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  1. QuantumReality

    I'm back - again...

    Hey welcome back mate! Hope ya doin well. I think it's something we all do, dissappear while life happens. Tbf I probably see myself still using this forum when I'm old and grey.
  2. QuantumReality

    Home Patch ID

    Better to take a small sample of mycelium from the patch or at the base of a fruit, and use it to inoculate some substrate, then spawn that to a new area.
  3. QuantumReality

    Guerilla mycology

    I used squirt guns too for many years to spead the spores of subaeruginosa. I would say half of yearly prints would go back to dispersal
  4. QuantumReality

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    Me neither. Would be good grab some stuff when you gots it
  5. QuantumReality

    Spore swabs?

    Funghi-man has generously thrown up a cpl of prints for grabs (for microscopy etc) in the thread above, they're a lil older but that's cool, one is from 2018 so could still be microscopically viable, and the other is from 2013, might not be microscopically viable but still great to look at!
  6. QuantumReality

    Where To Find Free Spores?

    All mailed out. Enjoy that study guys!
  7. QuantumReality

    Where To Find Free Spores?

    Sure thing Voakanga, the last swab is all yours *All done for now*
  8. QuantumReality

    Where To Find Free Spores?

    saguaro absolutely mate! The last JF is all yours! ____________________ x1 PE6 swab left
  9. QuantumReality

    Spore swabs?

    Couple up for grabs that have been linnngering...
  10. QuantumReality

    What’s new?

    Yeah gotta start the ball rolling somewhere ay
  11. QuantumReality

    Where To Find Free Spores?

    rottenjohnny absolutely my good man, the 1st JF swab is all yours to look at up as close.
  12. QuantumReality

    What’s new?

    Welcome back mate. Think I remember you. I recently returned also after a bit of a hiatus. Definitely a much quieter community than it once was, which is a shame. Will be doing some giveaways every now n again, in hope to further build back some community
  13. QuantumReality

    Some Lophs, trade curiosity :)

    Hopefully the old ret finds his way then!
  14. QuantumReality

    Some Lophs, trade curiosity :)

    Except that this thread is from the year 2020
  15. QuantumReality

    Where To Find Free Spores?