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  1. Buttsack

    Mystery aloe giveaway

    Looks like Aloe Vera except the leaves look a little flatter, might just be to do with environment though. Aloe Vera has 20/22 essential amino acids, anti-bacterial, anti-microbal, it's even good for plants. I fillet the gel and eat that, also use on burns and on my skin when out in the sun. Use it before you go in the sun instead of waiting to be burnt. Such a great plant, one of my favs.
  2. Buttsack


    Can't go wrong for that price
  3. These are the seeds I sell and post out. The ziplock bags are small "snack" size, but you can use any size really. Open a bag, spray water in 1 or 2 times. Mostly seal the bag but leave a small opening in the middle. Pinch either side of the 10mm opening and push together slightly to make an opening. Blow the bag up using your mouth then seal it. Give it a good shake to spread the seeds and water around. If the bag deflates just blow it up again, it usually lasts the 2 weeks though. Then put in a dark place at room temp. I did this on 20 August 2021. The rest of the pics were taken 2 September 2021. As you can see germination rate is still good, around 80%. These were harvested December 2020 and kept in a cool, dry, dark place. If you want to buy any seed it's 23 bucks for 150x seeds, all in one bag from tree number 4 which is Vienna White/Pink (running low on others), including tracked postage. Message me here or [email protected]
  4. Buttsack

    A big season for flowers...

    Soo many more this year. I've been feeding mine more/different nutes so that has been a big factor for me. Winter gets pretty dry here so they usually cop a watering from the bore, which is drinkable water (no CSG here or mining). Whatever's the reason there's shitload more flowers this year, and still more coming. There's one I noticed not flowering yet that did last year and it's much healthier than it was. Maybe it's something to do with the old growth that has slowed and then it focuses energy to the old growth for flower and makes new pups for different nutrients to travel to. Maybe they need a build up of nutrients to flower and if it's growing the new growth can't support what's need to make flowers. Coz the new growth is obvious with this other cactus not flowering. Making the most of it and impregnated every flower so far. Not sure if the last 2 will take coz I left a peg on the flower to stop the bees stealing the pollen, no more than 24 hours. Went to take it off late afternoon to catch the pollen and they didn't open. No pollen inside and it seemed like it was a flower that had already opened, but even then they last 2 days. So did I kill it? Anyone had that experience with theirs? Think I'll use something less forceful next time like a hair clip.
  5. Buttsack

    Cacao dosage

    I eat a shitload of it in my muesli, or along with coconut chocolate desert. 6-8 tablespoons per day when I have it in muesli, but I have a massive muesli bowl. Just get it in your diet as best you can by mixing it in where you can get away with the taste. $22/kg is roughly what I pay from the wholefoods place I go to that sells heaps of dried grains and seeds etc. The way supermarkets sell things there's way too much plastic involved for the amount I eat.
  6. Buttsack

    Wanted pere

    Still after pere? I have heaps
  7. Buttsack

    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Green and Narrow Leaf

    They do love a good watering but yeah can go weeks or months without water, in the ground at least. Maybe in pots too with the right soil, but not root bound in a pot. I had it sitting in water so I'd say it was use to that, then the sudden dry spell for the week or 2 put it off it's game. I thought it was gunna come back but doesn't seem like it now. I wasn't playing hard ball with it, just forgot about it. Bit hard to get a new one too, as we can see here. This plant death was a one off, and came to me like it was. I'd had it for over a month though but should have repotted it, just thought I'd have already planted it like the others I got. I don't even water the reds I got that are in the ground and they are fine. I think once they get root bound and stress out, that can be the end of them. Has happened to a couple of acacias and a couple of other trees I got from a nursery.
  8. Looking for mature green or NL catha for sale or trade. I think I might have just recently killed a green catha that was a few years old, forgot to water it for a week and needed a repot but was planning on putting it in the ground. Leaves were all crispy by the time I realized and all have fallen off I still have hope though. So yeah I'm looking for a replacement, and still don't have a NL yet so putting that out there too.
  9. Buttsack

    When caapi flowers? and is it self pollinating?

