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    Cactus sap

    I have heard a few times of cacti "oozing sap" as a result of some disease or infection, and that that sap can be extremely irritating or even more toxic than the toxic cacti it comes from, I'm guessing this is something like the cactus producing higher levels of it's deterrent compounds as if it were under attack. From the little i have read about what cacti use mescalin for it seems like it may be likely they use it to deter things eating them, if it is some deterrent compound could there be some way of exploiting this to effectively "milk" a cactus?
  2. ZooL

    Cactus sap

    I remember hearing or reading about it a few times, I don't remember exactly what and where though. Some could have been referring to euphorbia but I'm almost certain some mentions were of true cactus, opuntia was one i think i remember. Edit:But on the concentration is sap being more toxic, that may have just been euphorbia, my memory is a bit fuzzy these days.
  3. ZooL

    Cactus sap

    nah,I've not heard it in relation to trichocereus or any other mescaline containing cactus. I'm just wondering if the same could carry over to them. My thinking is along the lines of- I know you can sap tap some trees, the oozing of the cacti mentioned seemed to have higher concentrations of their predation deterrent compounds, mescalin may be a predation deterrent compound.
  4. That is interesting, i don't really understand how the mycelium doesn't just get out competed and the straw contaminated in such a situation or why you would blend up the whole mushroom and not just the spore gill area to reduce potential contaminants to desired spore ratio, boiling then non* sterile handling and such. I did look though the vid and there does seem to be a bit of discrepancy of the earlier bottles shown(cut marks/ribs etc) but that could just be down to angles,editing,best takes of top and side fruits. Am interested to know if this method actually works and practical rates of success v failure if anyone tries it.
  5. I did see the bit about thc negating the effects of cbd but didn't really understand the ins and outs of that part in the paper(or most of most research papers in general tbh), I'm also not sure if the weed i used to smoke would have really been very applicable to the findings in this, it seems to have determined an inhibiting effect with a 1:1 ratio of thc:cbd, id imagine the weed i would have smoked would have been more like a 20:1 ratio of thc:cbd. And although it states that other canabanoids have no real effect the graph following that seems to show thc having a similar effect but on a different curve in relation to dosages ,the tests cut out on a dosage where cbd seems to have plateaued in its effect while thc is still continuing to see improved effect, i have no idea what cell dosage level you actually achieve by consuming weed but if we increase the dosage would thc overtake cbd in it's effectiveness here? The competing interest statement is also a bit of a red flag, it says that some of the authors of the papers are filling patents in relation to this and the s.a.o(organizer of the study?) is a co founder of OptiKira which seems to be a company that "develops novel therapeutics", None of that means that the study isn't valid or true or anything like that but could mean they have a vested interest in a certain outcome which could influence their methodology and the way they present conclusions I also didn't base my assumption of this guy on wikipedia or the like, that was just from looking at a few of his other vids and the kind of audience he is cultivating and targeting(from looking at comment section,vid titles,etc). I did after posting though thought i may have been a too harsh or quick to judge so did a little googling on him, and yea , the "official" position seems to be he is a crackpot too. Again, maybe cbd could be an effective protection from or treatment for viruses. But that being possible at some point in some circumstances etc just means that, not more, doesn't mean you should go down a bottle of cbd oil the have unprotected sex with a bunch of random people and assume you will be safe. If you do get some virus and are offered a medicine to treat it by your doctor then take that as it's your best available best practice way of getting what will actually work, doesn't mean it is the best or will work, doctors and the medical world may be flawed but taking advantage of the field of medicine is your best chance of getting that. If you wanna try some youtube crackpots idea then check with your doctor to make sure its safe ,wont cause and conflicts, wont make things worse, etc and take that too. And i didn't mean to say you can't or shouldn't be posting youtube vids and should just be posting direct links to research papers or anything. I just mean in general you should be wary of youtubers and the like that clearly have some motive or angle they are tryna push offering easy answers and citing papers to try support their shtick. The papers may be valid the points they are tryna argue or imply may even be correct, but the internet is full of rabits holes with guys just like this one tryna lure you in, they aren't your friend and if you're not careful they will trap you in there.
  6. I don't mean to be rude to you Fyzygy or any others that buy into this kinda stuff but this dude seems like a crackpot jumping on the dumbening bandwagon and milking cookers for youtube views/subscriptions, maybe the there is some benefit to cbd in relation to viruses(i would have some anecdotal evidence to add to that from my stoner days) but someone like this pushing the claim should really lead you to think it's probably not the case more so than that it is, I'm not saying it's not, but this dude yammering on for 20 mins goes nowhere to convincing me it's the case and shouldn't other people either imo. If you wanna find out if this or that may work to treat whatever then actually "follow the evidence" yourself, start at the papers, don't get sucked down a rabbit of some random on youtube referencing papers picking this part or that and ignoring this part or paper and that. If you like most of us cant be arsed doing that then your best bet is really just listening to people that have devoted their whole damn lives to learning,researching and expanding our understanding on what is actually the case to the best of our understanding(and what they have added to that) and not taking the word of some twat that has devoted their life getting viewers on youtube and then running with it. Picking or finding some study that shows that some cells under some circumstances when exposed to cbd will inhibit viral replication doesn't mean that taking cbd will actually effectively protect you from that viral infection. Again, there may be some benefit to cbd in relation to viruses, but this dude doesn't give a shit about that and this vid goes nowhere to making a practical application for that if it is possible. If anything thing this kind of youtube vid and the like would get us further from that if it is possible.
  7. ZooL


