultural, environmental, clinical, academic and legal I cant thank you guys enough, EGA are really showcasing the maturity of the Australian psychedelic scene in a balanced way that's accessible for everyone- whether they're trippers or not. Whether they're rich or not. Whether they're listed on the stock exchange or not... oh fuck sorry I just went off on a tangent lol Thanks to Nick and Lee and Liam who really went above and beyond behind the scenes and who also make scientific contributions in their own right ( which I'd love to hear more about ) And thanks to Torsten for frantic last minute tarzanning around at his place so the NNSW interwebs would behave after the satellite connection shat itself about 30 min before we started. That was some serious Chuck Norris work right there and fuck it was cold outside Also the comments were brilliant. I too would snort Freud's ashes, but only if I could confirm by sequencing that they were, in fact, Freud's ashes and we had decent chain of custody documentation for them so no ash substitution was possible before they reached my nasal cavities. If you're thinking of taking part in an EGA presentation or submitting some work for distribution via EntheoTV, yeah, I would definitely do that. Go for it. The EGA team is gold
  9. Darklight

    covid 19 vaccination

    I'd also like to see a greater breakdown on co-morbidities. Age, obesity, smoking, other chronic diseases etc But I guess we won't see that data from a significant sample size for a while
  10. Darklight

    covid 19 vaccination

    Long rant follows- apologies WC I'm over 50 and hanging out for Pfizer- or more data on long-haul responses to AZ I'm not vaccine hesitant- I'm fussy for good reasons Complex reasons. Last March 2020 I had a bit of a flu in regional QLD- they weren't testing for COVID unless you were directly linked to the Ruby Princess, but there were a couple of small outbreaks in the region. But there were a few other influenza strains round, and I was going to the gym rather a lot-- isolating and heading out only at times the workout areas weren't crowded ( this was pre- lockdown but I was being cautious ). Was pretty fit, BMI 24 and from memory whatever flu I had wasn't too bad. Week's bed rest and I threw everything I had at getting better as the main worry was needing the ER if there was a local COVID outbreak Coupla weeks after, serious nerve issues began. Started with what appeared to be ear infection, spread to neck/ arms/ hands nerve burning and serious inflammation. Lost the use of my hands most days, had to attempt what passed for sleep sitting up for 3 months- the pain was incredible. Brain fog. Lost hearing in one ear. Occasional loss of vision. No heart or lung issues thank fuck. Massively reduced working hours on casual contract, but my lovely bosses kept me on while I struggled Regional QLD health is shit. Absolute shit. My employers had warned me when I signed on, but nothing prepares you for the rank level of incompetence at the time you need it. The services are there, but the staff I was interfacing with at GP and ER level were beyond hopeless ( specialists were great- when you could get them ). It took six months to get the ear infection component recognised and dealt with. I couldn't even get an antibody test for COVID after repeated requests Took to treating the whole thing by symptom- have been restricting diet, keeping up exercise, steroids, pilates, LDN, prebiotics and pregnenolone and in the last 5 months I've slowly been seeing improvement It took six months of hard work to be able to use forceps and a scalpel for a couple of hours a day. It's taken me 14 months to even get to the point of doing 10 min gardening a day. And I am so grateful for that ten minutes. Healing is a full time job. Given that flu-like viruses can occasionally cause a range and varying severity of these post-viral symptoms, at +12 months I can't attribute the post-viral nerve and inflammation issues to COVID. Officially the diagnosis is post-viral inflammation, more specialist appointments pending. Preliminary data on the various long haul COVID groups I'm on is showing a 40:40:20 spread for symptom change post Pfizer- 40% experience good reduction in symptoms post vaccine, 40% have no change in symptoms and 20% symptoms increase. The data is *very* preliminary, largely anecdotal, and there's not much info on post AZ responses yet. And the majority of the people reporting anecdotally do not have exclusive nerve damage- reported post-viral responses were largely pulmonary and heart in the early days and the neural/nerve reports are becoming more frequent only now Dunno if I even had COVID. But if I did, and whatever the virus was I can live with the risks of an 80% neutral/positive outcome from the Pfizer vax, wait for data on AZ responses, and/or hang out for more data generally. No way would I risk these symptoms worsening without significant assessment of my options Being in a zero- COVID area, and having the privilege of being able to isolate easily, there is at this point no rush for me to get the vaccine- yet. Any of the SARS type virii can cause these post viral symptoms and COVID especially is resulting in a really high rate of life-limiting multi-system long-haul damage. The spread of COVID, as a possibly new and a novel coronavirus, is going to have significant health and economic impacts on human health for decades If anyone tells you COVID isn't a thing, punch them in the mouth.
  11. Darklight


    Ermagod, what is this strange magic that has me intrigued? Albino or variegated? Micrografts? Species? Looks cool. Weird, but cool. Would love to know more
  12. Darklight

    Nimbin Mardi Grass 2021

    Dropped in and saw the start of your talk, but didn't stay cos the tent was chockers and we were getting rained on. Missed a chance to pour over your book with you, was wanting to show my colleague your work, we'll try again next year ( don't go into town much, us all out here ) Geez you had a good crowd tho, were you happy with how things went? MG this year was interesting, there were a lot more people in the town hall for the speakers this year and an org I spoke to said many had actually been there all day and were taking notes I loved the increase in diversity of the stalls, the demographic seemed slightly older this year ( hard to say tho ) and Saturday seemed nice and chill. Crowds seemed down for COVID uncertainty and the rain. Cops, as always, heavy handed at the start on the RDTs ( someone said on FB that by Sun some lighten up a little and smile occasionally ) but there were plenty of deso drivers and commercial lifts into town for some pretty reasonable rates. Hope you had fun as well as a great talk
  13. Few questions- how old is your seed and where are you? Is it too late in the season to be germinating this? Have you tried a small batch in smoke water? From: https://nativeseeds.com.au/shop/themeda-triandra
  14. Darklight

    Nimbin Mardi Grass 2021

    Oh, cool. I wasn't gunna go this year but I just got a chance to grab a lift with a mate, hope I can make it to see your talk Anyone else from here going? RC you bringing copies of your book?
  15. Darklight

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    It would be most incongruous if I *didn't* reply to your stupidity. I've known the bloke years longer than he's had the forums. You probably don't understand what it's like to have long term friendships; in that event try to extrapolate possible scenarios via google He owns the domain. For most of the decades it's been around he's paid for and managed the site. Occasionally a few people kick in funds, some most generously Is this simple enough for you? Which explains the unmitigated proliferation and long term survival of the hundreds of other ethnobotanical forums online today /sarcasm Goodbye