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  1. figman


    Hi Saguaro, i have replied to the email notification.
  2. figman


    Hi All, just wondering if anyone has any yacon rhizomes for sale or swap.
  3. figman

    panache fig cuttings

    Hi Enthearch, i pmed you 13th/ 10 i dont always see these messages, you can email me direct if you like at [email protected]
  4. figman

    panache fig cuttings

    looking good, have fun with your new trees, you have some good hard to come by ones there.
  5. figman

    panache fig cuttings

    Hi Niggles, they are in adelaide sa, fresh cuttings cut on the day of posting. peter.
  6. figman

    panache fig cuttings

    Hi All, i have the following fig cuttings for sale while stocks last. all for $8.00 each, express postage is $12.00 for up to 500 grams which is about 15-20 cuttings panache vdb desert king white adriatic deanna strawberry verta
  7. figman

    panache fig trees

    i have got a few rooted panache cuttings/trees left over from my plantings for sale for $50.00 ea. plus postage if anyone is interested. grow fig trees at hotmail dot com
  8. figman


    some other varieties to add to the list above are mary lane seedless white adriatic black genoa white genoa cape white lemon lennie black turkey spanish desert clancy black and green greek types, cant remember their names at the moment and some others i dont know the actual variety of some bought as blue provence, but cant say that they are .. dauhine / adam vdb deanna st domonique peters honey (small) italian honey
  9. figman


    Hi Crop, i havnt got a brown turkey, didnt know you can graft onto sandpapers, have tried grafting but with very poor results. dont know most of those names youve listed but the ones i do have are, black ichia alma celeste excel strawberry verte, the figs4fun varieties list sugests that battaglia green is same/similar to strawberry verte.
  10. figman


    Hi paradox, bit harder to send rooted cuttings, what did you have in mind? yes have about 25 varieties, most named, and some that are misnamed. Hi Crop, im not in the tropics so cant recomend any i know of, figs dont really like the wet tropics as they can suffer from rust. if you come across a variety that may suit let me know in case i have it,
  11. figman


    Hi Onyeka, havnt done it before but should be no problem, have other varieties available also.
  12. figman


    sorry about delay, just started about 100 desert king cuttings today and have a limited number left for sale @ $10.00 ea. plus postage. all are about pencil thickness and fresh.
  13. figman


    just about to post some cuttings for sale.
  14. figman


    Hi All, i have about 25 varieties of figs, some common and some rare, will be offering cuttings for sale for the first time this year, common type $10.00 per cutting rare from $20.00 --- $40.00 per cutting plus postage. if there is any interest ill post a list of the varieties. most available now,, others in a month or so.