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  1. tripsis

    Cymbopogon ambiguus & C. bombycinus

    Oh yeah? Worth keeping that in mind, thanks. I used to have a bunch of seed I collected off plants in the Melbourne RBG, but I long since gave them to someone else.
  2. Anyone got seeds or plants of these two species available?
  3. tripsis

    covid 19 vaccination

    Have to admit that I harbour a fair bit of ill will to anti-vaxxers and anyone who subscribes to QAnon and its derivatives...
  4. tripsis

    covid 19 vaccination

    Congratulations. However, not everyone does, so perhaps consider this before making misguided attacks on the mentality of the "herd". You are not more enlightened, nor superior, to those you judge around you. Because it's a question of public health. No one begrudges whether you choose to decline a rabies shot, because the risk of contracting it in Australia is nonexistent, if excluding the lyssavirus carried by bats. But COVID-19 is not rabies, and there is a clear risk associated with catching the disease, and that disease would clearly spread very rapidly in this country with adequate measures in place. The thing about vaccinations where the aim is herd immunity, is that what you want for yourself isn't necessarily the most important consideration. There are immune-compromised individuals out there for whom vaccination isn't an option, but in all likelihood, don't wish to contract COVID-19. The best way they can gain protection is via society achieving herd immunity. That is challenging in a society filled with scientifically illiterate individuals who consume a diet of Sky News / YouTube conspiracy theorists / Alex Jones / Reddit / other sources of bullshit, and who rank their own petty and misguided concerns as the pinnacle of all things that need to be considered.
  5. tripsis

    covid 19 vaccination

    You must love living an insular life.
  6. Rate...probably not the actual growth rate, but it would probably slow down the overall rate at which biomass accumulates. Every time apical damage occurs and a plant has to branch, there's a pause in growth. In a plant that size and with that many growth tips, you'll probably find some of them will go dormant and one or two tips will become dominant.
  7. Looks like pretty a standard response to apical damage, i.e., the activation of axillary buds via cytokinin production from apical meristem damage. It's exactly what happens when you prune the tip of any plant - it produces branches. In cacti "pups" are simply branches.
  8. Well said, I couldn't have put it better myself.
  9. tripsis


  10. tripsis

    Harvest Ethics

    Fallen twigs and phyllodes are not live material. NPWS is not run by scientists, and also has an incredibly stretched budget. Again, cultivating ad hoc is unlikely to benefit an endangered species in any tangible way, particularly without any plan to move offspring back into wild habitat. Genetic loss happens rapidly through inbreeding, and cloning is only useful for populations that are already highly inbred, and it's contentious what it really achieves - i.e. it only delays the inevitable. Don't fool yourself, cultivating an endangered species that contains DMT is not saving the species, it's meeting personal desires. Not to say it's inherently wrong, if the seed or cutting has been sourced from cultivated plants, but it's important to recognise the reality of the situation and call a spade a spade. It is also not to say that collaboration and co-management shouldn't be pursued, or worthwhile, but it's the ad hoc approach and use of the "conservation" justification that's problematic with these species. If the cultivation and breeding of an endangered species isn't carefully controlled, with requisite genetic analyses to ensure limited stock is sufficiently outbred, the inevitable inbreeding that will occur will ultimately be detrimental to the species. Conversely, outbreeding depression can occur by pairing the wrong stock. We only need to look at our beloved Trichocereus to see what hobby breeding does to them. Everything is a mutt bred with a mutt, with all kinds of beautiful but significantly weaker mutants cropping up all the time. Put your flowering Acacia courtii into a yard with other flowering Acacia species, and it's not unlikely you'll end up with hybrid seed that's completely unusable for conservation purposes. In the right context 'just say no' is exactly the right approach.
  11. tripsis

    Harvest Ethics

    When and where this is appropriate is when this is done by professionals with a specific recovery plan. If you're a punter taking living material from an endangered species and thinking you're somehow helping, you're wrong. Ex situ conservation only works properly when approached with proper planning and background research. Inbred cultivated material is generally useless for conservation purposes. Having an endangered species in captivity without any plan of breeding it with other individuals and reintroducing the offspring back into the wild is a pointless pursuit that achieves nothing. As a biologist/ecologist, I can assure you that wild harvesting live material is rarely acceptable or ethical - this can include seed collection, depending on how it is done and the conservation status of the species. To add to that, collecting seed from a limited number of individuals and then cultivating those will always lead to a loss of genetic diversity, which itself is a threat to the conservation of endangered species. I would ask everyone here to resist the urge to harvest any living material or seeds from any wild plants; it can be and often is incredibly damaging and a serious threat to the persistence of these species. We see what poaching does to the megafauna in Africa - poaching from Acacia obtusifolia or Acacia phlebophylla in Australia is no different. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. If we care about these plants, then we have to protect them.
  12. tripsis

    Lophophora Research List

    Google Scholar has a a tonne for you to consider.
  13. tripsis

    On Ngozumpa Glacier

    No idea, would love to know. Found at around 4,700 m on the longest glacier in Nepal.
  14. tripsis

    Lions mane myc or yeast contam

    From memory, no. It's been a long time since I've grown it though, but it I don't recall it ever getting anything like oysters, for example. All the grain will have mycelium present, but not thick.