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    Legalisation of kratom

    I haven't heard of any organised kratom legalisation campaign. This would be an uphill battle because there are dozens of alkaloids in kratom, some with uncharacterised pharmacology. Kratom is physically addictive and there are hepatotoxicity and enzyme inhibition concerns. I doubt we will see it legalised without substantial further research (and even then...)
  2. This was news to me. Did anyone else know this? Supposedly Trichoceres pachanoi aka Echinopsis pachanoi was reclassified as Trichocereus macrogonus var pachanoi (syn. Echinopsis macrogonus var pachanoi) in 2023. https://powo.science.kew.org/taxon/77125731-1#synonyms
  3. saguaro

    Made Me LOL

    RDT is a joke. Such an inept and misguided law. Maybe Zali Steggel* was right in suggesting we drug/alcohol test politicians. They're the ones coming up these dumb laws, a taste of their own medicine could wake them up.
  4. saguaro

    Made Me LOL

    The consequences will blow your mind. far out, dude
  5. jeez For the low, low price of 11k you too can receive a qualification as a spiritual carer*. Now with less rapey instructors. *Disclaimer - there is no legal framework for 'spiritual carers' to administer or acquire psychedelic therapies on behalf of other people. No refunds.
  6. it would be interesting if there was a DNA barcode for Trichocereus / Echinopsis and these classifications were phylogenetically informed. Can't imagine anyone would fund that any time soon though
  7. saguaro

    Tricho flowering

    Certain Tricho species and hybrids like grandiflorus and Zelly's flower readily, but I was always curious what triggered flowering in bridgesii, pach and peruvianus. I have grown bridg, pach and peru from seed, in the ground, for years. Some are 12+ years old and meters tall. Still none of my seed grown mother plants have ever flowered. Where I live is coastal and doesn't get below about 10 degrees. Having seen plants flower in colder climates with frost, I originally thought it was a crucial trigger for flowering in these species. Coincidentally I took a cutting from one of my mother plants, rooted it in a pot, and after two years in a climate with winters down to zero, the cutting flowered! This added to my suspicion that cold triggered flowering. But, last year I gave a rooted cutting from one of my mother plants to a friend who lives about 5km away in effectively the same coastal climate, and their plant flowered! This was with warm(ish) winters never going lower than about 10/11 Celsius. I have also seen unrooted logs in a pile flowering. This is a mystery to me. How can my old mother plants not flower while rooted cuttings flower in a year? What triggers flowering in these species? I've searched for info, I don't think anyone knows for sure
  8. saguaro

    Tricho flowering

    It's possible the phytohormones the coconut water could induce flowering. I've heard it induces pupping too. This is what I always believed, they need a cold winter to flower. In the case of my friend's cutting from my mother plant flowering in a climate with warm winters, his plant was likely stressed. He claims he barely watered it. Possibly cold winters are a similar stressor and induce this kind of abundant flowering: That we associate with healthy plants. As far as I'm aware bridges, pachs and perus tend to flower in early summer and this is consistent whether they've stressed by cutting, by planting in a small plant pot with trash soil and underwatered, or overwintered in a cold environment consistent with their endemic conditions.
  9. I was looking at this 'Entheogen Combination Matrix' (https://www.entheogenesis.org/entheogen-combination-matrix). Does anyone know why combining kratom and coca leaf would be considered a significant risk? The only suggestion to this effect I've found is from a review which states "According to secondary sources, there have been reports of concomitant use of cocaine with Mitragyna speciosa causing overstimulation or elevated blood pressure."1 The same results from abusing cocaine independently of kratom, and coca leaf and cocaine are two different beasts. I doubt you risk incurring harm from this combo beyond a sore jaw from chewing, let alone significant harm. Does anyone agree, or have thoughts on this topic? Am I missing something? 1 - Ulbricht, C., Costa, D., Dao, J., Isaac, R., LeBlanc, Y. C., Rhoades, J., & Windsor, R. C. (2013). An Evidence-Based Systematic Review of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration. Journal of Dietary Supplements, 10(2), 152–170. doi:10.3109/19390211.2013.7935
  10. saguaro

    Neglected 3 year olds

    They really are hardy, but with regular watering and nutrients these could be nearly 30cm tall by now.
  11. This 'law of attraction'/manifestation is a fluffy belief system rooted in materialism and narcissism. It's insidious because in this belief system whatever transpires, good or bad, is on you. It allows people to justify their problematic behaviour on the people that are affected by it. Spot on. I don't have much time for it, I've only ever heard it espoused by narcissistic and parasitic people. It's always seemed kinda culty to me.
  12. looks like narrow-leaf to me
  13. sure, it makes sense in Yemen, it's not haram*. I still don't think chewing khat has mass appeal considering australian culture in aggregate. can't see it taking off at music festivals or anything lol
  14. saguaro

    Tricho flowering

    I think you're right, lack of water possibly pushes them to flower. cuttings with smaller root systems / logs would be more susceptible to that.
  15. fyzygy is right, with khat you just pick the tender and soft shoots and small leaves. With red khat, these are dark, almost purple. Best material comes from well-watered plants. It is a large amount of material, your jaw will probably be sore. Chewing heaps of leaves isn't for everyone, it's an acquired taste. I don't think it's gonna catch on as a trendy drug in Australia any time soon lol You end up with a huge ball of plant material in your mouth, keep chewing it and adding leaves. When you end up with tough material you spit the ball out and start again. People generally drink a lot of water, because of astringency from the khat tannins. Juicing khat works well, but it can make you sick on an empty stomach. Chewing salvia is quite an ordeal. leaves are wrapped into a cigar-like cylinder and chewed. The taste is memorable.
  16. I am downsizing my collection, so I am looking to sell a couple of established ethno plants. Due to size I can only sell these locally (Sydney area). Please PM me and I'll send you a list of what I have.
  17. Mitragynine's competitive inhibition of CYP3A4 has interaction potential with cocaine. You're right it's probably best to caution against it from a common sense perspective That's pretty funny, but surely someone out there has chewed coca and kratom leaf (and lived too tell the tale!).
  18. I've experienced vivid dreams from phenibut and melatonin
  19. It's a personal choice, there's no obligation to look after animals. I can understand wanting to care for them for your mothers sake, but they are a huge burden. I don't want animals again because they limit freedom. It's not like they are children, I don't think I could handle living with heaps of cats.
  20. saguaro

    TGA - FOI disclosure log

    It's treatment-resistant depressing. If only there was a cure for it.
  21. saguaro

    whaT DID you learn from SAB forums?

    Doesn't ego dissolution as it relates to psychedelics just mean temporary long-term memory suppression? I used to think it meant something other than that also I learnt how to graft cacti here amongst heaps of other things
  22. saguaro

    Cannabis australis

    I don't have seeds of any of these plants unfortunately heirloom tomatoes are good. Beams yellow pear ftw
  23. saguaro

    Cannabis australis

    I think people who grow for personal use generally prefer to grow and consume quality herb, even where it's legal. They're usually not the people stealing electricity and spraying PGRs on their plants. This ABC has around 5% THC and yields poorly afaik. This and 'Ducksfoot' are well known in Australia, definitely not unheard of. They basically gained notoriety as 'stealth' plants due to their deceptive morphology, despite lackluster buds. There's nothing wrong with growing novelty plants.
  24. saguaro

    Cannabis australis

    it's real, apart from the weird morphology it's not really worth growing afaik
  25. The author wanted to make a play on Real Hallucinations so badly