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  1. withdrawl clinic

    B. cappi discolouration

    Climate or location:EARTH we try to be strict here, and kindly ask members to fill out the climat field (you can still protect you anonymety, sorry im dyslexic), as it helps us to help you. some members here refuse for good reason to give plant advice, if the climat field is filled out in a larconic way. do help with good advice, a person needs to know more than the plant grows on earth....
  2. withdrawl clinic


    nice pics, they are quite mature specimens, congrats! probably a seedling, a x between green and narrow? definately not a pure red, but could have red genetics in it.
  3. withdrawl clinic

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    thx, alchemica! adelaide is much cooler, and your plant looks lusher than mine, your input supports my, idea, this plants go into heat dormacy. i will experiment with the leaves as well now. i found this link, researching plant used to induce fermentation, i think you might like it, it inspired me to say, whay about withania kefir, or kiwi fruit to start fermentation? one lifetime is never enough... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4458060/ the list it gives, Leontopodium as a fermenting help, wau edelweiss, it helps to know latin names... late edit: only few people grow this plant currently, send me a pm if you want some seeds, but only if you will grow it!
  4. withdrawl clinic

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    i can't obtain lab grade ethanol, most spirits are ~33% alco so i go for that, i would have tried stroh rum with 80%, but i learned 50/50 seems better. i hope, non chemists are not put off by the sience talk, and those herbs mentioned are all legal to experiment with, and the process is very simple. i hope many readers get inspired to, do there 1st extraction!! i add one more question, about withania. i have seen it cultivated in cold central europe and it grew in the outdoor fields, to a height of 2m. i never seen the roots of those plants. i cultivated withania, around byron bay, and at my current location, both times the plant seemed to go into heat dormacy, and my current plants died down over summer and re shooted once it got cold. my qustion to people in vic or tas, 1, how tall does your withania get? 2, does it grow over summer where you live? 3, are there different strains around, which affect height of the withania, or are my plants stunned by the heat? i only bio assayed the root i grew in around byron, and it was a small, struggling plant, but i boiled the root in water, and had good effects. late edit: i want to add a plant which we havent mentioned yet, a very, very good anxyolitic, Lagochillus inebrians!
  5. withdrawl clinic

    Ready to sow. Bless ‘em.

    congratulations, enjaytee, this is an epic achivement. this is the first time, for me to see this process well documanted and in hd pics of astounding quality. for newbies i say, this is one of the rarest seeds in the world!! members plese respec tejt's privacy, let him come to you if he wants, but don't hassle him (thats what happend to the last person who managed this stunt, and he left the forum, taking secrets with him). please give us more info if possible, as you might know, i believe this is easier done in the right climat (no hot summers mild winters, right latidude....
  6. withdrawl clinic

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    this is a fantastic thread! i want to add, that i have a book, which is about kava, before the pharma companies stuffed this herb up (by not lisening to the pacific islanders, and than when they realised ther mistake, thru the baby out with the bathwater). than stupid ill adviced howard made it illegal.... waka grade kava is very expensive, if you get 1kg for 180aud it's cheap. i go into more detail what according to my knowledge happend with kava. and it left a stain on kava, where still some health care proffessionals think, kava is bad for the liver and dangerous. the greedy pharma companies bought kava the islanders don't use, i mean above ground parts of the plant, and used this for ther kava boom. the islander knew, above ground kava is not good to use, but the pharma companies found good ammount of bioactives in thos parts so they were happy. only years later they conceeded that above ground kava, does contain as well, unwanted active substances. the same happend with pituri by the way.... i like this stroy because it tell us, "traditional use, knows sometimes more than, new studies with sience equipment"!!! so kava is save and good, and this book i mentioned, earlier mentioned that kava was extracted with water and with alcohol, same a alchemica said. now i don't understand some things as well as alchemica so i ask you to spoon feed me. subject: withania root. methode: dry root or use fresh wet root? first simmer/or boil in water, than take leftovers and extract in high proof alcohol. than combine extracts?
  7. withdrawl clinic

