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  1. Chemiconaut

    Post your track of the day

  2. Well i'll start this off, I just started watching this after a mate's missus recommend it for me, "I haven't had enough drugs to comprehend this." were her exact words. Lucky this is my wheelhouse all over. Ep1 A reality traveler goes to an earth with a zombie apocalypse and talks philosophy, hallucinogens and mindfulness with the President.
  3. Chemiconaut

    prescription drugs & driving

    With RTA and methadone your ment to inform them your taking it and from memory are suppose to get your doctor to complete a form. These might of changed recently after a guy in my area got dosed at the clinic then crashed 15mins out of town killing himself and another family it was the perfect for scapegoating the methadone program. Media made out he was heavily under the influence despite 15mins hardly being enough time for the dose to start absorbing let alone effecting a person. Plus alot of people on the program myself included aren't/weren't getting high from one days dose but for a non user you'd be in Nod city all day for all intents and purposes asleep no condition to walk to the car let alone drive it. Double or Triple doses maybe if injected but that would be on the person to misuse his dose and then drive. Still less high then when i was being prescribed enough Oxy for 30-40 non tolerant people's daily requirement for me. Not that I'd drive in that state. Thing is people who knew the guy that crashed would make sure a bet he fell asleep after a marathon stretch of wakefulness not from a single days dose of methadone. Its a sham the drug testing system in N.S.W you can drive on heroin or any opiate with out fear of a roadside test same as Cocaine,Any Hallucinogenics, GBH, Benzo's anything but cannabis (which has a ridicules high cut off amount) M.D.M,A or Amphetamines(same test). Mr lieblie you are mistaken i speak from experience getting Cannabis swabbed and failing 12-15hrs after my last smoke the night before. Passed the second test but the bastard send it to a lab for a third substance detection test that is so sensitive your bound to fail. And apparently Cannabis and Meth have deleterious affect on driving performance but Heroin, Cocaine, L.S.D, GBH etc are so safe to drive on no test is require? Go watch a clip someone frenking out on GHB then tell me its safe. Here is one,two,three all bring back memories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcbqA7_sCQo&list=PL8AmsEB0_MT0z15tP6yR7yJc5FUJl_jCr&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_expVjObnxk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSyjK00anoQ Amphetamines can't have such a deleterious effect they let fighter pilots who are flying pricey jet fighter's and have various Weapons of death at a fingers touch take it for decades. Now its modafinil instead the last 15yrs or so but still a stimulant. And John Hartley you hypocritical know nothing stooge. A strong program that targets 3 out god knows how many illicit substances. And the deterrent value if it was so great visa vi Alcohol testing there would be next to or no drinking drivers on the road. But alcohol is a socially acceptable and tax lucrative product, so one can have beer or two 1min before driving and be legal. For me 2 standard drinks or what ever the recommenced limit for 0.05 is would make me pretty impaired as Ethanol is something i don't fuck with as it's effects me more worse then any drug. Imagine if they said this bs about alcohol "2days after the weekend you "most likely" won't test positive to alcohol. As to OP questions unless your very noticeable intoxicated after a crash i think your pretty safe even if you had a crash. Cops were never good at spotting everyday intoxication unless its the overly exaggerated intoxication stereotype, booze or just smoked cannabis cause it smells. Not knowing what class of Prescription drug you take its hard to guess but most things at therapeutic doses over time shouldn't really affect you much but if you can act like a calm normal person most of the time the cops are clueless.
  4. Chemiconaut

    My 9 year old son has been watching DMT vids

    So much better ways of dealing with drug use then what i got which was Drugs are bad. Don't take them. And i never did Sarcasm aside there blunt rhetoric didn't gel with what i perceived at a young age. My dad lived in Unit block 70metre from Cabramatta train station 20-30yrs back when it was smack central. sorry Smack Central. I still remember being 10 or 11 walking on the foot bridge to the other side of the station with my dad and 4 or 5 people were asking me if i was "all right" or if i need something. I just thought they were being friendly but didn't understand what kind of something they were inquiring if i required. So i asked my dad he's matter of factly said they are trying to sell you Heroin. Probably should of clicked with all the thousands of discard syringes in Cabra, the people past out in his build's stairwell most of the time, occasionally with the needle still in their arm. And definitely no playing in the sand pit at the park. Its just an dark joke to most user disposing of dirty needles in the nearest Playground sandpit but they spared no sandpit or playground. ahh the Naivety of youth. Still spins me out they were hitting me up to buy drugs. Did many 10yr olds go on a family outing with a parent to score smack often enough it wasn't a silly thing to ask or was it more if you don't ask it might be the one sale you don't make. Seen people sleep on the streets to get high, sell there bodies, O.D in the stairwell, One guy apparently had to get his legs aputated after going on the nod to long on a milk crate. These didn't seem like things people would do if drugs were bad, there must be a good/enjoyable portion to them but they stayed to there Narrative that drugs are Bad and bad people take them. So without some truthful seeming response to my questions i eventually tried pot and alcohol at 12-13 and they weren't Bad they were the salve to a awkward and difficult teenage year. I don't regret my drug uses but i wish they had given me actual information like the poster's above. I do regret starting so young if i could do it again i'd wait till 18-21 to experiment. Not try lots of hard and soft drugs before i finished my 16th year. Hope all is well with your young ones they have better chance then most with parents who speak to them not down to them.
  5. I eventual get this issue if i've been on here for to many hours lurking and posting random shit. I'm using Firefox and Ublock Origin. Weird that closing firefox will fix it for a few hours .
  6. Damn some True Zoroastrian's in the House. Preserve that divine blood.
  7. Chemiconaut

