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  1. mcgrath111

    Cactus Collection for sale

    Great collection! - I unfortunately don't have a spare 10k haha, but some real nice cacti
  2. mcgrath111

    My first lopho 2 pereskiopsis grafts.

    I've been using glad wrap and orchid clips for lophs on pere. I've tried parafilm ario's, yet they always seem to flip because of the areoles :/
  3. mcgrath111

    Wanted pere

    Thanks anyway mate, another user has sorted me out
  4. Detailed tek, thank you - I have a few hundred ario seeds to plant, looikng forward to giving this a try.
  5. mcgrath111

    Illegal cactus sales NSW warning

    In the west of Melb prickly pears are everywhere, think it's great they're doing something about it (Even if this is regarding NSW), spread like wildfire.
  6. mcgrath111

    P subs

    This^ Alternatively, a bit mof mycelliated bark and a heshian mat, and you're in business!
  7. mcgrath111

    covid 19 vaccination

    Sorry to hear that mate. Supposedly the second shot has less side effects for AstraZeneca (Whereas the opposite is true for Pfizer)
  8. mcgrath111

    My first lopho 2 pereskiopsis grafts.

    Hi Teonanacatl, Sorry to bring up an old thread. Do you know what the cause of this 'limbo' is?, is there a way to avoid it? I have an ario grafted on pere that isn't plump, yet not shrivelled either; it's been like this for 2 weeks! Thank you,
  9. mcgrath111

    Wanted pere

    Hi All, After pere, preferably 10cm in size plus (After 10+ if you have some lying around). Wanting to give micro grafting a go. Happy to trade other cactus, prints or plates - cash is also fine Thank you,
  10. mcgrath111

    Vectobac 12as - Larvicide to remove gnats

    Yeah too organic matter / cheap soil mix. They seem to like the kleensorb diatomite which is bizzare lol I've tried de and stick traps so far, guess I'll move onto vegemite (I'm saddened to say, I don't have any in the pantry. Thanks All!
  11. Hi All, I purchased some Vectobac 12 as which is a form of baccilius thurgensis - israelensis, which is meant to remove gnats. I've followed application rates and even increased beyond the recommend application, yet still gnats! Could it be that the soil is too moist? (Always keep the pere's fairly wet) Could it be the substrate? I thought vectobac would be my cure for gnats, not yet unfortunately Thoughts and advice appreciated! Thanks,
  12. mcgrath111

    CO2 mycelium bags

    Interesting mate, I didn't know they were made of mycelium. I just thought people used them to grow canna. Do you normally use a C02 product to help with fruiting?
  13. mcgrath111

    Wanted TBMC

    Hi All, Anyone have TBMC they are willing to sell or trade? (I have lophs and mushroom cultures). Thanks,
  14. mcgrath111

    Looking for Ariocarpus seeds (Updated)

    Hi mate, The arios I got from you both flowered a couple months back. I also hand pollinated, yet they weren't kind enough to give me seed. Alas! But they seem to be going well