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  1. Buttsack

    Coupla TBMs

    Also keen on 2. Tried messaging coupla days ago but nothing yet
  2. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    No you haven't. I asked more questions and you couldn't answer so you blocked me. So much negativity all for asking something you make it sound like you know so much about, what a sham. Forums are here for the benefit of everyone not just me, and I'm not the only one who can't answer my question, it's quite evident others can't either. So being the great leader you make out to be it'd be nice to share information rather than hoarding it while riding around on a high horse trying to put others down who question you. Yes I got the meaning but just didn't work so well in context to what you said. Indeed it's gotten a bit ridiculous and off topic but I'm still here and happy to correct any wrong I have done. So I'm gunna take it that I haven't done anything out of place, just tried to get an answer to a question about a legal matter. If I'm wrong and have done something incorrect please let me know here. haha funny how sideways it's gotten, and no fault from me. Thank fuck for some reality finally. This is the result I came to that it's a grey area, but was shut down time and time again by Torsten with no explanation except for me being a "fact resistant idiot"..
  3. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Huh...I have hence asking the question, it's stated in my first post. If you need me to quote it for you let me know. Lol to tell someone to answer their own question that others can't answer is a bit far fetched, just nonsense really. Yes yes greater clarity on legal matters would be a good thing hence my first post.... "But this cause is poorly served by ad hominem asides." Wanna clarify that?
  4. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    haha if that's how it works this isn't a place I'd wanna be sticking around, but it's clearly not how it works coz I'm still here. Forums need users to work and if you go banning everyone who asks questions that can't be answered it's a bit counterintuitive. Amazing how there's all these comments but no one has been able to answer my question. Plenty of negativity being thrown towards me too which is like questioning a religious cults belief system then being stoned for it lol, what a joke.
  5. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    1,2 and 3 I've demonstrated understanding of in my comments, so I'm not sure what you're on about.. You wanna point out how it became apparent to you that I missed those thing? Hostile? Can you please quote where I was hostile. Oh and also please point out where someone was trying to help me with my question, coz that would involve someone actually answering it or at least trying to?
  6. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Ummmm I think you need to do some dictionary reading to get the meaning of words. Asking a question is not ignorance. I never heard of any of the forums you mentioned, which isn't "hundreds"... and the one's I have known about for years still exist, so my comment still stands. Once you get a grasp on the meaning of words your ego tripping will likely subside somewhat.
  7. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Hahaha doesn't matter whether he's your best mate, you grew up with him, your brother, dad, whatever....it still came across to me that you were crawling up his arse, justify it however you want it is what it is.. Oh yeah and my long term friendships don't end in arse kissing, quite the opposite, we give each other shit and take the piss, and can do this coz we actually know each other. Well yeah he owns the domain but I don't think it's 'his forum' so to speak, takes more than just one person to make a forum. Plenty of businesses have forums or groups on fb to help boost business, it's a no brainer really, especially if you can get the users to pay for it themselves. I'm all for this forum and the information it harbors, but without it's users it's nothing. What forums are you talking about? There were never that many and the ones I have known about for years still exist.
  8. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Haha I get what it's trying to imply, but it's meaningless words when put in context. Maybe you wanna elaborate then? Bet you can't, just running your mouth instead as usual.. Muted for annoying a moderator too much? lol more like asking the moderator for a time stamp and getting a hostile response, then getting muted coz I was questioning what he said. Another member hit the nail on the head in one post and answered my question, but that was after I was muted. Also it's a bit pathetic to mute someone then make false claims about what was said after. My question never changed and your mate Gus just rambled on assuming I was whinging about not seeing another bid before the auction ended, I didn't care about that only mentioned that to the Author. I kept correcting him when he was misquoting what I said and trying to get him to clarify the time stamp. " comment from Torsten "This auction result seems clear to everyone except Luke who is rude and argumentative even though the error is on his part. It's not the moderator's problem if he can't see a bid." I don't think you actually read all the comments, if you did you'll see I wasn't fussed and just wanted the time stamp checked coz I didn't realize you could see it from the PC, have seen plenty of other posts where people ask for time stamps and it's sorted in one comment, this shitshow was just ridiculous and so much ego tripping instead of just answering my question lol, what a joke. As you can see I just wanted it clarified.... Me: soooo his bid was 1 min after mine by your watch? If so then all good. Gus: We can see the same timestanps you can, you clearly said you couldn't see the bids and I'm trying to help you and answered in good faith, calmly, to the exact question you posed. Really not sure why you are firing up at this at all, from my perspective you were rude and hostile to me trying to help politely in good faith. Me: so how can you tell " according to the timestamp only one minute after your bid." but then say "We can see the same timestanps you can" ??? I don't get it, so can you see the timestamp showing the other bid 1 min after mine? or do you see "16h"? Gus: Mate, you're pushing for a mute. Yes, it's within 5 mins, as I said. We can all see the same thing, hover over the time and it will give you minutes, that's what I used, and what we all use, admin or not. And this shit, "yeah no shit that's why I commented "huh"..." when I'm clearly trying to answer the exact question you asked, I can't read your mind that you can see the comment when you literally say you can't see bids from 7 mins after yours, you never said you could see Andrews bid but just didn't know the time of it. Re-read what you actually asked above with a little more perspective. I'm done here. So he finally clarifies but mutes me before doing so. and here's my question that went over Gus' head, let's see if I "literally say I can't see bids", also please note there's literally a difference between the word "didn't" and "can't"...haha Me: huh so what happened here? didn't even know there was another bid after me Me: don't admins check time or something to make sure it was within 5 min? I had the page open and didn't see any other bids after 7min, maybe something was up and it didn't load but all other bids came through. Then about 10 comments later someone takes a screenshot of my original question and posts this answer. "from pc u gotta hold ur mouse over the timestamp.. i dnt think it is avail to mobile users" Seriously what a mission to get a simple answer from one of your chosen ones. Let's try and stay on topic now please.
