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  1. yaguareté

    narrow leaf khat seed.

    Have lots of fresh narrow leaf catha edulis seed. Just picked today. Up for pretty much any trade suggestions. Pm thanks.
  2. yaguareté

    Hangover free booze

    Ive drunk a bunch of moonshine that barely gives you a hangover at all. Its not the ethanol thats the problem, it just gets you drunk. its all the other crap that comes off the still. Whats known as the "heads and tails". This is also where a lot of the flavour in your whiskeys and rums etc come from. so it aint all bad. With well made homemade vodka you can drink a shit load, go to bed then wake up and all you feel is still drunk. then that wears off and your fine. Doesnt mean you cant give yourself alchole poisoning though.
  3. yaguareté

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Noticed this today if anyones nearby and wants some pach. I cant be bothered the travel time for it, its nothing special. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/long-jetty/plants/cactus/1100830385
  4. yaguareté

    Looking For Lions Mane

    how did you go? I have a couple of old agar slants your welcome to. They are on there last legs and if not used in the next year or so will go in the bin. Do you work with agar? The tubes are quite narrow at the top so its best if you can just scoop a bit of myc out with an innoculation loop then transfer to plates. let me know if your keen
  5. yaguareté

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Beautiful Exogenisis. Thanks for posting!
  6. yaguareté

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Yes please. vvvvvvvvv gets one Thai print for microscopy only!!
  7. yaguareté

    looking for prints for microscopy

    apologies, it wasnt intended my internet is pretty fucked and i had to reload the page, i couldnt work out a way to delete the posts.
  8. yaguareté

    looking for prints for microscopy

    hello psychonauts, Havnt been on the forums in ages but just got my microscopes back and there is a few prints im after. Specifically p.mexicana A, p.galindoi, and you guessed it p.tampanensis. I dont have much left to trade these days as im living a fairly vagrant lifestyle, and dont stay in the one place long enough to have anything growing. but i do have a stash of edible live culture to trade test tubes of: Blue oyster gold oyster pink oyster p.pulmanarius reishi shitake shitake 75 king oyster lions mane there are probably more i have forgotton. let me know by pm if anyone is keen thanks
  9. Heard a story of some crew who where up the north end in there WVO van quite some years back and ran out of fuel. In a stubborn bid to not support the fuel industry and travel accross the country on just waste oil they aquired a dead camel that had been shot as a pest instead, boiled it up and the fats ran em to the next town.
  10. yaguareté

    Free spider mite predator

    yeah they seem to have done the trick. I cant express how awesome it feels to watch them swarm all over the damn spider mites With the naked eye you can just see them scuttling all over the infected plants. With the microscope you can watch them suck the blood out of them leaving nothing but a withered husk. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. yaguareté

    Free spider mite predator

    Honestly i dont mind covering it, Its a fairly small package wouldnt be more than a few dollers. PM me with your details.
  12. yaguareté

    Free spider mite predator

    Hi I have had my more sensitive plants inside over winter in a small greenhouse, unfortunatley spider mites made it in there as well. Some of the plants dont take to well to being sprayed with pesticides, even organics like neem and pyrethrum. My solution was to buy some Phytoseiulus persimilis from http://www.goodbugs.org.au/Good%20bugs%20available/persimilis.html They arrived promptly and seem to be doing a damn fine job. Im fortunate enough to own a compound microscope and its bloody satisfying watching the much larger mites scurrying around feasting on the spidermites and there eggs. Long story short i have more than i need. They have a short lifespan once there food runs out so if they dont get used they will be dead within a week anyway. There is enough for me to send some to one person only. First person to express interest IN THIS THREAD gets them. There are no guarentees they will still be alive, But they seem very alive now. I will express post them tomo morning if possible.
  13. yaguareté


    i know plenty of ppl that do it, but yeah you have to make sacrifices. how much do u really love that iphone
  14. yaguareté


    Anarchists are fairly easy to find. go to an anarchist bookshop, there are two in sydney blackrose http://blackrosebooks.org/ and jura books http://jura.org.au/ both are full of great people who are active anarchists and if you want to get involved you would be welcomed. You will find all the info on anarchy you would want in either bookshop.
  15. yaguareté

    Good cactus nursery in Greater Sydney area

    there is a large nursery on gardners road, I thnk the suburb is botany. called Gardens r us. They have a fairly large selection of cacti, I the past i have seen a 150cm pach in there, a 40cm or so peruvianus that was really blue, and decent size spachs. I bought a 30cm scop from there a while ago. I think they are from hamiltons but there is no way to be sure as there not labelled. They have 2 large benches covered in other smaller cacti too. Problem is the larger cactus really arent cheap.