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  1. Yawning Man

    Loph sale

  2. Yawning Man

    Loph sale

    Thanks mate
  3. Yawning Man

    Loph sale

    Hey man Very helpful buddy. Really appreciate it. I've been out of the loop for so long I wasn't sure what was fair. Cheers Edit: $10-$30 per CM in diameter?
  4. Yawning Man

    Loph sale

    Hello Selling a few of my seed grown Lophs if anyone is interested. They're roughly 4-5 yrs old. As far as I know they're Williamsi but I could be wrong. Selling at $30 per CM plus postage. I'll upload a photo and people can edit the photo to place a dot or something over the plant they would like. The numbers over the plants is the size in mm Thanks gang. Yawning Man
  5. Yawning Man

    Any Chippie's (carpenters) wanting some free labour?

    Heya Crop. Yeah, i'm really feeling as though Community Services is not for me. There are definitely days and clients that make it feel as though it's worthwhile, but these are far and few between. I'm calling around to a few local construction companies and carpenters to gauge their openness to having a free labourer. Also looking at doing a white card course to get a leg up. Thanks for the response man. Keep up the amature wood working man!!
  6. Hello Sabbers Gee it's been a while. Haven't posted in forever but have been lurking somewhat. I apologise that it's also out of self serving interest that i'm back. For the past 5 years i've been working in Community Services, namely with the homeless and i'm starting to feel a bit burnt out. I started a new role last year back in August and since then my interest in this industry has plummeted. It's got to the point now where i'm on stress leave (also due to a heap of shit at home) and contemplating a career change. I love the practicality of carpentry and have been researching into the business quite a bit and would like to get feel for the day to day stuff. Just how physical it is, if i have an aptitude for it, if I come home likely what i have done that day etc. So,i'm putting some feelers out to see if there are any chippies here (that are near me, bit of a stretch I know) that might want to put me on for a day or two so I can get a sense if it's for me. I want to be sure about this before I commit to an apprenticeship and lower wages for 3-4 years. Alternatively maybe you guys know of someone who might be open to the idea. Or any tradies within other professions that work close to chippies and have some insight on the industry? Anyway, it's great to see the forums are still being utilised and have a community around them. Sighting lots of old names from when i was much more active which it cool. Hope you're all well and the gardens looking sweet! YM
  7. Yawning Man

    Trichocereus Pachanoi 'Yowie'

    Huloo I have four 30cm cuts of Yowie for sale. 80 cents per cm plus postage. I only cut them yesterday so will need a week to callous before sending. Cheers
  8. Yawning Man

    Fool proof Cacti

    I would have chosen a Trich except it would outgrow it's pot. Although I haven't considered a montrose which would probably be ok living in a smaller pot it's whole life. Having it stolen is a bit of a risk we run with something like this. The whole idea being a community building project where everyone identifies the plant as being a part of the scene that everyone looks after. There's always a dickhead that can ruin it. Hopefully not. Thanks again guys
  9. Yawning Man

    Fool proof Cacti

    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess the conditions for that aloe must have been perfect godless. I think i'll go with echinopsis. They're probably more identifiable as cactus.
  10. Yawning Man

    Fool proof Cacti

    Hello gang Long time no post. More of a creepy lurker these days Can anyone suggest a species or type of cactus that is more or less fool proof? I'm asking as I want to make a doof cactus. A little plant that travels to doofs and leaves with a different owner. Hopefully to travel to the next doof alive and well to continue his journey. So I expect at some point it will go home with someone who has no idea. Something that will be happy to live in a small pot it's whole life and most likely survive periods of neglect. Thanks in advance
  11. Yawning Man

    cool TV shows

    Just started watching a show on netflix called Stranger Things. Only just watched the first episode but it's got some awesome supernatural themes going on and an awesome 80's setting and retro feel. It's pretty cool. Also King of the Hill. I think it throws a few people as it comes across as a bit of a drama. But it really pokes fun at people and I think, does a good job at celebrating all the weirdos and freaks that are us humans. The characters are awesome.
  12. Yawning Man


    What's a shamans favorite beverage? PeyoTEA They used to laugh at me when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well they're not laughing now!
  13. Yawning Man

    The Random Thread.

    Can someone help me? I'm trying to remember the name of a theory. The theory is something along the lines of every decision we make as a human/race is to distract us from the fact we are going to die. lol cheers
  14. Yawning Man

    Read any good (or bad) books lately? (fiction)

    CrayZ - Have you read ecstasy by Irvine Welsh? If you haven't I recommend it. It's a display of his awesome sense of humour.
  15. Yawning Man

    Read any good (or bad) books lately? (fiction)

    Holy Crap. Shantaram took me forever to get through. When I finally finished it felt like such an achievement and was also a relief just to have it done. But yeah, some of the shit that guy saw and went through was crazy. Running a medical tent in the middle of the slum, and how they delt with men who beat their wives was pretty crazy. Anyway. I just finished Richard Mathesons I am Legend. Literally found it hard to put down. I was just that absorbed. I've also got a few other post-apocalyptic books on my wishlist.