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  1. jahliveforever

    Acaca obtusifolia seedlings

    Any left fyzygy?
  2. jahliveforever

    Arizona OP seedlings

    Pretty sure its a tersheckii but i could be wrong, looking very healthy, what did yiu want for a trade
  3. jahliveforever

    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (3 Left)

    2 Hey thanks heaps mate, i would love a pack
  4. jahliveforever

    Tricho ???

    Yeah most likely a scop hybrid, they do get 7 ribs also
  5. jahliveforever

    Tricho ???

  6. jahliveforever

    Unknown loph

    When it flowers take a picture, check the size of flower and the lenghts and thickness of the flower and compare with other loph species, that should help you a bit
  7. jahliveforever

    Tricho ???

    Has to b3 a scop or scop hybrid, nice looing plant
  8. jahliveforever

    Unknown T. peruvianus

    Very similar to rosei but the spines look a bit small imo, there is a lot of seed grown collectors corner perus that look a lot like this so it could also be one of them, where did you get it
  9. jahliveforever

    TPM Terminator

    Yeah definitely looks more like snags, so whats the story, is someone trying to say its a new form of TPM?
  10. jahliveforever

    TPM Terminator

    Looks like sausage to me
  11. jahliveforever

    My Trichs for your lophs (or seed)

    Just giving everyone a heads up, PositiveHAL is a top bloke and great person to trade with, got a lot of nice cuttings from him for cheap
  12. jahliveforever


    I have some trichocereus WK, a nice blue peruvianus, bridgesii bruce to trade in VIC Looking for a pasacana or terscheckii Will pay for cuttings if available
  13. jahliveforever


    Looking for pasacana or terscheckii cuttings in vic, any help would be appreciated
  14. jahliveforever

    Finished **** Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    Id love some xperiment, bless
  15. jahliveforever


    How old are they