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  1. Northerner

    ethno collection for sale mullum

    That's a lot of cool stuff for someone in the area.
  2. Northerner

    Post a random picture thread

    That's a war anecdote. I'm sure another guy from the same region, that you may or may not have met, can tell you Americans murdered his whole family. Indeed they are fundamental Islamic, Afghanistan is almost entirely Muslim (99.7%). The reality is the Taliban formed to fight off Soviet encroachment and significantly helped restore order, reduce crime and maintain stability after the invaders were repelled. Though drought stricken was peaceful the 90's, until the Americans showed up, instilled their own defacto government and started blowing cunts up. (it's not the first time they've done that) After 20 years of being killed by US coalition forces there are more members than ever, the war has strengthened their support and position within the region. After generations of being killed if there was not significant local support they would not exist. That alone says a lot about where the people's loyalties lay. We might not get it, feed on the fear mongering lies (news), and think all is lost for them. They just want us (the US lead coalition) to fuck off.
  3. Northerner

    Post a random picture thread

    Taliban don't hate their own people , hash or tradition. They hate us. (the West) With very, very good reason. We went over there, ousted them from government, put our puppets in place in their governments and set the country on fire with explosives. All because they were mates with Sadddam Hussein, which we ousted another government to put in place... then he didn't turn out to be a yes man. Yet another failed bloody massacre by the US coalition. America has not "won" a war since it was part of the allies in WW2. Just destroys countries and then gives up. Afghanistan be fine, just like they were before, once they settle down. Just happy to be rid of us cunts.
  4. Northerner

    Quotes of the day.

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
  5. When I'm tripping is the only time my tinnitus ever stop. Even with alkaloids that induce tinnitus like sounds on the come up it settles to silence once I'm in the swing of it. It's actually quite a relief, then a disappointment when it comes back. A few times I have thought it was cured, but no.
  6. Northerner

    Passiflora Incarnata

    Mine is still going great. Mildest winter in memory up here though.
  7. Northerner

    Youtube vids

    Much lighter and pure entertainment.
  8. Northerner

    Wood Lover Paralysis

    I've also had it from subs, poison moments where I think I'm going to die. I've not died yet though.
  9. Northerner

    M. speciosa seeds

    Yeah please mate, I've been waiting a while.
  10. Northerner


    Yeah that's the same recipe I use, Except I cook up enough for 20 plates at a time and use china brand petri dishes. Been thinking about the pasty plates, seen the tek, just already have a big box of petri dishes to use.
  11. Northerner

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    Just wanted to revive this chestnut so the reality of what is playing out and the comparison to people's fears and projections can be looked at with hindsight. Vic is out of the critical lockdown and tracking and tracing is working very well around the country. We're actually winning the war against covid. Andrews has been vindicated on the lockdowns, there still remains questions about Vic ties with China though as a country our relationship with them is staling. In fact cracks are showing in the PRC's government in general. Power shortages, food shortages, protests (being quickly smashed down) are now becoming common for them. Yet they also manage to contain covid still. New Zealand is covid free. Go Kiwis! Now in the US covid is the #1 cause of death, outstripping cancer and heart disease, with more than 3000 deaths daily and more than 250,000 new cases every day. There are no ICU beds left in some states. This is what I was warning about 4 months ago. It's the critical turning point where shit starts getting bad. Dutton is still a piece of shit and is constantly trying to push through freedom and privacy eroding laws. He's starting to be targetted by community groups for his unethical practices. Our single entity corporate media in Australia is up for parliamentary enquiry. The stains on the sheets are starting to smell badly. People aren't happy. Interesting times indeed, but it does appear to be moving in the right direction for us.
  12. Northerner

    Quotes of the day.

    And, to be clear, I wasn't saying Zimmerman is dogshit. I was pointing out that if a particular group of people agree dogshit is art it does not make it so.... that's all.
  13. Northerner

    Quotes of the day.

    I could be a bit of a wanker or you could be reading me wrong . ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯ You seem a bit defensive/aggressive hey. The quote from Banksy was relevant to the Nobel Prize Committee for literature, is much the same as a the art scene. It's a lot about popularity and perceived value, and the reason I wouldn't take up anything with them. Zimmerman was being pretty obtuse in the quote saying "But LSD is not for groovy people; it's for mad, hateful people who want revenge. It's for people who usually have heart attacks." if that really means it can be healing. None of the LSD users I know fit that description, and if I was going to recommend a psychedelic for someone who does fit that description it certainly wouldn't be acid. Anyhow man, peace hey. I'm not trying to upset you. It's just a internet forum.
  14. Northerner

    Quotes of the day.

    @Pedro99 Just because a particular group of people agree a pile of dog shit is art, does not stop it being a pile of dog shit. “The art world is the biggest joke going. It’s a rest home for the overprivileged, the pretentious, and the weak.” ― Banksy
  15. Northerner

    Quotes of the day.

    I cannot tell what that means. The ol Zimmerman sounds like a raving lunatic.