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  1. saguaro

    Sacred gardening in the media

    I agree, but the government definitely doesn't seem to I think there's two sides to increased exposure though. As far as scheduling goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I'm sure Liam's intentions were good, and he had no control of what was published, but it's hardly a constructive article as far as convincing people change is wanted or even a good idea. The only thing going for it is cultural use, but it's to the effect of 'people are tripping on home-grown drugs, some of which were smuggled into the country, and sometimes they have bad reactions'.'
  2. saguaro

    Sacred gardening in the media

    i hate to mention it, but does anyone else think articles about using and growing psychoactive plants on ABC news draws the wrong attention and is a step towards scheduling?
  3. as opposed to a plastic tube? there's a silicone tube attachment too for the volcano, but obvs it's not really for walking around with either i've tried the plenty, crafty and volcano. not the mighty yet. volcano was easily the best of those imo. crafty was meh. plenty was decent. mighty seems like the best portable one though magic flight launch boxes are absolute trash.
  4. do you rate the mighty over the volcano?
  5. they can, but the cactus would need to be pretty big, say 2.5m+ in a 70L grow bag to fall over if you're talking about the woven bags the only thing I can think of is that they're heavy and if you use large stones (as drainage in the bottom for example) and move the bag around alot it can tear the bag eventually, so you might be better off using expanded clay which is lighter too
  6. saguaro

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    this is a good question, i've wondered this too. I'm guessing, but i'd say there's a fair chance of false positive on an RDT. one of the primary metabolites of amph and methamph is 4-hydroxyamphetamine, which is further metabolised into norephedrine. Cathinone shares the metabolite norephedrine. I'm guessing they swab for 4-hydroxyamphetamine in the saliva tests, it's possible norephedrine produces false positives Then again, I doubt chewing khat or driving after chewing khat is illegal, but I have no idea
  7. saguaro

    Guerilla mycology

    This doesn't make sense to me: "The reason why people are out “spreading this mycelium around is because we all feel the corporate thing coming and we don't like it,” he adds. Steve claims to have single-handedly created hundreds of magic mushroom patches in the US: “This is a way that I can make the experience more available. But there are a lot of people doing bigger and more elaborate things.” not defending 'the corporate thing' by any means, but I don't think commercial interests in magic mush will make it any harder to go out picking than it already isn't
  8. saguaro

    Guerilla mycology

    shroom gun virtue signalling < established bulk methods which are only marginally more effort edit: not trying to be negative towards people's good intentions, but I honestly don't believe this would do very much. Kinda like the 'pick n flick' myth
  9. One time I felt like I was skiing down the mountain of whipped cream on the side of the isi box. Funnily enough, this was the time I realised I was wasting my money.
  10. saguaro

    Guerilla mycology

    surely shooting spores from a water gun is pointless - if the environment is correct in that area, they will already be growing (and sporulating)
  11. wicked, gonna be awesome when they're big
  12. saguaro

    Meditation next to Sacred plants

    The plant is adding its unique quality, isn't it? There's a reason people use betel and tobacco rather than just lawn clippings.
  13. saguaro

    Meditation next to Sacred plants

    Depending on what you consider an 'altered' meditative experience, and how you define the presence of psychoactive plants within this context, there are countless examples. In Bali, the canang sari is an active meditation involving offering tobacco and betel nuts (amongst other symbols) to Acintya.
  14. if you think these psychedelic capitalists have your best interests at stake, I have a port in Darwin to sell you
  15. saguaro

    ariocarpus fissuratus

    Looking to buy A. fissuratus seeds in Australia If someone has some for sale/trade or knows where to get them, please PM me cheers