    In this(https://www.youtube.com/@coredor) youtube channel you will find most(edit: if not all) of the episodes of an old kids show called Plasmo, it seems to be the channel of the creator of the show so should be no copywrite issues.
  8. All the free tier answers and info has been given, you will have to subscribe to get the rest.
  9. ZooL

    Neglected 3 year olds

    Yeah, that thought crossed my mind as a took the pics, and for all the others that didn't make it
  10. Somehow these managed to survive a really long time getting no care or attention at all, I cant really remember what they are exactly but i think half the seeds may have come from someone on here as some extra maybe? and the other half from somewhere else? that time is all a bit hazey for me. I have put some in pots and will eventually pot them all properly.
  11. I turned off my addblocker on some other site for a reason then came here and didn't even notice it was still off, then went to some other site and almost got cancer, then came back here to double check and nope still normal. Then noticed that the server donation/costs were still on 2020 and then remembered some time where i tried to donate a little but kept having some issue. That little widget being buggered and a one click option to sabs server funds bsb and account details is all that is holding me back from chipping in $50 or so.
  12. ZooL

    Server costs stuck on 2020?

    Found the issue(with donation, not the stuck on 2020 thing), was gonna bitch at your IT guy but they are still making this all work so there's that. (Actually..... fire the IT guy, I got to the end of the donation process using my "shop" details and still couldn't get it to work simply)
  13. ZooL

    whaT DID you learn from SAB forums?

    I always find it somewhat interesting when some really obscure yet specific google search just leads me to a really old thread here. Is often a bit out of date or lacking detail but the posters in the thread who were/are still here often point me in the right direction at least.
  14. I have always had a thought about khat but not really sure of the practicality of it or how you would get the extract and infusion to work without degradation. Basically would somehow involve an extraction of I'm guessing preferably fresh leaves, then somehow that is infused into molten sugar or a gum which is then solidified into a lozenge. I imaging the end product would work well but I'm not sure getting over all the hurdles to reach that end point would be very easy.
  15. ZooL

    Slug and snail control

    yea, when i heard that i wasn't quite sure how it was supposed to work? sharp edges? something innate to eggs that makes slimy thing avoid them? The person who told me seemed so confident on it but as i say i never tried that one myself.
  16. ZooL

    Slug and snail control

    Not sure if just copper tape is some kind of irritant for them but this pot was definitely using a current, but yea may need maintenance from time to time, to avoiding having to replace batteries and buying copper tape you could prob use just stripped wire and some low voltage power source connected to mains like one for little lights or pump switches but that's getting into electrics that you really should know what your doing with as has real safety and fire risks if you make mistakes. Another one i have heard but also not tried is a bed of broken egg shells around the base of plants, apparently snails and slugs wont cross them for some reason. Would need to be replenished from time to time but if you have chickens and guinea fowl you will have excess of them. I don't really do anything to keep little pests away unless it gets to some infestation level, i've found with enough bio diversity, some stuff just left for the critters and keeping things i really care about neat and raised a bit is enough. If i really want one plant of something i just make sure i have multiple and do something to fully protect one if i see real damage being done, not too fussed if something has a bit of a nibble. Except seedlings and some food plants, i protects them pretty well and also make sure big things like roos,rabbits,sheep,birds etc cant get to them as some things and seedling can be wiped out moments by grazers.
  17. ZooL

