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  1. Ishmael Fleishman

    Cannabis australis

    I personally would be certainly interested in a 5%THC cannabis for the purpose of consumption. A light, everyday use product, think of it as the light beer of the cannabis world. There is only so much Everclear you can drink and still work and play.
  2. Ishmael Fleishman

    2 x free mixed succulent packs

    A giant thank you to Alchemica expecting 9 or so cuttings I was greeted with 10 packets of plants and no just finding one example of each but rather several cuttings contained in each packet, included were three plants that were already rooted. In total Alchemica has furnished me with almost 40 plants. I had to double up many of them because I ran out of spare pots and soil. A huge thank you. I used a mix of potting mix and 4mm pumice stone for drainage - tomorrow I got to get labels for each and I will fertilize with some root stimulants.
  3. Strawberry Ice Cream nothing to see
  4. Ishmael Fleishman

    Cannabis australis

    ' YES
  5. Ishmael Fleishman

    Cannabis australis

    Interesting plant just because it is devoid of the conspicuous morphology of the standard cannabis plant. However I would guess that a cluster of these plants would exude the heady cannabis aroma. Turns out In addition to its curious taxonomy, it has a very discreet aroma of fresh fennel, which we will not be able to detect unless we stick our nose to the flowery tops. Found several sellers selling seeds for $100 to $200 for 10 seeds https://seedsforme.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-abc/ https://dcseedexchange.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-abc-7-regular-autoflower-seeds/ https://www.insaneseeds.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-ibl/ https://www.nomadseeds.com/producto/australian-bastard-cannabis/ https://humboldtcsi.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-site-4/ I am not a cannabis fan but would grow this plant just because its low THC and being a oddity. I am sure that their must be someone in Australia who could supply these seeds. BRING ON LEGALIZATION
  6. Ishmael Fleishman

    Cactus ID

    The seller did not give it a name - just that she had acquired it from someone who had used it shamanic rituals and it came from a very old and established stand that she grew.
  7. Ishmael Fleishman

    Alternative Bottle For Bottle Tek

    I started with takeaway tek and had good success germinating however very quickly the takeaway tek lids have to removed because the seedling shot past. Then you loose the humidity controlled environment and then the roots bottom out on the bottom of the takeaway tek. Then I had to replant to soon and suffered many losses. I am hopping that these larger bottle tek will help avoid these problems. I scored some seeds for some OP Terscheckii seeds from the Dawsons collection that I will put into these large bottles. I also have a cat and the takeaway tek is all to temping resting spot for my cat and subsequently suffered more looses. The bottles should prove less comfortable.
  8. Ishmael Fleishman

    2 x free mixed succulent packs

    I will put my hand up for one pack - Thanks you.
  9. Ishmael Fleishman

    Alternative Bottle For Bottle Tek

    I purchase 5 liter Bottle of Distilled Water from Coles and tonight I had the thought that they could possible make great bottles for bottle tek. Since they are ribbed, what if the ribs could be interlocked if cut the right way. So I cut off the tops of two bottles and after a little fiddling and cutting I managed to get two bottle to go together. The trick is to cut one bottle above a rib (rib in) and the second bottle below a rib (rib out) that way the bottle slide and lock into each other. I think it would make better tek then coke bottles because they are 5 liters not 2 liters they are taller, more volume, and they are square so more efficient use of space when you have multiples. The down side the lock in between the components is not as solid as the coke bottles and filled with 5 liters of soil I doubt that you could pick it from the top and have it hold together. Would do people think?
  10. Ishmael Fleishman

    Free plant id apps

    I have found that plantnet struggles with cactus identification - it ask for leaf, bark etc when you add a photo for identification and no matter which one I pick it cannot seem to identify cactus. Says cannot find anything. However for random plants it seems to do a good job. Never tried plantnet on a mushroom, I have a paid app for mushrooms. Not happy to pay but it is the only app that has any success picking mushrooms.
  11. So it looks like the name has reverted to Trichocereus macrogonus (Britton and Rose) with pachanoi and peruvianus are now just varieties. Interesting bridgesii is still Echinopsis lageniformis - What makes it special / different?
  12. I just noticed that on Wikipedia Echinopsis pachanoi now redirects to Trichocereus macrogonus var. pachanoi Is this a reflection of an official reclassification that pachanoi is now just a variety of macrogonus and no longer part of Echinopsis. Or is someone taking liberties with Wikipedia. I know that classifications are political to some degree and that their has been a arguments about were San Pedro belongs.
  13. Ishmael Fleishman

    Strawberry Pie

    Strawberry Pie nothing to see but Strawberry Pie
  14. @Alchemica thanks Not knowing what (R)-DOI is I found this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2,5-Dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine Which lead to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumor_necrosis_factor Interesting that very little is being spoken about this area of psychedelics. Inflammation from my limited understanding seems to be the causation and precursors to many disease process. And while we have steroids and NSAIDs this are symptomatic treatments. With serous health impacts like heart disease and stroke risk. Maybe it is because psychiatric conditions are now the number one cause of diseases and disability in society. OR maybe we suffer from the the mind body divide in the believe that the mind has nothing to do with the body. Or something else maybe. Everything is a big circle.
  15. The effects of psychedelics extend well beyond the brain and mind. Research is showing systemic effects and that psychedelics seem to posses immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties which could make them of interest in the prevention and treatment for hypertension, inflammation, cardio vascular disease, obesity and diabetes, and I would hypothesis possible in the renal disease and function. Now it is known that acute use of psychedelics do cause a significant increase in blood pressure in healthy subjects, which can be concerning for those with preexisting health conditions however acute stress is not inherently negative. Acute exercise does increase blood pressure and for a short time can increase your risk of experience of death, however over the long term exercise induced hypertension seems to be hypotensive. It is possible this same mechanism is at work with psychedelics. The mechanisms of these effects is not currently understood. There maybe a strong mind body connection or the classical psychedelics may have direct effects on non brain systems. However current research is preliminary and "that the association between lifetime psychedelic use and improved health might not be a case of the one causing the other but might involve a common factor that predisposes people to both use classic psychedelic and to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors associated with cardiometabolic health." and that "the direction of causality remains unknown," Otto Simonsson from the University of Oxford Regardless of the mechanistic "cause" benefits seem to extend well beyond the mind. I feel this is definitely an area of research that should be considered. Here are a few things I found. https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.120.16715#d1e1778 https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/unique-everybody-else/202112/the-psychedelic-heart https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphar.2016.00035/full The above lead to Sigma-1 receptor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigma-1_receptor (The biochemistry is beyond my lay understanding) https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/psychedelic-use-and-lower-heart-disease-diabetes-risk-is-there-a-link As a side note I see a strong vested interest when it comes to possible health effects of psychedelics - while their are many who have jumped on the band wagon and are keen to cash in on the strong profits these medicines promise there is an equal anti-psychedelics crowed who motives seems to be driven by moralistic opposition to these compounds. It is important for us not to succumb to either prejudices.