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  1. Come back please

  2. incognito

    Grevillia and banksia seed prop

    Any other native plant growers keen to do a swapskie? I'll put up a list of what I have, most have popped their heads up bar the grevillias.
  3. incognito

    Grevillia and banksia seed prop

    nice ive really only gotten into natives recently, since I planted my block with various acacias, and been looking for drought and frost hardy, bird attracting natives with different colour flowers. Have sown many varietys of grevillia, kunzia, banksia, euc, proteas (I know not native but dang they cool) and hakeas. im hoping to plant out most, as well as bonsai one of each
  4. incognito

    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    and keep your inappropriate boners in your pants!!
  5. incognito

    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    from what I remember of my sitcho, if I didn't take on the work for the dole, my payment was to be cut completely. I think I got an extra 30 buks a fortnight to do it. It actually was a blessing, it got me out of the self inflicted rut I was in, and got me out of the house talking to people, in a work like environment. I got a job (which I left to be a garbage man- best job I ever had, however the hospital gave me a glowing reference which helped land a few jobs after that.
  6. incognito

    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    oh well, if ya gotta do it, be presentable, and do a good job, for your own satisfaction. You never know what might come from it.
  7. incognito

    Vale ReshroomEd

    man sorry to hear it. Ed was always very kind to me. I bet hes up there stirring shit out of cs right now- those two where always razzin each other lookin forward to hitting the "sippers" bar in the hopefully distant future.
  8. incognito

    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    I got a job out of the work for the dole program doing hospital sanitisation. (basically steralising med equipment..scary really) this was back in the mid 90's. its actually gave me a break from the copious amounts of weed I was smoking and selling. I can see method in the madness. I think if your receivbing newstart, and able to work, contributing back to the society that supports aint that bad of an idea. I like the idea of work for the dole actually being about assisting people in need, hospital work, meals on wheels etc
  9. incognito

    Grevillia and banksia seed prop

    Thanks my first time growing these babies from seed. And yes you are right I should research the individual species. I'm onto it.
  10. Hello, wondering if any members are succesful germinating these babies? I have read conflicting info, in that you can scarify seed for faster and better germ with smoked water or smoked vermiculite. Grevs are pretty hit and miss and can take up to 8 months to germ? I treated my grevs with boiling water overnight and my banksia seed with bong water.. Does this sound okay? What could I be doing better or am i overthinking things and they will do fine just binged straight into the growing medium? Many thanks in advance!
  11. incognito

    Rehab is making me crazy (crazier....)

    Now I'm collecting all my bong head associates bong water to use on my grevillea and banksia seed. I'm trialling a soak in bongwater before planting, and watering in with bong water after sowing. Smoked water is all the go with these babies apparently, and apparently bong water is smoked water either way rad place U have there mate, how many acres ??
  12. incognito

    The Random Thread.

    8 girls cruising down the street on pushies under the age of 12 telling all and sundry that they are the "Bible Crushers" is doing my freakin head in they are becoming quite infamous, maybe I'm a terrible parent but this is funny as fuck.
  13. incognito

    The Random Thread.

    Wiping a tear of pride from my eye when I walk up to my daughter and nieces who are losing their shit, to discover upon interrogation, that they have left a treasure map in the neighbourhood boy-gangs cubby house, which leads to a buried toblerone packet containing a mix of dog and kangaroo shit. They have also set up a pushbike gang called the "Bible Crushers" in opposition to my nephews L plate motorcycle gang "Christ Punchers".
  14. incognito

    Bonsai -- Show and Tell

    So who is going to the canberra show asides for flora and I? Where could we meet up?