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  1. withdrawl clinic

    Phalaris spp?

    could be phalaris. the varigated form, is good to use, the small toxic portions are not an issue, but i forgot why (either don't come across or don't pyrolise well, but remeber to have posted in detail, long ago). people use inmature growth, without flower stalks. wild form proly contains less compounds... it's amazing how many psychotropic plants grow as weeds in our back yard.
  2. withdrawl clinic

    Cacao & Quetzalcoatl & Jonathan Ott & Actec Flavours

    thats very good work... i'm always interressted in maoi's as potentiater. i suggest to experiment with caapi or even better passiflora incarnata. i think ther could be a version of this idea, which could taste nice as well (adding passion fruit juice to the preparation. i agree that food warnings, when taking maoi's are over cautious, however over the years we had many stories where, people forgot they took, take an maoi, and than ended up with serotonin symptom. i further like to expand, that a plant based, combo with nsri's could be very interessting. i remember a bio essay, mixing melatonin, with harmala, and it got scary, never to be repeated.
  3. it's important to note that, in this case it's not the probagating technic, which makes this look very cool, but the variety of lemon. many lemon trees are very easy to grow by cuttings, but they all share one problem, root rot, or Phytophthora. if kept in a pot out of the weather, they might grow, but if planted out they die sooner or later. thats why all comercial trees are grafted, onto phytophthora resistant root stock. i might add another incredible fact, if you grow grapefruits from seed, they very often already flower as a seedling, which looks very cool, and from time to time get hailed a "miracle of nature", but it ain't. australia native citrus, as well could be probagated by those technics, and they are expensive to buy, and 100% phytophthora immune. the ozzy native finger lime, squeezed onto an oyster, is a marriage made in heaven!
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabernaemontana_undulata nice research, alchemica! i wonder if it's easier to cultivate than iboga, if so this has enormous potential.
  5. withdrawl clinic

    Best soil mix for tobacco seeds?

    no, problems, very easy to grow, curing the leaves is the tricky part. cairns hinterland used to be a major baccy producing area, now all coffee.
  6. withdrawl clinic

    Calea zacatechichi ... seed?

    i don't remeber, but old post would give you an answere. maybe remeber, to get plenty of seeds, in more temperate zones.
  7. withdrawl clinic

    looking for water kefir

    i want to obtain water kefir granules. prefer from a member, but consider as well links to online sources (if you know they are good).
  8. withdrawl clinic

    A few wanted items to rebuild my collection

    i would like to hear more about sass growing in the tropics! once you settled in, i can send you a blue, pm me.
  9. withdrawl clinic

    Catha edulis seed

    all you guys said it correct. it's self pollinating, can produce seeds after 4 years, and if planted out you get fantastic seed set, only after a perfect season... in pot's you get seeds almost every year. they like water over winter, but in pot's not too much. the most incredible thing regarding catha, is that they can form underground shoots, to form a new plant, wher they think it's better for them. they are not roots, but very thin vegetative shoots, with long nodes and tiny pale leaves. i never found anyone mentioning this in the sience litarature. once this underground shoot likes the position it, forms roots, and upright grow. it's a form of suckering with a distance.
  10. withdrawl clinic

    South Pacific vs Micronesian kava / sakau

    i watched landline, and the person said, this kava was prepared with slippery hibiscus as an additative. this landline report focused on kava, made me wanna grow it again, but we would need to get the right property for it. is it legal to grow in oz? mabee some offshore islands would be suited. i would invest all my savings into a venture like this. 3 or 4 investors, i will study locations. table land maybe not good enough, chrismas island, or some offshore qld islands. if you got info, post it here.
  11. withdrawl clinic

    Aus kratom growing

    in the uk, i grew them inside, behind the windows. those ones i grew from seed, and sold in europe. they were small, never did a bio essay. regarding potency, i read the red veined, is stronger than the rifat/four seasons. an established tree can survive mild frosts, and it helps if daytime temps are much higher. it's said the rifat is a self pollinator, and some rumor claims the offspring was red veined. i can't confirm this. we spoke a lot about the seeds of this plant here at sab, if you break open a sphere of this plant, the seeds are the smallest items you will see, shaped like an artist, might paint a rolling tear. only the spheres were some green tubes poke out have been pollinated... i bio essayed the rifat more than 25 years ago, it was potent.
  12. withdrawl clinic

    Aus kratom growing

    i suspect a mistake by caring for this plant, they grow well even if you have to keep them inside over winter. i grew them in the uk, with no difficulties. its as well not a sensitive plant as it might be suggested, in this thread. it's a tough as hemp, and everybody that can grow hemp should be able to grow kratom... they will survive a mild frost, and i am currently searching the forum, to find posts about growers in vic, before it became illegal. i think this topic is very good, and somebody should move it, to were no guests or google can spy on us.
  13. withdrawl clinic

    covid 19 vaccination

    you rise some very valid points. so, if one of the docs that worked at the surgery before, wrote down, "muscle pain" than thats it, even if you say, "it has to do with food" or the scans said " your lower verts are vacummed. asking for painkillers, unless you had an operation is a red flag for them, and you will get stigmatised. i complained once to a male triage nurse, and he run a vendetta against me, and i did not get a proper treatment. i am prescribed 400mg ibubrofene and i use this as an anty inflamatory, so for periodes one or two a day for a week or so, when telling this do the doc which filled in, he refused to writte me another script, for ibuprofene!! most doctors and the media are extreemly deluded, they think street drugs make addicted, and prescription drugs don't!!! if you say to them, i got hooked on the anti depressant, and have to increase dosage, they say it doesn't matter this drug is good for you. as a shaman i realised the ssri's are not good for me, and now the most modern research claims, ssri's don't fix depression and the benefits were overstated and the side effects ignored. i took once occasional a anti depressant/ anti psyhotic which name now escapes me, when i said to my doc, this makes me suicidal in a way i never experienced before, he said double your dose, what an idiot. i stopped taking it, and never had this feeling ever again. a friend of mine suicided whilst taken this pill.... doc's prescribe those drugs even to alcoholics, all though it very bad to mix them. one time, my diverticulits pain was soo bad, i took 2 oxicontin which i had left after an operation, they only masked the pain, and helped not much... i am lucky i am a shaman, and i can treat my issues at times with herbs. the other thing is to accept things for how they are.
  14. withdrawl clinic

    covid 19 vaccination

    if you experience, some unwanted side effects from the vac, you can't complain to anybody, or any institution. i tried to contact the tga, all you are allowed to talk to is a phamacist, who say's i'm, sorry for what happend to you. in the first test, nobody complained about tinitus, but now one if 5000 get's it. there is a web page for serious side effects, and a goverment pay out scheme, but for non life threatening side effects, you get no help, they just all ignore your pleas. the astra seneca vac, gave me tinitus, and i still have it to this day. when i had covid, the tinitus intensified, but now it's not very loud again. it's a very anoying condition, i feel i get no justice....
  15. withdrawl clinic

    Free white sage

    i once had a plant that produce lots of seeds. i am looking for seeds or a cutting. will pm you!