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  1. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hey all. So we've decided to make it Sunday arvo at 3pm. Like sharxx said, PM for details.
  2. gtarman


    What was your old username hashslingr? Seems like a bunch of ppl have changed since I was last here and they also seem to have done away with the feature that tells you lol, tryna work out who I'm talking to But thanks
  3. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'd be keen for an old-fashioned regular meet, dunno if I could be arsed with the botanics though lol
  4. gtarman


    Been a loooooong time since I visited these parts, but was in the neighbourhood and thought I'd say hi :-) How has everyone been keeping? I feel like I've changed a lot since I hung around here regularly, but for the better mostly. Hope y'all have been faring well on your learning journeys too!
  5. gtarman

    don't cha love it when...

    DCLIW you come back and see the DCLIW thread is still going strong on the positive vibes after 5 years
  6. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Anyone headed in? Just got here, I might hang til 12:30 or so to see if anyone shows. I'mnot in the BBQ area, it was chockers with family types. Just sitting on the grass in the shade to the left of the path down
  7. gtarman

    any active salvias besides sally d

    Black Knight is active. I was told to expect sedative effects but to be honest it was more of a mild stoned feeling. But it was definitely past baseline. YMMV though
  8. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Ah fuck hahaha mind = blown. It confuses me tryna keep track of all the usernames around here. Jolly good then
  9. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Alright, let's see if we can rally the troops then. Sunday 23rd meeting at noon, usual spot. Who's in? Nothink? Benno? Schoey?
  10. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I imagine there won't be much interest being Easter saturday, lotta folks with kids or just outta town. I'll be busy myself. How about next Sunday the 23rd though? Could be good for one last hurrah before it get's too cold
  11. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Bugger, this one slipped under my radar. Granted, my radar is not quite as finely tuned as it once was. Will have to keep my eyes peeled and catch you peeps next time!
  12. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Jolly good to see you all. We'll haveta organize another in the new year
  13. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Oh yeah forgot to say: midday at the usual spot. see y'all tomorrow!
  14. gtarman

    Meet up: Brisbane

    JD and meiosis should be making an appearance as well, even if they don't make many online appearances any more
  15. gtarman

    Home wart removal

    Cool. For the really recalcitrant ones it sometimes seems like nothing short of a nuke will do it...but I had one a while back on my foot and one of the treatments I tried was asthma plant (Euphorbia hirta) sap. Although in the end I think it was the multiple applications of salicylic acid and freezing and debriding over a period of months that eventually got it...but who's to say the plant didn't have an effect...apparently Euphorbia peplus (petty spurge) is supposed to be good/maybe better too. Just didn't have any of the former growing near me, and there was never quite enough sap from the asthma plants to treat often.