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  1. Ishmael Fleishman

    Kanna - Sceletium Tortuosum Seed Confiscated & Destroyed

    so get it and grow it before it is restricted
  2. Ishmael Fleishman

    Kanna - Sceletium Tortuosum Seed Confiscated & Destroyed

    Thanks for the detailed response I’m a rank amateur compared to you. If either of you would be willing to donate a cutting I would love to add it to my collection. This leads me another question - kanna on paper seems to be a all round positive plant in terms of mood, anxiety and depression. However I am surprised how unknown it is and how little attention it gets - so why the lack of love? Or is it all hush so the government doesn’t reschedule it as restricted substance.
  3. Ishmael Fleishman

    Kanna - Sceletium Tortuosum Seed Confiscated & Destroyed

    I might contact the seller and see if he will resend with the Latin name printed on the outside fyzygy what makes you uncertain? Have you sampled
  4. Kanna - Sceletium Tortuosum is legal in Australia - So I thought I would buy some seeds to grow my own. However, I got a letter today saying that my Kanna - Sceletium Tortuosum seed has been confiscated and destroyed. My question is why? The seed was coming from Sweden, bought through Etsy.
  5. Ishmael Fleishman

    B. cappi discolouration

    Cheers Glaukus
  6. Ishmael Fleishman

    B. cappi discolouration

    I have a B. cappi - it seems to grow well however it is showing leaf discolouration per photos. What do I need to do?
  7. Ishmael Fleishman

    Anyone got B. caapi cuttings?

    I got one from https://witchbrewaustralia.com/banisteriopsis-caapi/
  8. Ishmael Fleishman

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    Based on this thread I opted to make a hops alcohol tincture - It has been infusing for two plus weeks. The taste is great if you enjoy extra hoppy IPA's - it's like the aftertaste of a good bitter beer with all those yummy hoppy terpenes quickly followed by the abrasive bitterness. I have been playing with dosing. I am taking about 1 tablespoon of the tincture and the effects are described as the body sensations of cannabis without the high. I feel slightly physically sedated, the sensation of floating. A heavy feeling, my breathing feels heavier and slower. Cognitively there seems to be a reduction in processing however it is not stupifying. I would describe the sensation as being akin to a wet blanket weighing me down. Not unlike the sedation of Kava. An hour after administration I feel the sedation increasing becoming a more encompassing experience. However, it seems unable to put me to sleep. The sensation is akin to being drunk without the negative side effects. Now this made me think about the relationship between cannabis and Humulus. It turns out Humulus contains CBD and I would hazard a guess that I am getting CBD from my hops tincture. This makes me wonder if a more concentrated CBD source may be more effective for me. I am tempted to reduce the tincture volume by heating the alcohol thereby increasing the potency of the THC or whatever active compounds are affecting me. The journey continues.
  9. Ishmael Fleishman

    S. divinorum

    I am growing my collection so if you can help message me -
  10. Ishmael Fleishman

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    This piece of journalism was an attempt to discredit psychedelics - the rise in the public consciousness of these medicines threatens the established order and the vested interests of conservative groups in society. Now the accusation raised by the piece is concerning and as a community, we should never tolerate sexually predatory behaviour, bullying or intimation. Trial by media and public opinion is not justice but is driven by the worst instincts in human nature. Those interviewed should have known better, do not talk to journalists, never ever, they are like anyone with power they are not there to help you or anyone else but themselves and their paymasters.
  11. Ishmael Fleishman

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    No one watching this would have a positive view of psychedelics. Maybe psychedelics are too much of a pandora's box and that capitalist culture is just not capable of harnessing and utilising its potential. When baser human instincts for money and power become to the fore. The temptation of abuse might be too great with such powerful experiences. Benefitting only the status quo and ensuring that the healing potential of psychedelics becomes lost again. This is another nail in the legitimacy that psychedelics might have had with established government and professional medical institutions going forward. I feel terrible torn knowing how much psychedelics have helped. It is just so sad.
  12. Ishmael Fleishman


    DELETE - Duplicate thread
  13. Ishmael Fleishman

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

  14. Ishmael Fleishman

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    The problem is not the drug use the problem is their mental health - they use drugs to cope with their mental health - however, as far as the department is concerned both are "problems" - hey a few years ago the department wanted to institute a heterosexuality test. But could not get it past the discrimination laws.
  15. Ishmael Fleishman

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    That is interesting - about the judge. Giving it a couple of days after dosing is not an option I need nightly dosing to sleep. I really need a new job. I work in an industry where even with a prescription I would be fired - let’s just say there are special federal and states laws that apply to my profession (major government department) because we are supposed to be above reproach. If it was found out that I was taking medical cannabis I would be fired. I came out as having mental health problems due to my work and the department continues to try to bully me quiet because people with mental illness are dangerous and cannot be trusted in the kind of work I do. The funny thing is a 1/4 of the staff are drug/alcohol dependent and we have had two suicides in the last 4 years. Several staff members use cannabis/MDMA/LSD/heroin regularly. But they hide their problems well so fly under the department’s radar.