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  1. Trip

    Salvia recognita seed

    I also have a few spare seeds freshly harvested this year for anyone that misses out on Fyzygy's offer.
  2. Trip

    B. caapi

    Asking for a friend. Anyone have a B. caapi cutting or plant for sale. Who are located in WA?
  3. Nexus might be worth checking out.
  4. Both harmine and harmaline are reversible inhibitors of monoamine oxidase A (RIMAs). The mechanism of action is different to irreversible MAOIs like: Isocarboxazid, Phenelzine or Tranylcypromine. The bonds for reversible inhibitors are more easily broken as they are bonded through non-covalent mechanisms. Irreversible MAIOs permanently inhibited and altering the receptor site they target. Which is why pharmaceutical MAOIs have more dangerous interactions, whereas many who have extensive use with harmala will tell you the fears are offstated. Ofcourse mixing harmala with stimulants, certain pharmaceuticals, amphetamines etc isn't a good idea and there are ofcourse other factors such as half lives etc, but generally interactions with harmala are overstated. Now THH found in caapi is a bit different. It is thought to be a SRI with minimal reversible MAO-A activity. But i believe this is still controversial.
  5. You should read up on the difference between pharmaceutical MAOIs and harmala which is a RIMA. The dangers are not the same. Having said that harmala will still have potential dangers when mixing stimulants/ amphetamine etc.
  6. Trip


  7. Trip

    Psychotria Nexus

  8. Trip

    Psychotria Nexus

    Hi withdrawal clinic, I am aware of the site and yes it does appear that way. I am not after the back-cross-breeds, hence chasing nexus but its been out of stock for a long time.
  9. Trip

    Cactus ID

  10. Trip

    Phyllode extraction

    The IDLH ( immediately dangerous to life or health) for Xylene is 900 ppm. The IDLH for toluene is 500 ppm, and 1100 n-hexane naphtha isn't much better. So yeah i agree inhaling solvents is bad. However xylene and toulene are aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of a methyl group and a benzene ring, basically they are metabolized from a benzyl alcohol to benzoic acid in the body and then hippuric acid for urine excretion. n-Hexane is eventually metabolised in 2,5-hexanedione, which is neurotoxic causing polyneuropathy. Of course large amounts of just about any solvent in the system will cause health issues from organ damage to CNS issues etc but theses are different compounds that are metabolized differently and therefore have different/ more severe health effects than one another. Which is why n-hexane should be treated with extra caution, especially it's vapours as it is metabolized directly into a neurotoxin. I think from a safety POV the amount of n-hexane in shellite and the potential neurotoxic effects should be more widespread and known.
  11. Trip

    Phyllode extraction

    Be-careful shellite is now (and maybe always has been) 30% n-hexane. Beware of the vapours, n-hexane is quite neurotoxic, ensure you have good ventilation (a mask would be a good idea too) and ensure you get a totally clean evap. Not to be confused with hexane.
  12. Trip

    Psychotria Nexus

    Chasing Pyschotria Nexus if anyone has a spare plant/ cutting. Pm me. Thanks.
  13. Trip

    Cebil Seeds

    Bump still chasing if anyone can help.
  14. Very Interested, sent PM.
  15. Trip


    Chasing aronia (aka chokeberry) seedling or plant. Feel free to PM if you can help. Cheers.