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  1. Wood Chuck

    Grafting seedlings

    Have not tried grafting seedlings, but hear it can encourage growth.
  2. Wood Chuck

    Post your track of the day

  3. They have found out that people driving with medical cannabis in there system, have also lost there jobs. It should be treated as any other medication, like a lot of other laws, it hasn`t been thought through properly and hopefully things will change.
  4. Wood Chuck

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  5. Wood Chuck


    It troubles me that the Weinstein`s were involved in many of his movies and wonder if the final scene in hateful eight was to appease them or himself. Would like to hear which side of the fence he stands on with A.I, as scripts and actors play a big part in his movies. One day a film will be made about it and it will be called Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, wait, that title has already been used.
  6. Wood Chuck


  7. Wood Chuck


    I still like his work.
  8. Wood Chuck

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  9. Wood Chuck


    99% of my cactus, I don`t water over the winter months. Tylencoden Wallichiii is part of the 1% that is watered only over the winter months, not a euphorbia and no water over the summer months, when it looses its leaves.
  10. Wood Chuck

    Post a random picture thread

  11. Wood Chuck

    Id help

    Thanks, the aloe thingy does have bumps, which gives me a starting point. They are all now in pots with soil and I will do further research.
  12. Wood Chuck

    Id help

    Am trying to id plants that were gifted to me, 2 might be a terscheckii, the other might be some sort of Aloe. The original owner had no idea either.
  13. Wood Chuck

    Post your track of the day

  14. Wood Chuck

    Post your track of the day

  15. Wood Chuck

    Mushrooms shown to treat depression

    Had a self imposed ban on myself, for various reasons, which may seem a cop out, but was needed. Many year ago I had 2 strokes that were 4 years apart, each stroke was followed by a bout of depression. The first one, honey was available and seemed to address depression, the second one, it wasn`t. After the second stroke depression was very intense, lasted a long time and caused all sorts of problems. This post is to explain my previous comments and to share with others, that have had a similar experience.