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    Youtube vids

  2. Wood Chuck

    PC Pach

    I have a PC Pach that is about 10 years old, approx 4 meters high and been cut back to the base a couple of times. I just noticed spines between half an inch and a inch long for the first 12 inches from the base, with the rest of the plant having short spines, is this normal.
  3. Wood Chuck

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    At the time no record swayed me. Lifeline 131114
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    Post your track of the day

  5. Wood Chuck

    Doubling up

    Not sure why, but pic`s seem to be doubling up.
  6. Wood Chuck

    Emailing politicians

    Politicians emailed about changing the law, seem to eventually pick out part of the email to reply too, but not the core question. Am I having a bad run or just being fobbed off.
  7. Wood Chuck

    Emailing politicians

    No satisfaction, so will make waves and let them contact me.
  8. Wood Chuck

    Emailing politicians

    Am annoyed at being put on the politicians mailing list and learning their tactics. I have a complaint in with the Commonwealth Ombudsman, who I`m waiting to hear back from, now the politician will form part of that complaint and will see how things go.
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    Post your track of the day

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    Cacti ID please

    Am not very good at IDs, it is nice looking. A different color variation, should make a good cuppa, maybe a pachanio x roseii #1, has it flowered yet?
  11. Wood Chuck

    Post your track of the day

  12. Wood Chuck

    PC Pach

    The first time I heard the term PC, I thought it meant very poor mans peyote.
  13. Wood Chuck

    maguey cactus!!

    Most likely the wild growing agave, is a variety of agave americana (Maguey) that is invasive and sometimes feral. My ID of Agave Tequilana is pretty average, being that is has finer spines on the edges and tip of leaves, which are thin and narrow. It is a bluey color, but you would be better off getting a picture from elsewhere.
  14. Wood Chuck

    Tricho ???

    Looks like a bonsai, lots of pups, but no flowers yet.
  15. Wood Chuck

    Chernobyl Survivors

    Some managed to survive in the area of the Chernobyl disaster. http://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190701-why-plants-survived-chernobyles-deadly-radiation
  16. Wood Chuck

    Chernobyl Survivors

    You`ve done well, thankyou
  17. Wood Chuck

    Chernobyl Survivors

    The article was about plants and animals having a cell that allowed them over time to adapt to an environment with radiation and human beings did not have this cell. As you know people that live in a area with radiation, because of sentimental attachment, do not fair very well and probably never will. This will and has happened again and it seems a hefty price to pay to educate ourselves about radiation.
  18. Wood Chuck

    Cactus Smile

    Have doubled up, but thought these might put a smile on peoples dials. A sad sunburnt graft and a recent purchase
  19. Wood Chuck

    Cactus Smile

    Found these on a hard drive
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    2022 bigger than Texas
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    Cactus Smile

  22. Wood Chuck

    Youtube vids

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    This is not a Yowie
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    Post your track of the day