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  1. Dicko

    Acacia courtii seed

  2. Dicko

    Wanted Giant Mongolian sunflower

    I hear ya mate not much fun these days lol.
  3. Dicko

    Wanted Giant Mongolian sunflower

    Thanks very much Waterboy. I was posting for a friend who was looking for mongolian specifically. He can get the Russians locally And absolutely will flick you some seed if he manages to find some. Cheers for the reply mate
  4. Dicko

    Wanted Giant Mongolian sunflower

    Hi all, chasing some giant mongolian sunflower seed if anyone is keen. Can trade or buy. Im in Tasmania
  5. Dicko

    Acacia courtii seed

    Hi All, been a while since my last lurk around the forums I've got some Courtii seed available for purchase. $25 per 30+ seed pack. Or $1 each. Harvested January 2022 from seed grown trees in southern Tasmania. Message for inquiry ✌
  6. Dicko


    Man... I could dead set nearly throw a rock in Browns river from my house! (If you mean the Browns river in Tas) Ill have a look when I get the chance
  7. Some more would be great, always good to keep spreading the love around
  8. Dicko

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Seeds arrived! Thanks a heap!!!
  9. Ill take a guess and say maybe Acacia pycnantha Id wait for someone more knowledgeable to id though
  10. Dicko


    That looks like it! Cheers :D Now... should I be worried? Haha
  11. Dicko


    Hey all so ive watered one of my seedling trays and thought I saw some really small bugs crawing around in the soil. This is the nest photo i could take. Anyone got an ID and know if I need to do anything about it? Many thanks.
  12. Dicko

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Gave everything a bit of a drink. Did some weeding. Planted 5 heavenly blue morning glories. Potted a rooted Sceletium tortuosum cutting. Took some Catha suckers and replanted. Planted a Passiflora caerulea in the ground Took a couple pics of my happy lil Acacias: Phlebophylla Acuminata broad Courtii Everything is loving life
  13. Dicko

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I started these in March I believe. Rather slow but they are starting to take off.
  14. Dicko

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Would love to grow some Thank you!
  15. Dicko

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Just treated all my acacias with a rhizobia inoculant. Not sure which type of inoculant it was, but the guy I got it has had explosive growth in his acacias. Can only hope for the same