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  1. It's a personal choice, there's no obligation to look after animals. I can understand wanting to care for them for your mothers sake, but they are a huge burden. I don't want animals again because they limit freedom. It's not like they are children, I don't think I could handle living with heaps of cats.
  2. saguaro

    TGA - FOI disclosure log

    It's treatment-resistant depressing. If only there was a cure for it.
  3. saguaro

    whaT DID you learn from SAB forums?

    Doesn't ego dissolution as it relates to psychedelics just mean temporary long-term memory suppression? I used to think it meant something other than that also I learnt how to graft cacti here amongst heaps of other things
  4. saguaro

    Cannabis australis

    I don't have seeds of any of these plants unfortunately heirloom tomatoes are good. Beams yellow pear ftw
  5. saguaro

    Cannabis australis

    I think people who grow for personal use generally prefer to grow and consume quality herb, even where it's legal. They're usually not the people stealing electricity and spraying PGRs on their plants. This ABC has around 5% THC and yields poorly afaik. This and 'Ducksfoot' are well known in Australia, definitely not unheard of. They basically gained notoriety as 'stealth' plants due to their deceptive morphology, despite lackluster buds. There's nothing wrong with growing novelty plants.
  6. saguaro

    Cannabis australis

    it's real, apart from the weird morphology it's not really worth growing afaik
  7. The author wanted to make a play on Real Hallucinations so badly
  8. What I can gather is that the author reckons psychedelics are shaping up to replace SSRI-type drugs as bandaids for the symptoms of structural inequality and 'late capitalism'. Reminiscent of soma in Brave New World. the acronym and meta-ism detract from the article imo. I'm definitely not the target audience though
  9. saguaro

    ID on Agar Cultures

    these metabolites are there cos you're growing them for too long on the same plate. While you can get away with it, it's suboptimal to allow cultures to cover the agar surface. You should be subculturing and transferring mycelium from the leading edge.
  10. saguaro

    Alternative Bottle For Bottle Tek

    yeah it would work. The bigger bottle can reduce the need to transplant it to an intermediate pot bottle tek is basically the same thing as takeaway tek. many different bottles or container would work. Bonus points that the container is recycled
  11. saguaro

    Catha edulis seed

    oh you're right, apparently it is self-fertile. I don't know why mine didn't give seed. Are you cutting your plants down? you say there won't be more seed in the future
  12. saguaro

    Catha edulis seed

    i've seen one flower 4 years after transplanting from a cutting. it may be possible for them to flower even sooner than that. I didn't get any seeds though cause they are self-sterile
  13. saguaro

    ID on Agar Cultures

    Those are droplets of mycelial metabolites, not contamination
  14. saguaro

    ID on Agar Cultures

    the .HEIC file isn't supported here, try uploading jpegs or gifs