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  1. SaltyLemon

    hello all i am looking for a kakadu plum plant

    Best of luck looking forward to hearing how you get on. I was watching sustainable living the other day on youtube and there was lady in melbourne growing all sorts of things in her garden (not even in a hot house) that i didn't think would survive.
  2. SaltyLemon

    ID Plant please

    Thank you :)...I have been a lurking admirer of these forums for a while. Finally built up the courage to participate.
  3. SaltyLemon

    ID Plant please

    Thanks Freakazoid :).
  4. SaltyLemon

    hello all i am looking for a kakadu plum plant

    Me three. I found this site (I haven't used them before, maybe someone else on this site has?) http://herbalistics.com.au/product/terminalia-ferdinandiana-kakadu-plum-seed/ They sell the seed. 4.95 for 5 seeds. Plus postage. They are closing for winter soon. The plant sounds like it might be pretty hard to start from seed, but hardy once established, which is why I hoping to find someone who was growing it locally. It would also prove it grows down this far south...not sure about Melbourne though, but would be interested in your hothouse project.
  5. SaltyLemon

    ID Plant please

    I've just moved to a new garden (nsw central coast -warm temperate coastal) and I'm trying to figure out what all the existing plants are. 1.Pretty purple flower sprang up as a volunteer. 2. Masses of pink flowers 3. Yellow flowers 4. Some I'm pretty sure what they are and others I have no clue. Would appreciate any guesses. I had difficulty uploading files so will start with these two