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  1. IndianDreaming

    Post your track of the day

    I Don't Feel It - YouTube Looped • Kiasmos (spotify.com)
  2. IndianDreaming

    What's on your agenda today?

    That is the million dollar question haha, I believe I got the clumping kind as I can't imagine I would have purchased the running kind, but I've been unable to remember where i got them from. If you ping me your addy I have half a dozen seeds left I can send you, and you can try them out.
  3. IndianDreaming

    What's on your agenda today?

    Gorgeous specimen @SayN! I hope you put some star pickets or something (nails) in the spot to give the postman a surprise on the next visit! :-) Still a little chilly here for chilli's but I'll probably sprout some on the kitchen windowsill soon. Did you replant the Pach's? I've left a few that toppled, and once they sprout roots out the sides they go right off!
  4. IndianDreaming

    What's on your agenda today?

    Nice! Be great to see some shots of your grafts @fyzygy, what are you using as rootstock? I need to pot out some Black Bamboo I grew from seed... apparently some bamboo only set seed every 100 years or so!
  5. IndianDreaming

    What's on your agenda today?

    Well... might check back in in a couple years and see what happening. :-)
  6. IndianDreaming

    What's on your agenda today?

    Here's some cactus Pr0n... There is much tending and re-potting to do... I think I'll pop some in the ground this year, I've been meaning to do that for the last 8-9 years, and wishing I had, but there's no time like the present right?
  7. IndianDreaming

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Couch Grass... [email protected]#$'ing horrible stuff
  8. IndianDreaming

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Roses: They seduce you with their vibrant colours, sensual smells, and beautiful petals, then shred you like a cheese grater when you cuddle them...
  9. IndianDreaming

    What's on your agenda today?

    What's on your agenda today?! So... I dusted off my gardening gloves today after a fairly long hiatus and innumerable hours spent doing 'other things', and finally got around to re-potting my neglected Lophs and my Nana's African Violet... I'm hoping they'll take to their new environment which is not ideal, but a damn sight better than their previous habitat! What's your plans for the coming spring season? What seeds are you sowing? What fruits are you picking? What whacky wild and wonderful new garden bed are you bringing to life?!
  10. IndianDreaming

    P. viridis

    Hi John, sounds great thank you - want to pm me your details? I'll transfer you some $ for postage if that suits?
  11. IndianDreaming

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yep, that would be an Entata Rheedii, Dream Seed, Sea Bean or Matchbox Bean :-) Delightful beans indeed. Yes, a catchup would be great!
  12. IndianDreaming

    Loph seeds any variety

    I am also on the lookout for bulk loph seed - 1000+ if anyone has such a stash - Aus only pls
  13. IndianDreaming

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hi all, been offline for a few years, glad to see you're all still here! I'm up for a meet-up - my March is cactus, but April/May/June is good :-)
  14. IndianDreaming

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Well, nothin' like the temptation of a growing contest to entice me back after a few years! I'm in, sounds fun. I may have some giant sunflower seeds somewhere (rattles and clanks about in the dark recesses of the cupboard...)
  15. IndianDreaming

    Laminar Flow Hood on G-tree

    I believe the unit has now sold but there are a few larger ones left. Mimzy you are correct - the filter alone would be nearly $400 - When I spoke to Kate she assured me that although the machine hadn't been used for quite some time, it was well taken care of, serviced and stored well I wish I was in Brisbane too! Even a small square box type flow hood seems to be $400 plus - to get a pro unit like this one, if you have the space, would be a fantastic addition to any mad scientists lair. I have an opportunity to do some tissue culture for a large wholesale nursery, so a more dedicated standalone unit with a bit of space like this one would have been perfect. Ah well, someone got a good deal i guess => back to the search engine!