    Slug and snail control

    Have once seen pots with 2 copper strips running around them with the positive and negative terminals of a 9v battery each connecting to a strip, when a slug or snail tries to cross it it completes the circuit and they get a zap(doesn't kill em, just makes em turn around), they would only work for pots but a similar fence/exclusion zone should be able to be set using some wood and wire for things in the ground. Would wanna do some safety testing to make sure no arcs or sparks come from the set up but i think with only a 9v battery or similar low power input that should be easy to avoid.
  18. I feel like i may have asked this before but cant remember the answer or find the post if i did and have done a bit of googling but got no clear answer. Will cathinone trigger a positive result for the amphetamines they test for with the road side swabs?
  19. ZooL

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    Thanks, I have sent them an email querying about wording and whether such a request is likely to succeed, depending on their reply if there is one i will give this a shot.
  20. ZooL

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    Also dea in lions tale, will that trigger a cannabis result? Is there some way to use FOI or somthing to find out exactly how and what is being used in road side testing to make some copy of it i wonder?
  21. ZooL

    Phalaris spp?

    I,m no grass expert so cant give a solid ID, my house is surrounded by fields with phalaris grass and i think to get a solid ID* you would want a close up of where the leaves touch and wrap around the stem and of the patterns on the seed head before it flowers. I think p.brachystachys would be the most useful but i think it's unlikely you would find that growing wild but i could be wrong. From memory though i think trying to make use of it is more hassle than it's worth due to all the other stuff in it and trying to separate that out, there may also be some stuff in there you may not wanna concentrate down. But there may be better teks and methods now since i looked into that.
  22. How much effort should i take on? I am currently caring for wayyy too many cats that i inherited from my somewhat catlady mum, when she got sick and i was caring for her i made a promise that i would look after them when she was gone, she said it was fine to put them down if need be(they are mostly reject cats with one issue or another so re homing for most ain't realistic) but i promised to care for them to put her at ease, i could see she was torn between wanting them cared for and not wanting to burden me(I have had my own issues and her not wanting to add to that was clearly a factor). I'm not religious or any woowoo inclined so realistically any promise i made to her is null and void as she no longer exists, but i still have an empathetic response for the cats i took responsibility for, I have recently started letting 2 of the elderly cats live in (my) part of the house as the cat area is a bit hectic(no fights and clean enough down there they just prefer it up here), means they will get a better last days but even more effort for me(cleaning mainly), as i got home today i see a bit shy of a fledgling bird running to hide near my car port( here it wont last a day ) so i take it inside. It adds to the hassle. This is a "philosophy" post in the creativity,spirituality and philosophy section so I'm just venting i guess and no there is no actual answer, just questions to ponder.
  23. I got no idea what kind of bird this one is, all i have to offer it atm is some homebrew cat food i make that is basically canned dog food, chicken egg, and canned mackerel all blended up into a paste in a syringe thing. it seems happy with that but not sure how it goes with nutrients it need or whether i'm gonna be around in hour ever many hours it starts sooking again. I plan on doing what i can for the most part but just have a bad feeling its all gonna come crashing down eventually. I guess the little bird today will survive if it does whether me or my efforts collapse in the long run.
  24. ZooL

    whaT DID you learn from SAB forums?

    Before i came across SAB all i knew of people that took/used substances from nature for one reason or another were pretty much just "deadbeat druggies", SAB has shown me that some people in to taking/using some substance from nature for whatever reason may very well be extremely intelligent and likely very productive people.
  25. ZooL

    Free plant id apps

    Anyone have any good free plant id app or site suggestions? The place i live has a big garden, like 1.5 acres kinda things with many different plants and trees. Who every used to live here must has been a really avid gardener or owned a nursery or something because there are probably more than 1000 different plants, I have used a couple plant id sites but end up getting through a couple meters and then they want me to pay before i can more, some i could use proxies to get a few more free ones before being asked to pay again but that was just a mess around. Are there any free ways to do this or am i gonna have to pay?