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  1. Yeah fair call then. I think it's clay free. Hopefully there's none deeper down. Thanks for the info!
  2. Ahhhh k. Yeah i was thinking of growing them as tall as i could. Yes, correct, the thick woven ones. Might have to put them in the ground then. Hopefully they like red dirt
  3. Would i run into any trouble using a grow bag ? Can they fall over easier or blow over in the wind? I have a feeling they wouldn't be suitable for mature , tall cactus but maby only smaller ones. The grow bag size i was looking at was approx 70 liters, if that helps.
  4. Fanta

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    I have also recently had succes rooting fallen leaves that came off during a storm ( i didnt want them to go to waste lol ) in the ''cup of water'' method. The hit rate was poor though and i got 1 out of 5 to root.
  5. Hey! Just a quick introductry post. I am a keen cactus grower, although my space to collect is getting rather small nowdays hahaha and i might have to stop soon I am familiar with the forum , friends have been a fan of here for a long time and always speak well of the place. Anyway... i have run out of things to say lol Take care Peace