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  1. GreenFingers

    Rust on Catha E.

    Hey everyone I'm in some desperate need of advice on what to do about this annoying rust fungus that's been taking over my catha mother plant. Probably a month and a half ago I started noticing the orange spots developing under the leaves. Long story short I've been trying to treat it with a Bonide multipurpose fungus spray and removing any foliage with signs of rust but am now left with a plant that is nothin but twigs and still seeing it pop up. What is my best course of action in successfully getting rid of the rust? Any special sprays someone could recommend or first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards
  2. Anyone else in the US still waiting on their seeds? I feel like it normally only takes 2 weeks to get here from EU.
  3. Fantastic! I'm super excited for your new giveaway. I've yet to grow out any t. Santaensis but love seeing your pictures of these beauties. My warmer weather is just around the corner, time to get the grafting stock ready
  4. we all appreciate your generosity to this community EG! And the specimens you provide are absolutely stunning. If your reactivating for another competition I better get some grafting stock going soon!!
  5. GreenFingers

    narrow leaf khat seed.

    Do you ship to US?
  6. GreenFingers

    Fresh Catha edulis seeds.

    I can vouch for that!! I got great germination off the seeds you sent me!! Thanks again brotha
  7. GreenFingers

    Catha Edulis Seed :)

  8. GreenFingers

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Just got done moving last weekend so had the lovely time transporting half my collection I have lots of cutting and potting to do now, even though it's getting into the colder part of autumn here. Probably start my seed sowing here in a week. Just took a picture of a taquimbalensis X bridgesii I grew from seed I received from Maxuel Powers 3. I was curious if anyone knows of someone who has crosses with taquimbalensis? Seems like I haven't seen any hybrids with that species.
  9. GreenFingers

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    Lumberjack X Juuls It's fall her for me so most of my plants are slowing down a lot but hopefully soon I should have some decent growth on a few validus crosses to show off!
  10. I love that you've been uploading videos lately!! I'm sure others like myself love getting to see the great and famous misplant garden some good educational stuff in there too, which is always good for the visual learners like me. Kudos buddy, keep up the awesome work! I'll be check in to see what mew hybrids you have in store for us
  11. Awesome Zed!! Your a legend buddy, we all appreciate your generosity. #11
  12. GreenFingers

    POD 2, 2016 Giveaway, Trichocereus seeds

    35! I would be kicking myself if I missed out on this. Thanks olive, your awesome!
  13. GreenFingers

    Cactus Hybrids from Interbeing's garden

    Rosei #1 X JohnRosei #1 X Macrogonus fields Rosei #2 X John
  14. Rio Lurin matucana matucana My favorite looking matucana graft got knocked off awhile ago unfortunately :-( it's laying around somewhere rooting. Just a little update. All these guys should be ready to repot into larger pots in anticipation for summer.