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  1. ZooL

    covid 19 vaccination

    They are effective vaccines , in fact i think they are up there with the most effective vaccines we make. 60-90% is pretty good in terms of vaccines At what they are if everyone was vaccinated the virus would spread so slow it would prob fizzle out pretty quick and very few(comparatively) would die while that was happening. But the other important* thing vaccines do to make them efficient aside from reducing spread is give YOU pre warning of what to expect when, so if a vaccine is say 70% effective that means that when given the practice targets in the vaccine to people 7 out of 10 people's immune systems would figure and effective way to fight it while the practice targets are present. If your system doesn't learn to fight it efficiently in the time the vaccine is in your systems it means you don't get the benefit of effective antibodies and immune response, you will still get another try when infected with the actual virus, the down side with that try is if your immune system doesn't figure something out quick enough you will start to get sick and if it takes to long after that you may die. It's not perfect but it's the best we got, if you are young and healthy you will most likely recover from getting covid and not being vaccinated, but you will still be be spreading it at a non reduced rate. So basically you will be walking around playing Russian roulette with random people you encounter. If we know we're gonna potentially end up doing that we should really be doing what we can to limit the amount of bullets in the cylinder, even if we can't be guaranteed to remove them all.
  2. I got a salt block out there for em, they might be chasing a more balanced diet but the sheep at least just prefers plants over grass. I sort of messed up with him, i got him after was abandoned by it's mum and raised him in with the cats and then the chickens, was lots of roses and other plants in there and it just developed a taste for them over grass and that never really went away when he went out with the other sheep and alpacas. The alpaca eating the bark i'm not sure is even doing it for food but more just for fun as there are a whole bunch of things it can and does eat outside the paddock. The spray stuff i made seems to have worked and not damaged the trees i tested it on but have a feeling will need constant re application, might give neem oil a try if they start messing with the test ones again to quickly.
  3. ZooL

    covid 19 vaccination

    It can still spread even if everyone was vaccinated it will just spread faster among those who aren't, being vaccinated will lower the chance you will get infected if exposed but won't prevent it. basically vaccines give your immune system an understanding of what to expect and how to fight covid if/when you get infected in the future and save it from having to try figure that out while* being infected. But i think the immune response happens outside the cells that are infected and if a virus manages to get into a cell it will still replicate whether you're vaccinated or not but as the replications emerge from the cell they will be effectively attacked if your immune system knows how to kill them lessening the chance they will get into another cell before being destroyed , this is the same reason you are less likely to become infected after being exposed if vaccinated as a virus particle has to get through an immune system that knows it and how to destroy it before it can get to a cell. Not being vaccinated means it can basically get to a cell unchalllanged before your immune system even recognises it as a threat.
  4. ZooL

    covid 19 vaccination

    Thanks. I'm no expert on scientific studies but there seem to be some issues there if one were to take a conclusion that you would reduce the risk of severe covid by eating a plant based diet from it. Aside from being all based on self reporting there seems to be a bit of an issue with sampling size and bias among other things. I think all i could honestly attain from the study as done is that healthier people will fair better in regards to a covid infection which is already pretty well known. (as in people that care what they eat being more likely to be healthy in general than people that just eat whatever) ... Just from a quick google before posting it seems that others far more qualified than me to judge the study arrived at a similar conclusion with the general consensus being along the lines of "interesting study with poor methodology, should encourage a better study on the question but switching to a plant based diet to protect yourself from covid isn't being supported here"
  5. ZooL

    covid 19 vaccination

    I can't find any study in that link, only references to a study that seems to just be based on an online survey?
  6. I have a few sheep and alpacas that i have let out of a paddock and into the garden area since there is more food for them there but one of the sheep just eats the roses and tips of other plants and one of the alpacas just eats the bark off the fruit and other small trees. Currently i have just tried to protect some plants by wrapping or covering in shade cloth but want to remove that.I have made a tee/broth thing of chili and garlic that i plan to spray on the plants i don't want them to me with, is this gonna damage trees(or even work to deter them) i put it on or does any one know of a better solution i am not thinking of?
  7. ZooL

    What is "me"?

    I once had a pretty disturbing realization one day how "I" am actually 100% isolated/insulated from the real world around me. The only way others can perceive "me" is by my influence and puppeteering of a phsyical medium and the same is true for me with others, I try not to think about this.
  8. sort of just stalled while all the leaves fell off over winter but then developed into this, then just fell off with a touch. Will let it dry out a bit and then see whats inside
  9. ZooL

    covid 19 vaccination

    I think poor and flawed reasoning is too often excused or accepted when it ends up with a conclusion we think is harmless or even one we agree with. When one person does charity and feeds the hungry because they think a god wants them to this seems good and we congratulate this but it is identical reasoning to when another person who throws a gay person off a roof because they think a god wants them to. When someone arrives at a seemingly harmless conclusion because of their feelings,woowoo nonsense or because some yahoo on youtube said so we shouldn't be too surprised when they end up arriving at a really stupid or dangerous conclusion using those same methods of reasoning.
  10. Is odd that there is even a valid cert there, it's just not being used?
  11. Seems I somewhat succeeded, 1 of the flowers I hand pollinated has produced a seed pod.
  12. ZooL

    spider mites

    There used to be a spray called "red dot" or something like that that you could get from hydro shops, worked wonders for spider mites but have not seen it around in a while so may have had some messed up stuff in it that got banned or something.
  13. ZooL

    unable to navigate topics

    Glaukus recent post of a similar issue on mobile had me re look at this, seems this issue on pc has something to do with https and the data-* tag attribute being made use of in link(<a>) tags. Could be same issue on mobile if the mobile browser is forcing only https stuff on a https version page(either by default or addon), not sure why that html attribute would be causing a prob but removing that attributes makes the buttons normal clickable again even when using forced https.
  14. Could be https thing, try go http instead of https version.
  15. I have just cut off some full stamens and collected pollen on some qtips, put each in different baggies with some in fridge and some in freezer. Hopefully one of the methods works.