    9/11 Footage

    Operation Northwoods is near identical, substitute Cubans for Islamic Terrorist and we have 911. This was a plan that made it to the highest levels of the U.S government in the 60's to repaint U.S airlines in Cuban colours and fly them into U.S buildings blame Castro as a pretext to invade Cuba. Never let the Truth get in the way of a best false flag since the Reichstag fire. Only Kennedy coming to power put a stop to it he somehow felt it a tad despicable? So instead we have the bungled Bay of pigs invasion after the U.S UN ambassador messed up so Kennedy couldn't send air support to support the Cuban "liberators." So they were massacred on the beach landing. If the U.S.A is willing to declassify these sort of plans i shudder to think what they keep secret. Same country that supplied Saddam W.M.D, Same guy old Rumsfield the W.M.D gopher sold Westinghouse LW reactor to north Korea. What the both have WMD's now very strange. 911 allowed the militarization of u.s police force to accelerate, Allowed the Two draconian "Patriot acts to pass". Pretext for two war. Plus all the Neocon rhetoric in the Project for a New American Century outlines what there plans were from the Regan era onward. Here is one quote What was needed for America to dominate much of humanity and the world’s resources, it said, was “some catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbor”. The suddenly the "former" CIA asset Osama B gives the new neocon white house just what they wanted. plus all the rest of the info like fires don't cause skyscrapers to collapse and building 7 which wasn't even hit by a plane or debris yet collapses similar to how a control detetenion looks. all highly suspicious
  8. Chemiconaut

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    So darwins animal theory of evolution spot on but his Racial evolution never seems to be mentioned much. No Prize for guessing what colour of people Darwin considered Less and more evolved. I'm a fan of the we are genetically engineered in Gods image from clay but in the older Sumerian stories we were not the first creation those "mythical animals" like a Centaur or Sphinx are. Strong enough but they weren't smart enough to do basic manual labor. So they made a number of humanoid prototypes but they failed finally Adamu was created from a existing hominid who's dna was mixed with our alien "gods" . We were smart enough to take basic direction but without true consciousness. That is were the garden of eden stories comes in. The Snake who is a depiction of wisdom/knowledge isn't Satan he is Enki the same god who was tasked with our creation. He is going against his brother and fathers wishes and i assume loving this sentient being he made from nothing imbues us with true consciousness, hence the realization of our own nakedness and the other gods displeasure. I get it's out there but no more then the accepted meaning of the bible. Advanced tech more likely then an infallible god's most perfect angel rebelling then tempt us to eat an apple which make us realize were naked. Here is a picture of Queen elizabeth 1 with a serpent in her hand seems strange a christian monarch would be painted with the biblical symbol of Satan http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-news/7367751/Mysterious-snake-appears-in-painting-of-Queen-Elizabeth-I.html
  9. Chemiconaut

    Canberrans where you at?

    On the south coast here but as a kid we would go mushroom picking in the Southern highland's at Penrose state forest or belangalow state forest (both off the hume hwy) before Ivan made it seem a shit place before that they just poured effulent "treated i hope" all over Belangalow State forest. Also up around obereon in the state forest up there in the Blue Mountains. These are all pine forest were European Edible cooking mushrooms grew. We would go around this time of year or a month or two later after a day or two of (moderate?) rain from memory. As a 8yr old special mushrooms weren't my area of interest but i distinctly remember my dad showing me magic looking mushrooms to stay away from https://images.mushroomobserver.org/640/151072.jpg Also the more flat roofed "older?" ones as well. These are what we were after https://www.oberonaustralia.com.au/visitor-information/things-to-see-do/mushroom-picking/ Orange ones we fried up and ate whole with in a few days. The Brown one we sliced up and dryied them on the Trampoline and on Fly screens till dried out then were stored for the year and next to use in soups and gravies. Also some way to take and view spore prints is a must because there can be poisonous lookalikes that even grow in the same patch as the good one from my understanding but the spores differentiate them.
  10. Chemiconaut

    Can people become immune to shrooms over time?