  9. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Dude you've already made your statement so you're in regardless, if you want out edit your other comment too. Not sure why it's hard for you to clarify what you said..you made the comment after all.
  10. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Some people just can't educate..
  11. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    haha wanna elaborate on that? Wanna crawl any further up his arse? lol "Torsten's forum" Wanna elaborate on that? "spitting the dummy" How so? Is having an opposing opinion, and asking questions about what facts someone else's opinon, somehow spitting the dummy to you? Your words don't hold much value when you throw them around based on no facts.. "If your SAB related existence is as bad as you say" Wanna quote where I said that, please. "fuck off" Lol you're just a shit talker, and as I said, your words hold little to no value lol, just a joke. "start your own pages and forums" I don't think you understand how forums work, it's not the owner who makes them what they are, it's the users, and if the owner kicks out users willy nilly people do find other places or make them. That's not the case here though, Torsten runs the forums fine and same with fb, I don't have an issue with him deleting my post, I'm just trying to get answers to clarify caapi's legality. Not sure why this has turned into such a shit show, and I'm not the one slinging shit either, just asking questions, being ignored, then calling out that ignorance. Btw I'm not the only person reading this or who doesn't know what I'm asking, I haven't seen anyone else chime in to back up what Torsten is saying, just people pissing in his pocket.
  12. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    "topic wanker" lol pull your head in. No one said anyone is smarter than anyone but thanks for your assumption. Tort gives me energy? huh? How is me asking him questions which he ignores giving me energy? It's actually wasting energy. People who know a lot have no need for arrogance, they just answer the question simply and get on with it, which definitely isn't the case here. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein
  13. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Ahh thanks for showing your ignorance/arrogance. I asked questions, that if you know what you're saying you know, should be easy to answer. I don't think you've actually thought this through since you can't provide any evidence to back up what you're saying, not even any court cases for any of the people who have been done for selling caapi. Do I have to pay a fee or make some sort of sacrifice to get info from you? Sorta like how Scientology and most religions work, don't question those in power...just swallow what you're told.
  14. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Huh? If laws are written and miss something they amend them after so the next person doesn't get off so easy, especially if there's a big media storm over it. Of course the magistrate has to let you off if they can't prove beyond reasonably doubt that you broke the law. My argument still stands, I haven't found an exemption for it in The Poisons Standard. Passionflower is okay to be sold as a food according to the TGA. So is that what you're getting at, if it's listed somewhere else as okay then that overrides the other law? https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2021C00098/Html/Text#_Toc62808226 Under Schedule 9 "HARMALA ALKALOIDS except in herbs, or preparations, for therapeutic use: a) containing 0.1 per cent or less of harmala alkaloids; or b) in divided preparations containing 2 mg or less of harmala alkaloids per recommended daily dose." So to prove someone was selling harmala illegally they'd have to test it right? What if the caapi strain is really low on harmala alkaloids or non existent? So you're saying that if they can't identify the material as cannabis they'll do more testing to see the THC content? For liquids maybe but never heard of that for plant material. If a botanist can only identify 70% of the material seized as cannabis then that's what you get charged for, I think it's still counted as a whole, but the judge takes that into account. Where's all the people that have been charged for it? Got any court references? Surely there'd be a heap by now.. You haven't really said much to paint it as a black and white, still very grey to me. I get not wanting it to be sold on your platform and no worries, but at least be clear about your rules before shutting people up, I didn't even get notifications for the first post so of course I'd post it again. FB has even cracked down on how people sell things, can't list anything that's not food approved as a food, can still sell things as whatever though, just don't go making claims along side it.
  15. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Oh yeah and Torsten if you check your messages you'll see I actually asked you about this. So it's not like I haven't tried to get clear answers before posting in the fb group.