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  1. niggles

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Don't be afraid to double up on previous answers
  2. niggles

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Thanks guys love all the feedback! I'll add it to the data
  3. niggles

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Here's some of the answers so far : Cats claw Madeira vine Coleus Bromeliad Agapanthus Billy goat weed Snake herb Lantana
  4. niggles

    Fresh vine cuttings

    It's kind of a happy problem to have.. The mango tree is a pretty easy climb. My friend actually climbed the vine into the tree!
  5. niggles


    Not sure if this is the right place but I have some tobacco snuffs bought about a year ago. Only opened once, wondering if someone is into that. Happy to swap for plants or seeds or whatever!
  6. niggles

    Wanted Acacia Courtii

    Just want to bump this thread I have some lovely big trees but lost all seed and seedlings for the last 3 years due to fires and floods. Have a great spot for them and really want to get more in the ground asap, am happy to do cash or swaps for plants, or seeds, but would like to just get some in the ground! Anyone who gets me a plant will have a nice honorary name plaque under the tree.
  7. I'm doing a little survey, please tell me your least favourite plant. Don't have to limit to one
  8. niggles

    Fresh vine cuttings

    Hi there, my mango was being strangled by vine so I had to cut it back. Lots of fresh woody cuttings available by the kg. Pm me for details
  9. niggles

    Looking for finger limes

    Hi there! In the pas I had great success growing finger lime from seed but all my plants died when I evacuated for the fires a couple of years back. So I'm ready to try again! Would love to get a few different colours but anything would be great. Happy for trade or whatever just let me know.
  10. niggles

    Competition post a picture of your pet

    I think I have a winner(s)
  11. niggles

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    Bloody great to meet you all! Will definitely come again.
  12. niggles

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    OK I found the topic and I'm following now I'm going to try and make the trip up
  13. niggles

    Lophophora seed wanted (bulk)

    To celebrate the completion of my new hothouse I'm looking for a few thousand loph seed. Anyone able to help? cheers
  14. niggles

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    Hi! I'd love another courtii, here's a few I have grown. P. S. I guess my number is 2?
  15. niggles

    panache fig cuttings

    Hi, I love figs! Can you let me know what state these cuttings are in? Are they fresh cut? Rooted? Thanks!