    Tolerance might be a factor check out the U.S prison l.s.d experiment were prisoner were kept tripping for up to 6mths which i though impossible because next day what had you tripping balls barely did anything but the researcher just double or tripled doses daily. Strangely after tripping without there consent for 6mths straight they were unwilling to readily discuss there experiences. Weird Not aware of many drugs that don't develop tolerance over time only one i can think of is Buprenorphine which apparently does cause Tolerance overtime from memory.
  11. @meditator Its hard having a MD and being so much smart then your patients ;) I have been on a plethora of anti depressants some work slightly better the others (if making me numb to everything is positive most of time the depression is better to feeling like an emotionless living zombie) but most the positive effects last maybe 6mth then i get worse so they up the dose even though i've told them it just makes me worse i get what i call rebound depression worse then what i'm ment to be treating in the first place. Well lets do the same thing that didn't work before ok wat? I don't bother anymore better to struggle through the months or years of bad times then playing Antidepressant roulette to be even worse at the end. I hope esketamine gets approved here as K has given me actual improvements when depressed that last weeks from 1 dose. I find most doctor especially bulk billing are more interested in writing a script after a minute or two of diagnosis then have you out the door in less then 5mins. These SSRI group of drugs are like using a sledgehammer to hammer a pin in, brute force treatments that we have been prescribing for many decades without even understanding there actual route of action until very recently when its realized serotonin or nor adrenaline action isn't the cause of the effect but secondary NMDA and GABA action hence why K is all the rage. Plus there is such huge amounts of money involved with the Pharmaceutical industry. Patients care is Tertiary after protection and creation of patented meds and corporation profits. Such hypocrites fine to give 5yr olds D- Amphetamine but its near identical in action and effect at comparible dosage D-Methyamphetamine is made out to be some evil entity even though it was fine to sell to everyone not to long ago. In the U.S Adderal has 5% l-amphetamine i assume so its a different patentable compound. Now they have bonded it with l-lysine as a sustained released mechanism why l-lysine and not on of the many other sustained release compounds like the one mutegenic big pharma spent billions creating, They don't create a new patentable compound. Same with Cannabis being bad but Marinol etc is fine. Heroin an illegal "scourge" but Oxycontin for all. Ketamine illegal but esketamine all good. Psilocybn from mushrooms illegal but Psilocybn from genetically modified ecoli bacteria is sweet. Hail the all might dollar. Damn i've gone all into 'Conspiracy theory' territory. What i ment to say is Doctor's,Corporations and Governments only and always what the best for us always.
  12. Chemiconaut

    Ephedra as a treatment for COVID19

    Growing Epherda for the epherdrine to bake such "recipes" is such a long game and one of the poorest ways i've heard. Not sure if you have met any/many John Methhead Doe's but patience never seemed to be something they got down with. 3days is the long game not a multiyear extensive exercise that gives nothing for ages but takes lot of attention,care and investment. May as well ban toluene or bakers yeast. Prohibition is as always a massive failure. At least we have another war on a noun governments seem to like those even though the war on drugs made drugs cheaper, pure and more readily available. I'm sure the war on terror will make the world safer with less radical's angry at U.S overreach. If not at least we gave away our liberties for security that was little more then an illusion. They used the same flawed reasoning to make it harder to buy a box of cold and flu meds then to get a doctor to prescribe Oxycotin or Morphine. Only thing it did was allow the Mexican cartels to flood the local market with junk cut with a substance never test on humans. Score one for safety and Harm minimization. Sure besides the possible carcinogenic cut purity has increase and price has dropped. That was plan right
  13. Once upon a time it was $90aud for a kilo of chop chop. last time i tried to aquire some many years ago it was 300 a kg. Now my friend get 50g for 30-40 aud
  14. Also hard to dry and process into fine enough amount to smoke. Flowers buds need to be removed daily or the tobacco goes sour. Once in a dream i tried but could only smoke it in a pipe or bong. Always to thick to roll into rollie. Also as Waterboy 2.0 says don't fuck with government excise tobacco is nearly all tax these days. You can grow it at home legally as long as you inform the government so it can charge excise on it once its grown.
  15. Chemiconaut

    Shipping goodies from Peru

    Well Off topic but Dutch seed banks no longer send seeds concealed to australia for almost a 1-2years now, to much hassles with them being siezed. That said if you did send them worse case you get a warning letter from customs saying they have been siezed but nothing usually happens after unless its a commercial quantity of prohibited drugs. So i hear ;) Try send some Coca seeds see how ya go