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  1. Ishmael Fleishman

    Indole-3-butyric acid to get Tricho to pup?

    Found 1g | 6-Benzylaminopurine - 99% for $8.14. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334620358648 Must be pretty powerful stuff and expensive. Any thoughts on dosage? Do It inject the solution into cactus areolas?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has had success with using Indole-3-butyric acid to get Cactus to pup? I bought some Indole-3-butyric acid rooting gel and sucked it up with a large syringe. I then injected selected spots on my Trichos. Anyone got experience?
  3. Ishmael Fleishman

    Best Recommend Drug Test Kits

    The Suppository is interesting. Since it bypasses the mouth and liver this would make you immune from saliva testing and testing for delta 9-THC. I will test this out myself and report back. A Suppository would definably get you closer to circumventing testing. The only drawback is if you are looking to get high then it will not work but for medical cannabis users, I think that Suppository looks like a legitimate approach. The hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is also a good tip.
  4. Ishmael Fleishman

    Best Recommend Drug Test Kits

    Maybe my writing was confusing but all a want is a recommendation for a good quality reality drug test for THC. So we can ensure that my friend passes a drug test if tested. They are using medical cannabis but are concerned about roadside testing.
  5. I am interested in testing someone who is using medical cannabis so I can test them for THC and its metabolites in a small research project - to ensure they are clean - what brand do people recommend to be most accurate and consistent in being able to undertake to test? Preferably something similar to what the police use in their testing.
  6. Ishmael Fleishman

    THC Gel Caps & Saliva Test

    It medical cannabis oil - The buds were de-carboxylate before turning into the oil I am told. Honestly, it is not for internal consumption. We are using it to treat an auto-immune skin condition applied topically. The use of medical cannabis CBD was not effective so the addition of THC this has proven effective. Inflammatory lesions have shown marked improvement. My original question was of academic interest and if one day they wished to take the product internally. We need the bloody law to catch up with reality. People are suffering.
  7. Ishmael Fleishman

    THC Gel Caps & Saliva Test

    That is good to hear. The individual does not smoke or vape it is purely a medical cannabis use for the treatment for an auto immune condition. They are just concerned about saliva road side testing. So if the gel cap gets past this problem then they will be happy.
  8. Ishmael Fleishman

    THC Gel Caps & Saliva Test

    As I am sure you are aware - gelatine is an industrial waste product from the meat industry. As a veg I prefer a non gelatine version. However if you have ever eaten airplane jelly then you have eaten gelatine. If you have drunk beer or wine then you have eaten gelatine. That's why you get vegan beer and wine. However talking to the chemist at Chemist Warehouse gel caps will dissolve in contact with a liquid in under an hour, so you would have to make up a capsule every time you want to dose which will be a pain. Unless you can get the caps that are not soluble towards oil. As far as I understand - if you have proof that you are taking medically prescribed cannabis - a positive roadside test will land you in court at the discretion of the police officer and then the judge who personal prejudices determines if you get punished for seeking government sanctioned and medical approved treatment. The very situation make a mockery of the rule of law.
  9. In the recent Entheogenesis Australis Garden States 2022 Ethnobotanical Conference Dr Karen Hitchcock B.A.(Hons) B.Med. FRACP PhD. Made an interesting statement that I would like to get members thoughts on. Basically she suggested that if you consume THC in a gel cap then you would return a negative test on a Saliva Test. The reasoning being that when you smoke cannabis the smoke contains THC the smoke then contacts your mouth contaminating your saliva glands with THC. So when you undergo a Saliva Test you will test positive for THC. However if you consume a gel cap containing THC it bypasses your mouth and the THC never comes in contact with your mouth and your saliva glands do not become contaminated with THC. And that once inside your body the THC would be metabolised and since the saliva test does not test for metabolites only the THC you will not test positive for THC. Thoughts? Until the Victorian government gets its shit together for patients undertaking medial cannabis this should be a legitimate means to circumvent road side testing - if correct.
  10. Ishmael Fleishman

    Loph Growth Should I be Concerned?

    To be honest only one of the lophs was showing this extreme vertical growth and it was straight up. Not bending in any direction. The lophs are now in a room that does not get direct strong light, I will keep an eye on them.
  11. Ishmael Fleishman

    Loph Growth Should I be Concerned?

    I feared as much - I have moved them into a spare room that has a large window that gets a good amount of light. Hopefully, it will be enough. I have a problem of a young cat who loves to use the cactus stone beds as latrines. So I am restricted to where I can put it. Also, the weather in Vic has been very wet and cold for the summer and I do not want to put them outside being so young.
  12. Ishmael Fleishman

    Loph Growth Should I be Concerned?

    I have 10 Lophs they are all very young under 2 years old and they are growing mostly as I expect them to. However one is showing a strange growth and I was wondering if it was a concern. It is growing like it is reenacting a scene from Aliens.
  13. Can I send Sending Nicotiana rustica seeds to Tasmania From the Mainland - say a small quantity of 10 seeds - it's not listed on the prohibited seeds lists I found for Tasmania.
  14. Ishmael Fleishman

    Nicotiana rustica Identification

    I downloaded [email protected] took a photo of the flower and its top match was Nicotiana rustica 78% so I think we can be certain it is right. Looking at the photos it has the same edge profile flower petals. [email protected] is slightly irritating it has no region or place called Australia just New Caledonia. A search for Nicotiana rustica brings up zero matches but there are lots of photos of it once you upload a matching Nicotiana rustica photo.
  15. Ishmael Fleishman

    Salvia apiana - When to Repot

    I scored some Salvia apiana seeds last winter and planted them under lights and 7 out of 7 seeds germinated and then one died during transplant into pots. Now they are thriving. I love these plants - my first readings said they were hard to grow but I have not had anything but success with them. However, I got seeds from another seller and they were all duds with zero germination rate. My question is when should I repot? There are no roots coming out from the bottom - should I wait for that or is better to replant sooner?