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  1. Groot

    Acacia Phlebophylla

    Hi all, I have some Acacia Phlebophylla seedlings for sale. $40 each + postage. Pm for details
  2. Groot

    Garden pics

    A few snaps from around the garden/block of late.
  3. Groot


    I haven’t had any hybrids yet, I have some more seed there I’ll keep an eye out. I wonder what they are mixed with?
  4. Groot


    Seed is from cheezelburger on eBay. There is phleb seed listed atm.
  5. Groot


    Yeah they’ve really taken off, they are loving this warm weather.
  6. Groot


    Thanks mate, I’ve been watering them every other day or so, nothing religious just when the soil on the surface looks like it’s drying out a bit.
  7. Groot


    Those ones are phlebs mate.
  8. Groot

    P. som seed varieties giveaway

    Sorry mate, dragging the chain. all sorted
  9. Groot

    P. som seed varieties giveaway

    Sounds great, I’d be keen
  10. We get regent bower birds up here as well, they are absolutely stunning! I only ever catch a glimpse though, I’ve never been able to get a photo.
  11. Groot

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    @Enjaytee how’d the meet up go today?
  12. Groot

    I'd please is it edible

    Agreed, possibly chlorophyllum molybdites
  13. Groot

    Watch this space

    It’s a step in right direction
  14. Groot

    Caapi vine live

    I’ve a few rooted cuttings growing nicely, happy to send you one out. Pm me your address