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  1. Diplomacy in action, people. If the majority rules, I will ask Torsten and his band of merry maidens to ban me. The glorious thing is that he might ban me anyway, for posting such an absurd topic, and assuming that you all have a say on the board's members! Don't know if the poll works or not, so here's my vote, bitches. Yes - Ban Him, he is poison ! 1. Psylo No - Don't Ban him, he is charming ! psylodread AT gmail DOT com
  2. Really, that's all you have ? I see you convieniently avoided quoting colhawk's post where he is also 'telling people what to do'. But of course, Psylo gets spcial antagonist from the ikes of you and some of the other sooks here. You need to divert you attention away from my posts, therefore, because your retarded attempts at singling me out are, well, quite retarded. Don't bother responding in anticipation of further comments from me, I have wiped my hands of your inane, single line spitefully insipid, and poorly executed nature that seems to follow many threads I post in. Youre quite lucky that the rules of engaement with Psylo's posts dont apply in the eyes of the moderators, or you would have been booted long ago.
  3. Psylo

    See what I see

    so, the sky is always blue? I have never actually thought about it until now. In much the same way that if I wear a red shirt, in a darkened room, its stll red, despite not seeing it. I wish my cameras could remain open long enough to do this sort of photography They are all very nice, Ronny
  4. Psylo

    The Random Thread.

    Wait until you are tripping with your newly enhanced vision. That's going to blow your fucking mind if you are surrounded by nature.
  5. Why must people post such blatant untruths? There are plenty of law breakers here. By all means make your statements, but be honest in your comments and perhaps simply avoid such a sentence rather than post what you know to be a lie. Other than that, I concur with your post. Newbie coming on asking for illegal stuff for a random high is not going to get far.
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