    Feed it plenty of nutes and it might give you a show. Winter is when it's gearing up so you wanna feed it warm fert then. I think flowers all look the same but the yellow refers to the colour of the inside of the vine. Split a thick piece of vine in half lengthwise and it will be yellow in the center.
  10. Buttsack

    covid 19 vaccination

    I think you'll find most politicians, especially high up, have lawyer a background, or plane old political careers. Scientists are easily bought just like any politician. Gov is there to keep classes separate and in check. If you go trying to mess with the rich they'll just pull the rug out from under the peasants feet, as they are doing now with lockdowns. Hardly any cases yet politicians and their "scientists", "health experts" are still carrying on with drama. I just find it all funny and a bit of a show. As per OP..Gov is phasing out astrazenica anyway. Gee I wonder why...changing the name of the vaccine did sweet fuck all haha. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-23/gov-projects-little-need-for-astrazeneca-after-october-covid19/100239442
  11. It's a weird thing, some times I don't notice it and others it's ear piercing. A good sleep and entering REM sleep is apparently beneficial, I think the melatonin helps too. I remember seeing a doco or read somewhere that research is being done with sea urchins that have some repair mechanism that can apparently help reverse tinnitus, but can't find it anywhere after a quick internet search, so take that with a grain of salt. Came across this instead though, electrical stimulation to the tongue that helps. https://twin-cities.umn.edu/news-events/new-research-could-help-millions-who-suffer-ringing-ears "The tinnitus treatment device used in the study, now branded as Lenire®, was developed by Neuromod Devices and consists of wireless (Bluetooth®) headphones that deliver sequences of audio tones layered with wideband noise to both ears, combined with electrical stimulation pulses delivered to 32 electrodes on the tip of the tongue by a proprietary device trademarked as Tonguetip®. The timing, intensity, and delivery of the stimuli are controlled by an easy-to-use handheld controller that each participant is trained to operate. Before using the treatment for the first time, the device is configured to the patient’s hearing profile and optimized to the patient’s sensitivity level for tongue stimulation. " I've found when tripping it mostly goes away, I think my brain might be switched on enough to cancel it out with another white noise, or when I'm more focused on visuals. Meditation seems to help.
  12. Buttsack

    When caapi flowers? and is it self pollinating?

    Mine's flowering now, or starting to bud on the mid north coast nsw. Enjaytee put pics on facebook of his in full bloom now and he's in SEQ. I have one younger plant that flowers more than the other and it seems to be on newer shoots that are furthest away from the base. I totally stripped one plant back that was strangling my blueberries a few weeks ago and it is shooting flower buds now as well as some new leaves. So after the winter soltice they seem to flower. At least here on the east coast in Australia. SEQ is about 350km north of me, and their flowers are a couple of weeks ahead. Nights here can get down to 5c and days 20c. Apparently they are self polinating but I've never had seeds but have had them flower several times. Maybe I need more flowers or to try more hand pollinating, I've only tried it once. 4-5 years they should flower in the right conditions i.e not too cold and enough fertilizer. Have heard of cuttings flowering from 2 years. Maybe picking the leaves will encourage it to sprout new growth and it can focus on the flowers too. They drop a fair few leaves here in winter.
  13. Buttsack

    Coupla TBMs

    Also keen on 2. Tried messaging coupla days ago but nothing yet
  14. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    No you haven't. I asked more questions and you couldn't answer so you blocked me. So much negativity all for asking something you make it sound like you know so much about, what a sham. Forums are here for the benefit of everyone not just me, and I'm not the only one who can't answer my question, it's quite evident others can't either. So being the great leader you make out to be it'd be nice to share information rather than hoarding it while riding around on a high horse trying to put others down who question you. Yes I got the meaning but just didn't work so well in context to what you said. Indeed it's gotten a bit ridiculous and off topic but I'm still here and happy to correct any wrong I have done. So I'm gunna take it that I haven't done anything out of place, just tried to get an answer to a question about a legal matter. If I'm wrong and have done something incorrect please let me know here. haha funny how sideways it's gotten, and no fault from me. Thank fuck for some reality finally. This is the result I came to that it's a grey area, but was shut down time and time again by Torsten with no explanation except for me being a "fact resistant idiot"..
  15. Buttsack

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Huh...I have hence asking the question, it's stated in my first post. If you need me to quote it for you let me know. Lol to tell someone to answer their own question that others can't answer is a bit far fetched, just nonsense really. Yes yes greater clarity on legal matters would be a good thing hence my first post.... "But this cause is poorly served by ad hominem asides." Wanna clarify that?