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    i only had a quick read over the whole thread... all the herbs mentioned are very effective, and combos as alchemica mentions, i find more effective. i have a severe anxiety dissorder, and feel better since i stopped using pot. i think most if not all anxiolitycs, should be used only occasionaly. kava, scullcap, withania are my favorites but, the problem lies that, in herb form the quality varies enormisly, and in a capsule most of the brands are crappy as well. the effects of one small withania root, home grown, was not be able to match by pharmacy products. many years ago, (but i could sleep much better, than now) i used a incarnata, hops, damiana, and what else product which was quite good, but recent similar products were inferior. when it come to kava, most companies by cheap kava and sell it expensive for maximum profit. i suggest as followes, i know there is very good instant kava legally available, if you know good brands, please post about them here (ther would be old posts regarding this as well) as well please post herbal blend brands (a tounge twister), that you were happy with. the kava and withania from chemist warehouse is close to useless, even if you take 5 of them. i work rather on acceptance, anxiety can be only helped occasionaly, as everything leads to tolerance and addiction. my condition worsens with age, but i learn to deal with it much better. meditation, walking to a save place, visualizing one of your most comforting experiences of your life, that all can help. say to yourselve in a caring mothers voice, i understand that climbing up the high ladder makes you anxious, or abusive neighbours and noise. don't feel bad about your anxieties, say they have a good reason to be there, because of evolution, and try to help and warn you. anxiety can as well be positive, like when you go for a field trip which poses some risks and similar. allways take a risk assesment, i new i was sure to die, because i took a big risk...once, long time ago. try to find the first event, the source event for you anxiety, being bullied, held over a ledge as a todler, lissenig to very bad news as a child, feeling the fgamilies anxiety.... this helps to not bash youreselfe up for your anxiety, IT'S VERY NORMAL TO FEEL THAT WAY!
  8. withdrawl clinic

    Possum eating Ca tha

    that all supports the story how the goat farmer from yemen, observed his flock eating it and as such thought, it has to be good for me as well. i got possums and catha, but the trees are fine, the possums hardly go on the ground here because people have so many dogs. possums move here using the electric wires. obviously a learned behavior, and thought to the offspring.
  9. withdrawl clinic

    Kratom for cronic back pain?

    i want to add here that, the rifat clone produces viable seeds, on it's own, but it helps if the tree is happy with it's enviroment. i can't rule out that, seedling trees, produced by a rifat sole parent, produced a kratom tree with red veined leaves?!!
  10. withdrawl clinic

    Kratom Withdrawals

    yep, i would like to know more details regarding this as well. which leaf type is said to be the most potent. or say, stored for months old leaves, are better at night time. which leaves are the best to pick, would be cool to know, because the rifat clone, does feature many different seasons at the very same time. it produces, flowers, mature seed pods, young small leaves, and big leaves at the same time. this makes me think, it's an advantage to have a tree, which doesn't obey the seasons.
  11. withdrawl clinic

    Fresh vine cuttings

    i swing like tarzan, on this vine to my corner shop, nup this is..... a lie. but picking mangos with the help of the vine, is awesome!
  12. withdrawl clinic

    Kratom Withdrawals

    i got too little experiance with this tree, to weight in, but in the countries where it's used a lot, most users take it daily. fresh leaves are much more effective than dry, when chewed, but taste is bitter... i might add another question, how effective is it as a pain killer?
  13. withdrawl clinic

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    i want to add that i hold this believe, for most other psychotropic plants as well. and allowes me to bitch, against the established paradime regarding drugs. some of those alkaloids, which get removed or, don't excist in a synthetic product, are often not understood, with somniferium, they stop you from using too much, with coca they make you a bit calm.... humans are soo convinced they can do it better than nature, but the opposite is the case. this thinking will destroy earth.
  14. withdrawl clinic

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    sagi, you make a very good point here, and one that was hard for me to get right, for a long time, for some plants with similar requirements. tort, once said overwatering a plant can kill it fast, but underwatering will not, one can always just increase the water regime, when needed. some plants are tricky and need, excatly what you suggested. as well, i believe that some wilting diseases living in the soil, can get encouraged by bad watering regimes. i am sorry to say, i stopped using pseudo ephedrin in pill form, as it now gives my tachicardia, a pitty, because it was the only otc pill, that helped, my hayfever/globus. all other stuff promoted by the pharmacies, was usless, how can they make claims which are not true for many people, the TGA sucks!!
  15. withdrawl clinic

    Fresh vine cuttings

    yep, i have the same problem, in my case it chokes a callistemon. that vine is very labour intensive, unless you can let it go wild. it's a monster which need s a big garden, and rather plant away from the house...