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  1. swampjrass

    Vic sub prints

    Chasing a print of Victorian sub for microscopy only plz .. have plenty of interesting cactus two trade
  2. swampjrass

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    Any one still growing this ? My has variegated pups n is a beast.. flowering this season 2 .
  3. swampjrass

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

  4. swampjrass

    zelly/nitrogen monstrose seed

    Yeah iv got a few if you have some one two grow them for you
  5. swampjrass

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Few pups from around the yard h1 bruce local bridge sharx sharx x rod some sort of Zelly madness
  6. swampjrass

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    There you go bro
  7. swampjrass

    Icaro cutting

    Chasing a icaro cutting plz people have plenty of plants to trade or cash..thanks
  8. swampjrass


  9. swampjrass


    I got 17 of them if her last weekend
  10. swampjrass

    Meet up: Perth

    Hit up oatis for prints
  11. swampjrass


    Check out the thread on Capel
  12. swampjrass

    Bridgesii 'Cliff' with huge spines?

    One of my cliffs the spines are getting big
  13. swampjrass

    Caapi and Viridis in Perth (if possible)

    There’s also a pretty handy little market store for those kinda plants two