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  1. That Cat Dream was bent! Yeah my dream was pretty boring this morning, nothing super natural or weird. The best dreams are the ones you know your dreaming. If you can stay asleep and control it, this kind of dream (lucid dreaming perhaps, astral travel i dunno) is better then any drug.
  2. Hell yes it did. Feeling much more relieved now!
  3. Slybacon

    a plea - organ donation

    OK- Sorry to keep this short but I don't have time to elaborate. Basically the story in summary goes like this- My brother speeding goes over a rise on a bridge and hits a puddle on the otherside, he aqua planes killing the two other occupants and ejecting him through the front window. He is kept alive on the side of the road with CPR until an ambulance arrives. He is taken to ICW and put on life support in a coma. It wasn't looking good for him and the doctors told us he probably wont make it. But here is where it gets interesting.... As he was a DONOR A on his licence he was already being assessed for suitability as an organ donar as his injuries were mostly head trauma. He wasn't even fucking dead yet. As the COMA went on the staff at the hospital put pressure on our family to cut off the life support, that he could help save the life of others. They said he was basically Brain Dead with no hope of recovery.... So the coma went on for about 3 months with increasing pressure to end his life support. Thing is..... He is awake and alive today, he has slight brain damage but is highly functional. I think it is OK to share your wishes to be a DONOR with your family but I don't advocate people signing it for there license. Things may have changed now but I will never sign my organs away. My family can donate them if they wish but I won't be putting it on legal documents. Sorry to neg this thread it just brought up some memories....
  4. At this stage the book is Sold. Thanks all that was quick as expected. I also have two of Trouts releases if anyone is interested?
  5. Hi Guys, It will not sell in the next week. I will put the Buy Now price up on Ebay and I will give you guys first option after a week if I can't fetch a higher price
  6. Hello, Here is a rare chance to own an original copy of Snu Voogelbreinder's "Garden of Eden". I Need to raise funds for a project Im working on and unfortunately the book has to go. I'm hoping it will go to someone who will appreciate it for the work of art that it is. I have barely used the book and it has not been opened or read to much. Sadly there is a small dent on the Hard Cover from when it was originally posted to me. Other then that the book is in perfect condition, its binding is all still in perfect condition and the pages sit flush. Most of you know how rare and amazing this book is and opportunities like this don't come around often. I will be listing the Item on Ebay for 10 days but to be honest I would rather sell it to someone on here where it will benefit the local community. The BUY NOW price on EBay is $450 please contact me if you are interested. I am open to negotiation and trades.
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    Chicken Drumstick Cassarole (Paleo) Grandma Style Recipe. A Nice Hearty Simple meal that has no processed or packaged ingredients. It requires no salt with the holy trinity of meal bases, Carrot , Celery and Onion. It is so very simple to prepare. Its easy to adjust to suit 2 to 20 people. I have left the amounts of most ingredients out, as there is a fair bit of room here to alter as it suits. You can add a touch of chili if you like a stronger taste. If you leave the Garlic and Parmesen out pretty sure this qualifies as Paleo Chicken Drumsticks (8?) Tomatoes Diced Onion Diced Carrots Diced Celery Diced Garlic Chick Peas White Wine Basil Bunch Olive Oil Pre Heated Oven 180'C Square Baking Tray Frypan Medium Heat Saucepan Medium Heat In a large saucepan cook the onions and garlic for 1 min. Add Carrots and Celery and cook for 5 mins. Add Chickpeas and Let Simmer Whilst the Sauce is cooking place Drumsticks into frypan and cook until Browned with skin on. Once Cooked place in Baking Tray. To the Sauce add diced tomatoes and cook for 3 mins on medium to high heat. Add Basil Roughly Chopped Cook for 1 min. Add White Wine until thin saucy texture, Bring to Boil. Simmer until nice cassarole consistency. Pour Sauce Over the Drumsticks. Cover Tray with Foil or Lid and place in Oven 180'C for Approx 20-30Mins. Serve in A bowl with Grated Parmesen,
  8. Even with 100% difficulty increase its still very viable at todays trade value.
  9. I heard they are dodgy. To be honest I am using them as an example, out of interest, why would the card only output 500?
  10. The numbers for Solar Mining do not add up unfortunately. However the ASIC mining cards can output a very high GH/s for very low power consumption. The only problem is getting a hold of one. Bitcoins are currently at half of there total production. How high can the difficulty grow within the set time period, and is there a corrolation between the computation difficulty and the trade value of Bitcoins. I would imagine they are both linked through demand, and perhaps availability of equipment.
  11. True, thats why I thought cloud mining would help eleviate that problem. You would have to make sure timelines are structured into your mining contract. As far as difficulty increases, there is a chart that shows the percentage increases over time. The next increase is expected to be about 9 or so %. You could predict the increase in difficulty and factor in worse case scenarios. Thats my next plan.
  12. Something Has to give here. Butterfly Labs offer Cloud Based Bitcoin Mining at $10.83 - 1 GH/s. If you were to compound the earnings back into more GH/s you would see the income start to grow at what appears to be an unsustainable level. With half of all bitcoins already in exsistence, if demand remained constant we should only see a 50% reduction in bitcoin trade price should the other half be mined overnight. All the Bitcoin hardware seems to be sold out in a multi million dollar digital gold rush. As the saying went, the best money to be made in a gold rush is selling shovels!. So what is the risk and the downside? Here is some scenarios to consider- The above scenario is the best case, I can't see the difficulty increasing to much over the 9 month period (15% maybe) and with more and more merchants accepting bitcoins it may very well go up before it goes down. I will run some more numbers and include difficulty increases I just wanted to get a basic idea on paper to see how it looks. Verdit - Very Fucking Tasty! There are so many ways you can look at this. What I am failing to understand is the effect a rush will have on computaional difficulty. If a huge surge in bitcoin miners suddenly got involved what figures and by how much would this effect the viability of mining. With Cloud mining it seems to be a bit easier to manage. The maths on the above is very very rough and If anyone would like to correct me that would be awesome, its very interesting I just wonder for how long this can keep going.
  13. We have two Solar Thermal Plants at the CSIRO site in Newcastle. http://www.csiro.au/Outcomes/Energy/Renewables-and-Smart-Systems/Solar-Brayton-Cycle.aspx