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  1. SayN

    Happy Birthday Glaukus

    Just want to give a shout out to good buddy Glaukus. Your generosity (and I mean this in the broadest sense of the word) is inspiring. I know its been a really tough year for you. Can't wait to party (a little harder) at the end of the year I hope.
  2. @Change I think you're seriously underestimating the paranoia of anti-vaxxers. Those three letters "DNA" or "RNA" are often the major points of contention in their arguments that it's "all-experimental", "it messes with your DNA", "it's never been done before", "it makes you infertile" etc I think this was the right place to post this.
  3. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    So as we come to the end of the madness (part #2) I think we should just start to move on. We've all made our beds. The vaccinated are happy. The unvaccinated are less happy in the short term - but feel free complain to your government (safely, and without jeopardising the safety or welfare of others). Clive Palmer looks like an honest and trustworthy bloke btw. I have no resentment of the unvaxxed other than the angry, militant, irresponsible and self-righteous actions of a few but I think we all have far more in common on this forum than we have differences - and we should focus on that.
  4. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    its hardly ground breaking research though is it? an online survey with a pretty small and narrow sample size. Surprised that a healthier diet makes you... healthier? Want the CHO to mandate a ban on meat? That one wouldn't go down well i bet. Anyway, that's probably why he didn't mention it. Simples.
  5. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    A vaccine alternative? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/01/covid-antiviral-pill-halves-hospitalisations-and-deaths-maker-says
  6. SayN

    Independent Expert Panel on MDMA and psilocybin

    "in highly selected populations" its a start I guess.
  7. SayN

    Which mugwort?

    further debate is unnecessary then. (and foolhardy)
  8. SayN

    Which mugwort?

    I'm no expert (on anything) but I still feel its the long fingered one. I think the tube one could be artemesia argyi
  9. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    Ok. Thanks.
  10. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    Is that it? To counter one piece of 'propaganda' with simply another piece of 'propaganda' seems naive. Frankly, the commercial channels ARE toxic - they are largely unwatchable - I think everybody here would agree. But is your call to de-fund the ABC over it not just misplaced anger? What do you expect of the ABC? Counter opinion pieces supporting the "brave freedom fighters" like your youtube examples?
  11. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    What is "the truth" that was disregarded?
  12. SayN

    Which mugwort?

    as best I can tell the one on the left
  13. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    ^ they certainly don't intend to take it lying down.
  14. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    My brain is really struggling here. Can someone please tell me what this clip has to do with the ABC?
  15. SayN

    Melt genetics vs. environmental factors

    environmental factors play a huge role in my opinion. I think you'll find the genetics will probably define the types of variations you can expect, but water, sun, root space and growing medium will be the catalysts