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  1. saguaro

    ariocarpus fissuratus

    Looking to buy A. fissuratus seeds in Australia If someone has some for sale/trade or knows where to get them, please PM me cheers
  2. saguaro

    Acacia courtii + obtusifolia

    I'm no Acacia expert, but I'd try cutting the apex and pruning before I sprayed PBZ to prevent an acacia plant getting too leggy. maybe an antispiral pot can keep it from becoming rootbound for a while, but it will want to be in the ground eventually. PBZ is banned for everything but ornamentals in aus. It seems like there's a product life cycle for a lot of these agrichems where eventually toxicology evidence becomes too hard to ignore and they are swapped for something less toxic, with less evidence of harm or with too short a history of use to say otherwise. as far as PBZ in cannabis goes, no one has studied the effects on health of smoking treated plants, let alone the illegal crops saturated with it and sprayed with it to increase weight and prevent mould. considering it has showed some neurotoxic effects, it's a confounding factor in the 'weed causes schizophrenia' claim imo. PBZ and triazoles (and imadazoles) are reproductive toxins and antiandrogens, something that was also attributed to cannabis.
  3. saguaro

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    Apparently it's causing blurred vision, tachycardia, delirium and hallucinations. Sounds like anticholinergic toxicity. assuming a weed is the culprit, it sounds like tropane alkaloid poisoning. datura or another nightshade are a good guess anyone for spinach and poppyseed salad?
  4. saguaro

    CO2 mycelium bags

    Have you seen those bags of mycelium that are supposed to release CO2 into greenhouses etc.? (I'm not recommending this product, I'm using this pic to illustrate what I'm talking about) Does anyone know what species is used in these bags? Second hand info I've heard is that someone threw the contents on the bag in their garden and it fruited turkey tails. The producer of the pictured ones claims the mycelium they use was selected because it produces CO2 consistently and doesn't produce primordia. Could be helpful info, in my (limited) experience, Trametes doesn't like to form primordia invitro (aka without ample fresh air exchange). anyone tried using these?
  5. saguaro

    CO2 mycelium bags

    Pretty sure they're using turkey tail mycelium.
  6. saguaro

    Sumatriptan Drug Reaction

    did you have migraines or cluster headaches @Glaukus ? Have you ever used mushrooms to treat them, and if so, were they more effective than sumatriptan?
  7. saguaro

    Where To Find Free Spore Swabs?

    this is awesome Quantum_Reality I'd love to see how JF looks under the microscope
  8. saguaro

    Sumatriptan Drug Reaction

    sumatriptan isn't DMT, it's just structurally similar... If you took an MAOI (BAD idea) with it then you'd basically just be increasing the risk of cardiac side effects. PEAs and tryptamines are different classes of drugs. IMO you can make no inferences regarding ur sensitivity to tryptamines from these sumatriptan side effects.
  9. extremely rare new horned leaf variety of khat. From the horn of Africa.
  10. saguaro

    new khat variety

    Little is known about this legendary plant. I received it from a man named al-Jabir who told me he could no longer carry the burden. There is an origin myth amongst the people of Somalia that the Black Rhino got it's horn from eating this plant. Auspiciously, if I eat too much it has this effect on me too.
  11. saguaro

    new khat variety

    I will as soon as I can. it's hard to resist it's amazing alkaloid profile long enough to snap a shot between harvests. Easily 5x stronger than normal narrow leaf, but MUCH more euphoric ( with no comedown or side effects).
  12. saguaro

    Using Ayahuasca

  13. saguaro

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    I assume the objective of this press release is to inform people like users of PST, or people who would pass on the info about the risk of poisoning to PST users (like yourself). In that sense they should have mentioned all relevant info including that thebaine is the culprit. That said, it can't be easy to inform a broad audience about a drug, hoping the info gets where it needs to, whilst mitigating all harm. Eg., even though the press release and media coverage are hardly glowing reviews, it wouldn't surprise me if some people become curious and try brewing it for the first time as a result. It's a utilitarian choice on the part of NSW Health. Probably from their perspective it's the most likely way to dissuade people from doing it at all. Then again, most people can fill in the blanks with a 5 minute google search, so it's no secret.
  14. saguaro

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    Trust the science
  15. Don't stick your dick in Kali
  16. the article says the sample was determined via NMR to be the 2'-fluoro isomer of fluorexetamine. According to the article this same chemical has been reported once in a 'further report' - a forensic analysis from China, where it was reffered to as 2F-NENDCK I can't tell whether 'further' report means this predates or follows the Canberra report (and whether it's fair to call it 'entirely new'), however it would appear it's not just impurities.
  17. saguaro

    Romanesca broccoli seed wanted

    https://www.diggers.com.au/products/broccoli-romanesco-organic you can buy them here
  18. saguaro


    Has this cutting been rooted, then transplanted? If that corking line was where it was previously growing below the soil, I wouldn't worry, although I might bury it to the line.
  19. saguaro

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    I think it's Macrolepiota clelandii
  20. true, my reply was a rushed generalisation ( drawn from interactions in an introduced ecosystem) things like caterpillars, slugs, snails seem to go for the growth tip of trichos, and are probably more of a threat to the plant's survival and reproduction than scale. Flowers come from the apex in Lophophora of a certain size/age too, possibly relevant. Whereas further down the plant on trichos, where mammals like deer are the biggest threat, you have corking, heftier spines and higher concentrations of bitter secondary metabolites in the chlorencyma.
  21. I suspect these secondary metabolites are there to protect the plant and not for some anthropocentric purpose. That view has triggered a few people. it's rare to see insects settle for less than the growing tip of Echinopsis sp. That's where the biosynthetic rate should be highest, in aggregate. At the same time, Echinopsis sp. seem to be a last resort for most insects.
  22. i'll keep myself liberated of Matt's belief system, it seems insufferable. edit: but thanks for sharing something that seems to have been positive for you in apparently good faith
  23. If it quacks like a duck
  24. saguaro

    Check this out

    what are we?