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  1. Anodyne

    Quotes of the day.

    Everything is not enough And nothin' is too much to bear Where you been is good and gone All you keep's the getting there To live is to fly Low and high So shake the dust off of your wings And the sleep out of your eyes - Townes van Zandt
  2. Anodyne

    Quotes of the day.

    "I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams." - Hamlet
  3. Anodyne

    Cabin Porn

    Welcome to Goose Creek Tower "I started to build a 40 by 40 scribed log cabin, and I realised I could put pillars on top & put another house on top a house...and I just kept going. We got to 185 feet & we stopped, because 200 feet is federal airspace."
  4. Anodyne

    Cabin Porn

    The one-man redwood-milling tek is very cool too, but aside from all his woodworking stuff I just love this guys attitude: "No, not easy work. But then on the other hand you either are going to go to work and earn the money to buy the wood, or you do this and you have the wood.. and you skip all of the in-between stuff." homemade Alaskan Mill
  5. Anodyne

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Discovered that my aya has a guardian-spider (hiding inside the curled leaf), it seemed like a good omen. Transplanted some auricularia-hosting dead fig branches that came down in a storm a few weeks back into a swampy bit of my yard - they seem to be liking it so far, already fruiting happily in their new home:
  6. Anodyne

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Yar that's what I thought too - maybe people are missing the fb link above & scrolling back up too far, & finding the details from the Feb 2018 (private) meet instead of this upcoming one?
  7. Anodyne

    Post your track of the day

    Almost done with you, 2018. Thankyou for the last-minute lightning storm, that was pretty damned cool, I did appreciate that, but too little too late. And as for most of the rest of this year, you can fuck right off. At this point if I reckon if I can make it thru the next 91 minutes without winding up in the ER, I'll count that as a win. Good riddance & in with the new! The Mountain Goats - 'This Year'
  8. Anodyne

    Watch this space

    Don't get me wrong RC, I'm buying what you're selling re: shady motives behind our drug policies. But I just can't make out how this particular piece goes with that particular conspiracy theory. If you wanted to pick an opioid for crowd-control purposes... sufentanil isn't it. And this specific formulation that's been approved here - "Dsuvia" - is even less so. It's going to be expensive, highly restricted, and may well be the shortest-acting opioid in therapeutic use today. If people in the US want to take something that fits that description, then they can just go buy some of the huge volume of illicit fentanyl that's been raining down on that continent recently... that lasts twice as long, plus you don't need to steal it from army medics or hospitals. And if people decide that sufentanil is the bees knees after all, and there actually *is* a demand for it... then it will just be made by the kilo in a lab in China. Either way, the FDA decision to approve this drug (a limited-application version of this opioid which has been in use as an anaesthesic since the 80's) isn't really going to make much difference either way that I can see. As far as fentanyl analogues which are currently available in the US, Dsuvia is barely a drop in that ocean. And if people do really want to take this specific one recreationally, I doubt they're going to care whether it's been FDA-approved or not. And all of this seems to apply even less to Australia in light of this year's codeine restrictions - gotta say, if they're trying to subdue us with opioids, that seems like a really arse-backwards way to go about it. But I'm all onboard with an Operation Opium Flood government program - perhaps they just need a little help getting started - maybe I should offer to coach them?
  9. Anodyne

    best ice breaker

    I'd have to go with this one that I once overheard an escort say: "I find that sex is the best icebreaker"
  10. Anodyne

    Quotes of the day.

    Some memories lay heavy on my mind Some days I've cared & some days I'd rather die Sometimes I get so thirsty That I drink til I'm blind I gave up on tomorrow, tonight. In my dreams there's a needle & a spoon A pair of dice, a loaded gun, oh baby, me & you And you're sawing on a fiddle And I'm wondering which to shoot Everything's so complicated now I am coming down - Lost Dog Street Band "Coming Down"
  11. Anodyne

    don't cha love it when...

    DCLIW amateur translations end up being inadvertently poetic. The manual for my benchtop power supply warns that running the unit above the recommended voltage "may cause human early failure"
  12. Anodyne

    Enteric coated capsules, sz 4, 5

    If you have no luck with sources, you could always try this method of DIY coating regular gelcaps? Homemade enteric coated capsules - how it's done I've not tried it myself, but if I were going to, I reckon I'd skip 69rons original method (which sounds slow, fiddly & unreliable) & try the variation that Orbiting describes on page 2.
  13. Anodyne

    Does someone legally have to have an identity?

    Yeah you legally have to register births (so they know if you're sending the kids to school or not), and I think that goes for deaths as well (because if people were just allowed to bury grandma in the backyard without telling anyone, that could lead to some problems...), but I don't think the gubmint care too much about about what happens in between. So long as you don't have any undeclared taxable income, at least. Not really sure how you'd go about erasing your identity though - presumably you're already in the system, not having ID documents doesn't really change that... And it does mean that you can't legally do certain things like drive a car, get on a plane, or leave the country - and may run into hassles if you need medical care, get stopped by cops, etc. Side note: if anyone does need to get back into the system after a period of living offgrid without ID, gov't departments (Centrelink, Medicare, Dept. of Housing, etc) have supposedly gotten a lot better about this than they used to be. I know a few folks who needed to get ID papers after being "without fixed abode" for awhiles, and it wasn't the complete Kafkaesque nightmare I was expecting it to be. The social worker types were pretty good about it & helped out with stuff like applying for jobs or rental properties which would normally ask for your previous address, work history, etc.
  14. Anodyne

    Post your track of the day

    I think I'm in love... (may be NSFW) Springwater - Birdcloud Saving Myself For Jesus - Birdcloud
  15. Anodyne

    Quotes of the day.

    This might be the most perfect review of a band that I've ever read: "FIDLAR makes me want to wait and kill myself later." - comment from FIDLAR’s Are You High? (ft. the 90s) video