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  1. Sessa had sesso with a patient
  2. Alchemist

    After a few plants in Perth

    Yeah, those markets are shrinking every week. Looked like 2/3 of stalls weren't there. Stinking hot in Perth. Lots of plants getting sunburned.
  3. Alchemist

    After a few plants in Perth

    The space he normally is at was empty, in the morning, perhaps he got there later. So funny, I saw those little cacti there a couple of days ago! I was going to get a little pecan tree there, but figured that it its not grafted you never know if it will even fruit well.
  4. Alchemist

    After a few plants in Perth

    Except for this week by the look of it
  5. Alchemist

    Seedling Smoke Water Treatment

    I once spoke to the chemist who discovered the active principle, karrikin, in the smoke water. The contraption he used to make the smoke burned, or more correctly heated to smoking point, filter paper! So even just paper smoke can work. More on Karrikins below https://bmcbiol.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12915-015-0219-0
  6. Alchemist

    After a few plants in Perth

    Ever Been to East Vic Park Sunday markets? There is a dude there who sells special plants.
  7. The Masterkey system is the first book I came across that had this 'truth' revealed. Also the "Power of the subconscious mind" is another old bestseller written by a chemist, and "the secret" is our modern bestseller. It takes a lot of perseverance to accomplish but it might just work. I managed to make the wish to see a future event come true as a hypnopompic vision but it took a month of repetitive repetition day and night and was very mentally draining. Probably has nothing to do with God directly, if true, it simply uses a science we do not know which is there but difficult to test.
  8. I read that you need a rather large amount 100 to 300g of khat quid. Quite a mouthful! For salvia someone has a patent for chewing gum containing salvinorin A, which might be easier than a massive quid.
  9. A friend from Alaska took harmala seeds and felt that he could not fall asleep any more for a whole year! Up all night for a year. I guess he must have go some micro naps but he vowed to never ever touch them again.
  10. The calea I grew and also the batches I've purchased over the years didnt taste all that bad, almost nice actually.Most testimonials complain about the aweful bitterness. At one stage I was wondering if the version in oz is not the right one as early drawings from the 70s show very yellow flowers, but mine were white. I tried datura seeds, tiny amounts only and got no effect, and another time about 100mg dried amanita muscaria I found in the bush which did nothing. Nicotine chewing gum was tried as well. I dont need crazy dreams, just regular ones that I can remember. Also looking into hypnogogia at the moment, I think there is more potential of those types of short dreams being of esp potential, not sure what could help there.
  11. Im after a plant that really does intensify dreams. But I do wonder if it really exists or if the reports are just due to chance. Mugwort tea and pillow do nothing, fresh calea plant I got from here 20 odd years ago did nothing too. Some say amanita muscaria, others say capensis. Does anyone here actually know by self experience of something that works for real??
  12. Alchemist

    Legality Of Papaver somniferum in Victoria

    Just don't lance them! Grow them for art and beauty in the back yard. Grow a few only. Spencer's spices from Coles or Woolies are very viable as are the ones from shops such as 'Source Bulk Foods'. For a few bucks you can grow a forest. White ones in Indian shops no good, probably roasted.
  13. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me a few seeds or sell me a small seedling of the touch sensitive plant Mimosa Pudica. I'm in WA but posting a small plant via express mail is no problem. Cheers!
  14. Alchemist

    WTB:Cramp Bark

    Chaps, does anyone have or know where to purchase dry Cramp Bark. Looking for 100g or so of the herb, sent to WA. Cheers
  15. Alchemist

    wtb: Datura inoxa seeds

    Hi Everyone, I'm after some Datura Inoxa seeds which are still viable. Must be the inoxa type only please. Cheers