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  1. Ishmael Fleishman

    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (3 Left)

    4. Would be keen to grow them
  2. Ishmael Fleishman

    Mushrooms shown to treat depression

    San Pedro is the loving grandfather spirit, the love and insight with absolute kindness and gentleness. It has transformed my life. I would recommend it as the first choice for the self-treatment of those in need.
  3. Ishmael Fleishman

    Mushrooms shown to treat depression

    EDITED TO: I have no interest in recreational use for me it is medicine. The problem with psychedelic-assisted therapy is that detractors will simple lump everyone even remotely associate into the recreational pile. There has been a concerted attempt to differentiate recreational from therapeutic. The whole community is diverse but society focuses on a narrow subset because they are easy to dismiss.
  4. Ishmael Fleishman

    Mushrooms shown to treat depression

    I have a diagnosis of two comorbid personality disorders and the total ineffective treatment options available through the current mainstream therapeutic is what brought me to psychedelic-assisted therapy. I have no interest in recreational use for me it is medicine. Unfortunately, the TGA and our politicians are ultra-conservative and it will be decades before these treatments will become available in Australia. While its use is spreading legally in the developed world and has an extremely long legal and safe history of use around the traditional societies. I was not willing to suffer for 20 years until I could access treatment I would have killed myself before then just like thousand do every year who would be help from this treatment. I did my research and joined some professional psychedelic treatment organisations to educate myself. I even spoke to my GP about psychedelic-assisted therapy. He agreed that it works, the data and research are solid but we would not see it in Australia for 20 years. At that point, I sourced San Pedro and learned everything I could about preparation and dosage. I gave myself a good set and setting and took a small dose. Afterwards, I journaled and integrated the experience. I am now planning my third experience in 5 months. I have gone from suicidal on SSRI, anti-anxiety meds, and anti-psychotic meds to being only on a beta-blocker to deal with my heart palpitations. I have lost weight and regained my interest in sex. I am calmer, happier, more stable, more affectionate, more empathetic, more loving and caring even with strangers. I now fail to meet enough of the criteria of the DSM to be diagnosed with the two comorbid personality disorders. All from two doses of cactus. On the negative, I am more prone to feeling my emotions and openly crying about the pain and suffering in the world. I choose cactus because the purchase, growing & possession of cactus is legal and making the tea is easy - even if making a cup of tea in the eyes of the law makes me a criminal. Research has focused on psilocybin, ayahuasca, Ibogaine and MDMA, the reason is political. Politicians with their limited education have not heard of psilocybin and they would support research that could help people. However, LSD, ecstasy & shrooms are deadly schedules 1 drug that will kill you or that is what they would like people to believe. Mescaline has had limited research because the duration of 6 - 12 hours does not fit into a standard workday making it not a suitable candidate for psychedelic-assisted therapy. Even if it is highly effective however I have heard of Germans researching therapeutic mescaline. People need to realize that psychedelics are only half of the picture of psychedelic-assisted therapy. The other is having a treatment team or at the very least a supporting and loving friends/family/shaman/guide/GP/psychologist to help with the trip sitting and then to guide you through the psychotherapeutic integration and without that integration the drug benefits/insights wears off over time. It takes me two months to fully integrate the experience, the dreams and insights blossom over time - I can only imagine that as my neuroplasticity increases after every treatment with new neural connections my brain heals and in so doing I see and experience the world in new ways. Now there are some brave GPs, therapists and psychiatrists who are risking their careers by helping people in Australia they are hard to find and access but they do exist. I risk my job because I sought out an effective treatment but I will fight to make this treatment known. My concerns are that we will have a repeat of the 1960s and the religious and political will seek to kill research and treatment again so we need to be careful. I am also concerned with drug tourism. People seeking treatment go to Peru or Brazil and get raped or killed this will be again used to shut this treatment down, even as tens of thousands are killed by doctors every year in "accidents". Finally, the rush to monetize and capitalise on psychedelic-assisted therapy will lock out the poor, and those in need, this is our medicine we should not divest our interests to corporations. We are at the crossroads spread the message, and share the love by helping those in need find psychedelic-assisted therapy in Australia.
  5. I have started to grow LW - I have always understood that LW was glacier slow in their growth and prone to all kinds of disease. I was very lucky to be told about Stone Eaters and after some reading and research on what stones I had access to I made up a suitable substrate. The growth, vigour and plumpness of my LW are nothing short of extraordinary. In less than one month my LWs have achieved measurable root growth and increases in diameters. One month ago they were replanted flush with the substrate now most are 6 to 10mm above the level of the substrate. As much you may fear not having organics in your substrate to nourish your cactus Stone are a concentrated source of nutrients for cacti purified and concentrated over hundreds of millions of years.
  6. Ishmael Fleishman

    M. speciosa seeds

  7. Hi, I am interested in a Caapi if you have any left?