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  1. jahliveforever

    Looking for Phleb seed

    Can you use any rhizobium from an acacia?
  2. jahliveforever

    Black rot & Trichocerei

    How much wpuld be considered a copious amount?
  3. jahliveforever

    Bulk Tricho for sale

  4. jahliveforever

    Trichocereus Pachanoi ID

    Just label it lost label pach. In my honest opinion its not a pc, the aereoles are a bit small and doesn't doesn't have the serrated edges. Not much point putting a name to it if you don't exactly know what it is in my opinion, can cause confusion down the road
  5. jahliveforever

    Trichocereus Pachanoi ID

    100 percent pach, those traits you listed are more akin to the pc pach
  6. jahliveforever

    pereskopsis Melbourne pickup

    Been looking for some rooted pereskopsis for grafting, Melbourne area preferably $$$ or can trade tricho cuts
  7. jahliveforever

    Acacia courtii + obtusifolia + confusa et al.

    Thanks for all the information guys, gonna give the pruning a go and see if it helps Didn't know that about mancozeb either, will be more careful around it in the future And on the topic of chemical treatment on plants, i recently discovered that the strawberries i grow at home will go bad even after 2 days in the fridge while the store bought ones last for a week at least. Makes me worry about what they're sprayed with
  8. jahliveforever

    Cactus blight - orange spots

    Honestly wouldn't worry too much, spray with systematic fungicide followed by mancozeb and give it plenty of light and air circulation and it will heal up fine. Good tip is dont soak with water before a really hot day
  9. jahliveforever

    Acacia courtii + obtusifolia + confusa et al.

    Thanks guys, in my experience some acacias grow really well in pots but some like acuminata just get all lanky and dangley and just dont do well, when ive tried transplanting i find the roots just bundle up at the bottom and dont fill the pot like other acacias, guessing the roots need depth
  10. jahliveforever

    Acacia courtii + obtusifolia + confusa et al.

    How big are they? Also do they do well in pots?
  11. jahliveforever

    ID please - Bun*ings rescue plant

    Its a paradisia t.scop
  12. jahliveforever

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Creeping woodsorrel (oxalia corniculata) hands down
  13. jahliveforever

    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (CLOSED)

    Received mine! Much appreciated QR, will send pictures when they germinate
  14. jahliveforever

    Arizona OP seedlings

  15. jahliveforever

    Acaca obtusifolia seedlings

    Any left fyzygy?