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  1. fyzygy


  2. fyzygy

    Arizona OP seedlings

    No trade necessary, although beneficial plant/medicines are always welcome.
  3. fyzygy

    What is your least favourite plant?

    ^ Bougainvillea, how could I forget? The one here doesn't even flower, just strangles nearby plants and impales careless gardeners. Shading it out seems to be the only chemical-free management option.
  4. fyzygy

    Thailand legalises cannabis

    I guess there could be a few cannabis tourism hotspots in Australia too, some day. But the Commonwealth gifting citizens cannabis plants? Over Big Pharma's dead body...
  5. fyzygy

    Sawdust - Melbourne

    Just scored a couple of big bags of "non-toxic" sawdust from a framing factory, far more than I need. Victorian Ash, Jelutong and Cedar (no MDF or chipboard). PM if you need some and can collect Melbourne.
  6. fyzygy

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Any weed is just a plant out of place -- I think Goethe might have said it first? For example, suburban lawn grass. What vast sums of energy must be wasted on its upkeep. And gorse: what an aggressive menace to the Australian landscape, exploding seed pods and all. ^ I think there may be (at least) two different species referred to as Cat's Claw? ^ What's wrong with Coleus? There are some lovely native (and exotic) varieties, with potential benefits.
  7. fyzygy

    Salvia recognita

    I am also on the lookout for seeds/clone of this plant.
  8. fyzygy

    Degrafting tutorials?

    LW button grafted to tricho seedling. Not sure what to do with it -- leave it alone?
  9. fyzygy

    The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT

    Reminded me of Klüver's "form constants" observed during mescaline experimentation 100 years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Form_constant Do all mathematicians speak this fast?
  10. fyzygy

    Catha edulis

    PM me if you're interested in a larger, well established plant (red variety) ex Melbourne.
  11. fyzygy

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Born Amberley. Go vegan.
  12. fyzygy

    Mushrooms shown to treat depression

    Preferably sourced from a non-wood-loving variety, just in case.
  13. fyzygy

    Cactus country

    Well worth the trek and price of admission, never seen so many mature specimens of so many varieties. Can't wait to go back with more time to spare.
  14. fyzygy

    Quotes of the day.

    The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them. Ecclesiasticus 38: 4
  15. fyzygy

    Caapi in a bubble cloner

    Anything that can be cloned in an aeroponic cloner can be done in a glass of water on a windowsill, and vice-versa. With sufficient inputs of consumable parts, energy, and maintenance, the aeroponic cloner can get the job done quicker, for high turnovers. In order for it to be economically viable, you'd probably want to be turning over a lot of soft herbs for the black market. Unless you need significant volumes of clones, or don't have time to wait for nature, I doubt that a cloning machine is anything but overkill. At least, that's my experience based on the short time I had a cloning machine, before passing it on. Even high-quantity growers of the lucrative soft herbs variety, that I know of, avoid the aeroponic system and use a passive mini greenhouse and seedling mat instead. I have no experience propagating caapi. But have used an aeroponic cloning system. The neoprene collars won't accommodate a salvia d. stem, that's for sure. Caapi probably no worries - as long as it's the kind of plant that readily roots in water anyway. Khat actually looked promising, but I didn't have a few months of noisy operation to bother finding out. Calea_z. worked pretty well; although still no roots after 1 week in the cloning machine, it potted on fine.