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  1. misteek

    Post your track of the day

    Song for Shelter - Fat boy slim May we all live a long life
  2. misteek

    Kratom looose leaf or plant

    Hey team SAB, REALLY looking for kratom cuttings plants or even loose leaf tea.. ANY help would go a long way.. Cheers guys, should be connectable 24/7 from here on out
  3. misteek

    spore prints Wanted!

    PM'd brother, please get back to me.
  4. misteek

    spore prints Wanted!

    Anyone have any ideas on where i could obtain one
  5. misteek

    spore prints Wanted!

    G'day family, It has come time for me to take flight again and rebuild my microscopy spore print collection! If any of y'all are able to help out with an A+ strain or two it would be much appreciated (combodian would be fantastic!) If you have any singles or packs and able to help an old member get back on his feet it would be much appreciated. PM me Looking forward to the journey Cheers
  6. misteek

    Spring Gyms

    hey bro would it be possible for you to upload the original of 'Untitled_Panorama1 copy.jpg'? I really wanna set it as my desktop picture! Thanks for the awesome pics!!
  7. misteek

    Where am I?!?!

  8. misteek

    Where am I?!?!

    hahaha I had to trim the right side of it otherwise it would've been too easy! I browsed Google images for 'arts centre with clock tower' until I found a picture that looked similar
  9. misteek

    Where am I?!?!

    Southport in the UK!
  10. misteek

    Where am I?!?!

    Damn you bush turkey! I worked it out but i couldn't find a place to add! That photo's a bit small, do you have a bigger one?
  11. misteek

    travel to ega

    Hahahahaha bread filter!! i don't know why but that made me laugh so hard!! Sorry to hear you lost your license Incog!
  12. misteek

    IRC chat room.

    So is anyone going to come online anytime soon? I haven't seen anyone come online!? Although then again, I've only been idling in there for 48 hours
  13. misteek

    Mushrooms of Romania

    Hey bro do you have a larger sized version of this pic?! I'd love to use it as my wallpaper
  14. misteek

    How do you feel?

    This song sums it up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U6vH3LNxYo
  15. misteek

    torrent invites

    our data limits SUCK in Australia, Although TPG has some good deals going pretty cheap. If you've got bad ratios, invest in a seedbox or vps and seed something popular for a solid month. I guarantee you'll never have to worry about your ratio ever again!