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  1. Nice one mate, hope its ripe enough.
  2. ph7

    withania somnifera seed sought

    Hey mate, if you still need seed I am picking some fresh berries this week. Happy to send you some. Cheers
  3. ph7


  4. ph7

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    Comment number 2 from me. Would love a crack at these! Cheers
  5. ph7

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    Hehe, glad you guys got em. I hope to see a giveaway in a few months! :p The way things are going we may need to start trading baccy for toilet paper!
  6. ph7

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    @trichojester and @Dozer - your seeds were posted today @holymountain - will post yours on Monday. @Emeraldjewels @ENtiTY- don't forget to PM your address, as I'm still honing my psychic abilities! Cheers
  7. Thanks to @Humboldt's generous giveaway in June I am now returning the love :p Up for grabs are 5 packs of possibly 50+ seeds (tiny) for 5 lucky individuals. PM your postal details AND comment here - I've had some PM dramas. Cheers
  8. ph7

    Plant identification apps

    Hey mate I've used 'Picture This' and found it surprisingly accurate. Although it couldn't ID a few of the main ones I was hoping for! It also give best match and closest match so it helps to narrow down the field. The app has 7 days free so you can test it, especially if you only need to ID a few plants. Cheers
  9. ph7

    my new ethno garden

    Very nice mate. Great to see a 10 year before and after! I hope to see huge flowering beauties in my garden one day Cheers
  10. ph7

    seed sale gone wrong

    I agree. Does he have a trade rep thread? If not, start one!
  11. A nice wattle, native to your location. Fast growing screen and scented flowers! Also being a Nitrogen fixer I like to plant leafy greens/spinach etc around the base as a ground cover
  12. ph7


    Hey mate, there are a few places online selling various Brugs. Are you looking for a particular variety? I have 2x Golden Lion and 1x Pink Panther - approx 20-30cm with good roots. Let me know if keen. Cheers
  13. ph7

    Bunnings finds Cactus ID

    Nice flowers man, is it good perfume?
  14. ph7

    Mimosa pudica seed [CLOSED]

    Hey mate, sorry I only just saw this. I'd take as many as you can spare. Cheers